10 All-Time Best Free Photo Editing Apps in 2020

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Which ones are the best free photo editing apps in 2020? Google Play and App Store show hundreds of apps when you search for photo editing. How do you decide the ideal app for your precious photos? The blog post helps you solve this issue by exploring the 10 best free photo editing apps for Android and iOS in 2020.

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PicsArt App Interface
PicsArt App Interface

The app offers so many tools that will make you confused about which one to use. Their collage maker provides hundreds of grid templates that allows users to combine all their favourite photos in one single image creatively. With all these things packed into one app, PicsArt is a great app that makes editing photos more fun and enjoyable.

All tools

Crop (crop, free crop, and shape crop)DispersionClone
Sketch (1 free)MotionCurves
Colour adjustmentEnhanceTilt-shift
PerspectiveEffects (over 150)Beauty (over 8)
Flip/rotateText editorLayering
Solid backgroundBrushesBorders
Mask/shape maskDrawingLens flare
Collage maker


Snapseed App Interface
Snapseed App Interface

With over 29 different tools and filters available, this app allows you to edit your portraits and make them look like they were taken by a professional. Snapseed features all the essential tools for photo editing such as Tune Image, Healing, Curves, Blur, Selective brush and White Balance for image corrections and enhancements.

One feature you would love the most is not changing the pixel of the photo. If you edit a very high-resolution picture, you get the same resolution photo back. Snapseed is developed by Google and is known as one of the best photo editing apps on the mobile phone.

All tools

11 stylesAutotune imageDetails
White balanceCropCurves
RotatePerspectiveExpand (AI-based tool)
HDR-ScapeGlamour glowTonal contrast
DramaVintageGrainy film
RetroluxGrungeBlack and white
NoirPortraitLens blur
Head poseVignetteDouble exposure
Text editorFrames

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PhotoDirector App Interface
PhotoDirector App Interface

I have used the software on my PC, and the app is also excellent. PhotoDirector provides common features such as exposure, dispersion, contrast,  etc. but the feature I like the most is the auto button. In every tool, you can just tap on the auto button, and the app will auto adjust only that tool. Moreover, you get one free cloning tool everyday. I know it’s not a lot, but for free, that’s all you get.

All tools

PerspectiveClone (1/day free)Remove unwanted objects
MoveColour adjustmentEffects
Insta fillHDRBlur
SplashGlitchVHS (noise, distortion, position, and fade)
HalftoneMosaicOverlays (multiple)
Red-eye removeText editorPen tools (brush)
StickersCollage maker

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express Interface
Photoshop Express Interface

There is no doubt that the app is developed by one of the trusted brands. I feel like the app offers the most common tools to edit your photos. It does not offer advanced elements such as layering or blending, but you can find tools such as eye remover, frames, and more. It also offers to add a custom watermark on the photo.

All tools

Looks (over 100)lights (over 85)Crop
Pre-made aspect ratiosRotateStraighten
FlipTransform (multiple)Colour adjustment
Blemishes removeRed-eye removeText editor
Borders (over 25)StickersFrames
Collage makerWatermark


Pixlr App Interface
Pixlr App Interface

The next on the list is Pixlr. Like Photoshop, the app does not offer many advanced tools, so if you are looking for something simple, then the app is for you.

All tools

CropPre-made aspect ratiosRotate
StraightenFlipDouble exposure
Colour adjustmentAutofixAuto contrast
SplashHealRed-eye remove
Brighten and darkenPixelateDoodle (brush)
Effects (over 95)Overlays (over 100)Stylise (11)
FramesText editorCollage maker

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Photo Editor & Photo Collage Maker by Lyrebird Studio

Photo Editor Interface
Photo Editor Interface

With over 100 million downloads, the app comes in the top list. The app offers a couple of unique tools, including the mirror with many options, and the spiral tool to add glowing effects to your photos. Apart from that, you get blur, effects, text, filters, and sketch, and more. The app shows quite a few ads, so if you don’t care about advertisements, then the app is a must-try app.

All tools

Mirror (2D and 3D)StickersCrop
Pre-made aspect ratiosEffectsText editor
Colour adjustmentSketchRotate
FlipSolid backgroundBlur
Collage makerSpiral

Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro App Interface
Photo Editor Pro App Interface

The app Photo Editor Pro also called Polish, is yet another one of the best free photo editing apps in 2020. The app offers some great tools for free. Some remarkable tools include solid background, adding multiple photos and mirroring. The app may have a simple name, but it offers more tools than 75% of the apps on the App and Google Play Store.

All tools

Filters (over 20)Glitch (12)Curves
Colour adjustmentEffects (over 35)Neon effects (over 15)
Solid backgroundBordersText editor
Draw (brush)Double exposureCutout
Collage maker


AirBrush App Interface
AirBrush App Interface

Alongside some standard tools, the app comes with AI-based beauty and makeup tools. The problem though is you need an image with a clear person as the app sometimes does not recognise the person in the photo. The app also offers my kit feature to add tools that you mostly use.

The app may not be the ultimate stop, but the AI-based makeup features make it one of the best photo editing apps for Android and iOS. if you are a beauty enthusiast, then you should check this app out.

All tools

Retouch (multiple tools)RotateCrop
PrismEnhance (colour adjustment)Blur
Colour adjustment (separate)VignetteMakeup (a few filters)
Filters (over 10)

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VSCO Interface
VSCO Interface

Well, the app requires an account to use, and it was one of the first apps to offer filters. The app is not just an editor. It is similar to Instagram as it offers the Feed sections where you can browse the photos posted by others. All the tools are down below with a black background which reminds you of Photoshop, or vice versa. The app is free, but the membership is also available for extended features.

All free tools

ClaritySkin toneVignette
GrainsFadeWhite balance
Recipe creator

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Adobe Lightroom Mobile Interface
Adobe Lightroom Mobile Interface

The cloud-based photo editing app is popular enough for this best free photo editing apps list. The app offers necessary tools such as filters, auto adjustment, exposure, contrast, highlights, photo info, and more. There are a few other tools, but those come with Adobe Photography subscription.

I feel both Photoshop and Lightroom have the same features except you get to see new tutorials in Lightroom to learn to become a pro editor.

All tools

Profiles (over 45)Auto adjustAuto fix
Light adjustmentColour adjustmentSplit tone
MidpointDetailOptics (unique)
Colour presets (6)

Wrap up

Here is the end of 10 best free photo editing apps for Android and iOS. I hope the information was useful. Please let me know your views down below, so we can talk more. You can also subscribe to the newsletter for future updates.

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