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7 Best CamScanner Alternatives for Android

7 Best CamScanner Alternatives for Android

CamScanner is one of the popular scanning apps, but it adds a watermark and limits the export options. The tech world, however, has always something else to offer. It might not be exactly the same, but you will get the job done. So, what apps are like CamScanner? Today, we go deep into this question and explore the 7 best CamScanner alternatives for Android.

Microsoft Lens

Document Scanned in Microsoft Lens
Document Scanned in Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens (Office Lens) is a close CamScanner alternative for Android devices. The free app is fast and comes with a wide range of options, including:

  • Filters
  • Crop
  • Rotate
  • Image quality
  • Text
  • Ink

When you point the camera, it automatically finds the page and edges and displays a box. The captured image is cropped to the box area. Of course, you can re-adjust the cropped document. Once all the pages are scanned, you get export to JPG and PDF options.

The app also supports exporting documents in OneNote, saving to OneDrive, and converting to Word and PowerPoint formats.

Finally, the Immersive Reader feature can read the document text out loud.

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Adobe Scan

Document Scanned in Adobe Scan
Document Scanned in Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is one of the popular document scanning apps. The only problem is that it automatically saves documents online, and you must create an Adobe account to use it.

The app shows the page edges as you scan a page. The app is designed to scan multiple pages because once you finish scanning a page, it shows a preview. After that preview, the camera opens up to scan the following page.

The scanned pages are cropped and filtered automatically. Some other options of Adobe Scan include:

  • Rotate
  • Resize
  • Cleanup (clean spots, fingers, and more)
  • Markup

As mentioned, the saved scans are uploaded to your Adobe account, while you can save a copy to your device in JPEG and PDF formats.

Adobe Scan is integrated with Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill and sign documents. Other options you get are: combine files, modify scan, copy to Google Drive, and print the scanned documents.

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Tiny Scanner

Document Scanned in Tiny Scanner
Document Scanned in Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is one of the most experienced scanning apps. Its age has given it an edge over other apps. When you scan a document, it comes with a slider to adjust the darker areas of the document. You get rotate, crop, batch scan, and filter options.

You can’t save the document straight to your phone for free, but you can open it in a PDF reader or image opening app and save it from there, or you can send a document copy in an email.

vFlat Scan

Document Scanned in vFlat Scan
Document Scanned in vFlat

The next best CamScanner alternative is vFlat Scan. vFlat is specially designed to scan books, but it scans pages without any issues.

Its technology is great for finding the page edges. Once scanned, you can export the page(s) to PDF and JPG formats and share them without any watermark.

Overall, I found out that the quality of the scanned document in vFlat was better than the rest of the apps mentioned in this article.

Genius Scan

Document Scanned in Genius Scan
Document Scanned in Genius Scan

The ad-free document scanning app is here if you don’t like to see ads between scans. Genius Scan is smart in detecting the pages (even book pages) and scanning the whole page. All you have to do is point it to the page and wait a couple of seconds. The app automatically takes the photo and adds a filter.

The crop, rotate, and filter options are always here to adjust the page. The tool is designed for both single and batch scanning, and you can export files as JPEG and PDF formats without a watermark.

Any Scanner

Document Scanned in Any Scanner
Document Scanned in Any Scanner

Another app like CamScanner is Any Scanner. The app shows an ad when you open it, but it’s free to use and does not add a watermark. You can scan single or multiple pages, and each page can be edited to get the best results. You can export documents as PDF or JPG, while it supports:

  • Sharing documents
  • Signing documents
  • Recognizing text
  • Adding notes

Its document quality was great compared to others making it a great alternative to CamScanner.

Google Drive

Document Scanned in Google Drive
Document Scanned in Google Drive

The reason Google Drive is right at the end of this report is that it is not an advanced scanner. The app is a cloud storage program, but it has the scanning option if you don’t want to install any other apps. To scan, open the app and tap on the plus sign. You will find a scan option.

The app does not show the page corners, nor it automatically takes the photo. You can add filters or enable the portrait mode before scanning the document. The filters are more for photos than documents, so if the lighting is not good, you should consider a different app.

Once a page is scanned, it automatically applies a filter and crops the photo. The program supports editing pages afterward, and the images are saved in PDF format on Google Drive. You can download the file to your device after.

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CamScanner Alternatives: Conclusion

CamScanner is a great and intelligent app, but complexity and availability are problems for some. This is the end of this CamScanner alternatives report. Thanks for reading. I hope it helped you find the right app. Please share it with others who may benefit.