11 Best Programming Apps for iOS and Andorid in 2021

Best Apps For Programmers
Best Apps For Programmers

Like you, I’m a programmer, and programming is not about just learning the fundamentals, it’s about practising and practising. So, how do you practise? Of course, by programming whenever you get time. So, with that in mind, from a programmer to another programmer, here are the 11 best programming apps in 2021.

To make this post simple to understand, you will find the scope, which means what the app offers, platform, and pricing. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.


Scope: JavaScript
Platform: iOS & Android
Price: free

Grasshopper is an app from Google focusing on JavaScript. The app takes a five-minute a day approach where you learn JavaScript little by little. When you open the app for the first time, you are asked a few questions, and depending on those questions, you will see activities to do.

The app starts with easy lessons, but as you go, the exercises become complex. You also get a daily bonus for opening the app. As you complete courses, the app shows certificates to save and share with your friends.


Scope: Python, C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Ruby, HTML, CSS, SQL and a few more
Platform: iOS & Android
Price: freemium

SoloLearn is one of the best programming apps I have ever used. It’s not just a compiler; it’s a place of thousands of users to share their knowledge. You can learn over 15 languages, and each course comes with an easy-to-follow interface and guides.

The app tracks your progress while you also get quizzes to help you learn faster. Other than learning, we have a community tab where you get to solve fun challenges.

In the code section, you can start coding in more than ten languages while getting to see the codes writing by thousands of users. You can see their code, run the output, and up-woke if you like. SoloLearn tool is pretty much an all-in-one place for programmers.



Scope: Python, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, Web Technologies
iOS & Android |

The next on the list is Enki. Alongside programming, it offers tutorials on security, spreadsheets, Git, Blockchain, Linux etc. The app will be more than enough for a hungry programmer as it comes with Python, JavaScript, Java, SQL, HTML, and CSS languages.

The app asks a few questions when you open it for the first time while it tracks your activity as you go. You can even join or create a team and learn with your friends.


Scope: JavaScript, Python, HTMl, & CSS
Platform: iOS & Android
Price: freemium

Encode does not ask to create an account, so you can start learning straight away. The app comes with three tabs; Python, JavaScript, and Web. As you go, you will see the progress bar on the top. Once you have complete a lesson, you will see a checkmark next to that lesson. The web tab split into topics instead of languages to help you learn different languages and the relationship simultaneously.

The questions are mostly on coding, and you get to fill in the blanks. The app may not fulfil all your needs, but it can push you into the world of advanced programming.


Scope: Programming and scripting
Platform: Android
Price: free

If you don’t know about w3Schools, then every time you search for HTML or CSS related queries over the internet, you find W3Schools floating on the first page. W3Schools is a place to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and SQL.

When I use the app, I feel that it is just a website converted into an app, but it is responsive. As you learn a language, you are presented with an editor and a compiler to try yourself.

The app may not offer the team features or activities, but if you want to start learning quickly, this will be one of the most comfortable options because it does not ask to create an account.


Scope: Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
iOS & Android
Price: freemium

Mimo apps separate sections into 4.

  1. You get web in which you learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript together.
  2. You get the Python section.
  3. javaScript also comes separately.
  4. HTML and CSS can be learned without JavaScript.

Furthermore, you can browse and learn each language section by section in the browser tab, but to enrol into a section, you must complete the prior sections. The app tracks your goals and reminds you every day (if enabled).

When you open the app for the first time, it asks a few questions about your coding level and depending on your skill; you get questions. For example, for a beginner level, the questions would be understanding the languages, while for a mid-level, the questions start straight from coding.

According to the app, you get over 60 hours of content.

Programming Hub

Scope: Various languages and web technologies
Platform: iOS & Android
Price: freemium

An editors choice app on Google Play, the list of courses in this app is exceptionally long. Most of the courses are free, and you can enrol with one tap. The app shows what you will learn, and in each lesson, you see a few options such as learn, compile, cheats, etc.

You can track your activity in the learn section. The PRO plan comes with more course, unlimited access, and certificates, but I think the free app is more than enough for starters.

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Py – Learn to Code

Scope: Python, Swift, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Command-Line, Java, iOS Development, Data Science, Unity
Price: free

Our best programming app only for iPhone users, Py is only available on iOS, and it focuses on the many areas of programming. Alongside the popular languages, you get to learn iOS development and data science. Py is the only app in our list to offer Unity development on mobile.

The app asks what you want to learn in the beginning. You can also enable the daily notifications and enrol into other courses.

The app mostly focuses on teaching rather than practising, but it presents the information is an easy way.

Programming Hero

Scope: Programming and Scripting
Platform: iOS & Android
Price: freemium

Programming Hero offers courses containing multiple languages simultaneously. The app comes with four courses:

  1. Complete web development course
  2. Programming: Beginners to advanced
  3. Complete web development
  4. Mobile App; Start to publish

In most courses, the introduction part of the app covers the introduction and variables. When you enrol into a course, it shows what you will learn.

The app comes with a compiler, and it is good for a casual programmer to learn to program.

Easy Coder

Scope: Java
Platform: iOS & Android
Price: freemium

If you are looking to learn Java only, then Easy Coder is the app to choose. It covers many features of Java in detail. You get to watch videos and try the code on the given in-app compiler. It also covers some complex Java ideas such as data structure and inheritance, and you can choose any topic and start learning.

The app uses credits to run the code, and the more code you compile, the credits you use. You get 25 free credits every day, while the app offers to purchase credits.

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Scope: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, MongoDB, JavaScript ES6, ReactJS, TypeScript, Angular, Web development, iOS app development, Android app development, Game development, Python programming
Platform: iOS & Android
Price: Freemium

The last best programming app we have is Codemurai. The app offers to learn web development and web technologies. Many courses have prerequisites, and you must complete the first courses to enrol into an advanced course.

The app does not offer any compiler, and you learn by reading on the screen and then answering questions and solving quizzes.



Still not sure which ones to use? Here is the video covering the six best programming apps in 2021. Guess what; all six are from the above list. The mentioned apps are:

  1. W3Schools
  2. Grasshopper
  3. SoloLearn
  4. Enki
  5. Programming Hub
  6. Encode

Wrap up

Being a programmer does make me feel proud, but the ability to debug the program does. That’s my thinking. Anyway, this is the end of 11 best programming apps in 2021. I hope the article helped. Please let me know what you think of those apps that are favourite in the comments, so we discuss more.

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