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8 Best and Free Figma Widgets

8 Best and Free Figma Widgets

Figma has become famous because of how easy it makes to design prototypes. One of its features is widgets, which let you extend its functionality. Those widgets are free to use, which is why the article explores the 8 best Figma widgets.

Progress Bar

Progress Bar Widget Figma
Progress Bar Widget in Figma

The first best Figma widget is Progress Bar. The widget can be used to map the progress of pretty much anything. The whole project, tasks, and even the progress of an individual can be recorded.

The widget supports adding a positive value to be the maximum, and the arrows let you adjust the current state. The app also enables you to choose an emoji to display once the target completes.

The only problem with the widget is that you can’t resize it, so you will have to zoom in or out to see the widget properly.

Simple Vote

Simple Vote Widget in Figma

One of the most popular widgets on the Figma website is Simple Vote. It has been implemented over 73K times, the highest on the list.

As the name suggests, you can set a poll and let others vote. Anonymous voting is possible to hide the user’s data.

Other than that, users can vote on multiple choices. The widget was designed for FigJam, but it works on Figma as well.

The widget does not have a downvote option, but you can create two votes and use them to upvote and downvote.

lil todo

lil todo Widget in Figma
lil todo Widget in Figma

The widget does nothing except allow you to create checklists and mark them as you complete tasks. A team admin can create tasks for everyone, and then individuals can mark them as they go.

Or individuals can create tasks to help them follow their journey. Either way, lil todo is a nice addition to your Figma dashboard.

The app supports adding multiple tasks to create and finish several tasks together.

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Free Figma widgets: Timeline

Timeline Widget in Figma
Timeline Widget in Figma

The fourth best widget for Figma is Timeline. With over 32K users having used it, you can use it to create project timelines and help team members see the project timeline.

You can use it for tasks and projects and select days and weeks to customize it. Below the timeline, you can add your own stuff to create an amazing timeline.

Color sticker

Color sticker Widget in Figma
Color sticker Widget in Figma

A new Figma widget is in town. The Color sticker widget lets you create and apply colors to designs. You can see the HEX, HSB, opacity, and other data for those elements.

The widget also lets you change those of multiple elements simultaneously. For example, if you like to change the button colors, you can change the color in the style section once in for all.

Photo Booth

Photo Booth in Figma
Photo Booth in Figma

Have you heard of BeReal? BeReal is a social media app for taking photos. The Photo Booth widget is like the BeReal of Figma.

Team members can take selfies through their webcam and display them in projects. This helps team members capture the moments they like to save.

From success to failure, every moment can be captured and explored later or after the project.

The widget does not work in the browser, so you must download the Figma app on your computer.

Alignment scale

Figma Alignment scale Widget
Figma Alignment scale Widget

The second last one of the best Figma widgets is the Alignment scale. It lets team members cast votes about features, tasks, and everything in between.

Users choose a point on this scale from “strongly disagree to strongly agree.” The results, by default, are hidden but can be displayed with one click.

Users can also change their vote if they change their minds.

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Spinner Widget in Figma

This one is funny. Created by Michael Yong, the spinner widget is one of the best that can help you randomly choose individuals, allocate tasks, and do all kinds of things to save time.

The widget automatically shows all the team members, and you can refresh the spinner after adding new users. After spinning, it stays there so the users who are not online can see the results later.


Figma is a popular app, but it’s limited, which is where those best free Figma widgets come into place. I hope those helped you find the perfect widgets.

Let me know your thoughts below, and share this article with others.