5 Best Cycling Apps in 2022

Best Cycling Apps
Best Cycling Apps

Among over 100 exercises, cycling is one of the most effective. From exercise to commercials, people ride bikes all over the world. So, what apps should you consider while riding a bike? Here are the 5 best cycling apps for Android and iOS devices.

Google Fit

Cycling in Google Fit

Google Fit is the official fitness app from Google. It’s not just for riding the bike; it is an all in one fitness app. You can track over 80 exercises while keeping track of your journey by adding all exercises to a journal.

We tap on the “plus” sign and choose the cycling activity to track. The map shows a map with an option to start the exercise. The activity interface shows the time, distance, speed, heart points 👇, and calories burned.

When you finish the activity, it automatically fills the title depending on the time of the day. You also get to see data such as active minutes and energy expended. For most exercises, you get 1 point per minute, and to achieve the weekly goal, you must get 150 points.


  • All in one fitness app
  • Works with many smartwatches
  • Supports many other fitness apps


Cycling in Strava

Another app designed for multiple activities is Strava. You can record 31 activity types, including running, walking, riding, and swimming. Other than that, the app offers challenges to help you stay motivated.

You see time, average speed, and distance on the interface when you start the cycling activity. A location button is also available to switch interfaces. You can see just the map or the trip details with the map.

When a trip ends, you are presented with the title, description, activity type, map, trip visibility and more. You can see your daily and weekly progress section titled “you”.


  • Offers challenges
  • Track many activities in one place
  • Supports apps like Google Fit

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Samsung Health

Cycling in Samsung Health

Like Google Fit, Samsung Health is a fitness app developed by Samsung. The app is pre-installed on Samsung devices, but it is available to download from Google Play and App Store. Regarding the features, it offers more options than other mentioned apps. For starters, it supports over 100 exercises to track. Other than exercises, you can track

  • sleep
  • food intake
  • water intake
  • weight
  • blood pressure
  • blood glucose
  • oxygen saturation

To track bike riding, you tap on the bike option and set a target. The app shows a speedometer with the map in the background, and total time and speed on the top.

When the exercise is finished, it shows the speed and elevation charts along with:

  • average speed
  • max speed
  • lowest elevation
  • highest elevation
  • workout durations
  • calories burned
  • weather

Features like adding notes and photos are an activity are just a few of the many. Because of its wide range of options, Samsung Health is one of the best cycling apps.


  • Allows exercising with friends
  • Allows challenging friends
  • Organises global monthly challenges
  • Comes with a fitness tab offering free programs
  • Shows your personal bests
  • Supports a wide range of exercises

Ride with GPS

Cycling in Ride with GPS

A simple yet powerful app is Ride with GPS. The freemium application allows cycling on your own or with friends. The app automatically starts tracking when you open it, and it automatically pauses the workout when no movement is detected. You get to see a few things on the tracking screen, including:

  • distance
  • speed
  • duration
  • elevation gain
  • average speed
  • current time
  • moving time
  • map

When you finish the ride, you get to add title, description, images, visibility and gear. Another best option is finding locations. You can search for tracks and places to ride the bike by searching in the app. It also shows the tracks nearby when you review past activities.


  • Allows following people
  • Shows many types of metrics such as grade, location, and pace

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Map My Ride

Biking in Map My Ride

The app by Under Armour is great for running, cycling, and hiking. It supports over ten activities and can be connected with eligible Bluetooth enabled shoes.

The main interface shows a map, distance, and duration of the trip. The calories data is displayed when you finish the activity. You can add your photos, set who can view this activity, and add notes if any.

Furthermore, connecting the app with friends is also possible, while a community tab is set up to share stats with the world.


  • Supports multiple activities
  • Comes with fitness programs
  • Shows active fitness challenges


No matter what your goal is, the mentioned apps will push you to reach that goal. I hope that you found the app you needed, and I also hope that you benefit from that app.

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