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Blomp Review

Blomp Review


✔️ 20-200 GB free storage
✔️ Reasonable subscription plans
✔️ Native desktop app


❌ Limited sharing options
❌ Supports very few file formats
❌The desktop app is incompetent
❌ Bugs and issues in the registration process
❌ No recycle bin or trash folder
❌ No plugins or add-ons
❌ No auto backup on mobile phones
❌ No additional features with paid subscription except for storage

Final verdict

Blomp has a long way to go. Its desktop app is buggy, and its sharing system is broken. However, if you have some extra files, you can try Blomp.

Other cloud storage programs, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, should be used for personal files.


Software type: Online storage and backup
Supported devices: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android
Offline: No
Ease of use: Easy
Pricing: $0 to $10 per month


Rating: 2.5 out of 5

What is Blomp

Blomp is a cloud storage and backup app specially developed for your media files. You can upload photos, videos, and audio regardless of the file size.

Blomp is relatively new to cloud storage. It offers up to 20GB of free storage, with a few premium plans to increase your storage if needed.

Registration process

Creating an account is fairly easy. It asks for:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Username
  • Promo code (if any)
Signing Up on Blomp
Signing Up on Blomp

After the initial steps, you must agree to their terms and conditions to proceed. During my registration, I faced multiple bugs and errors that halted the registration.

Blomp review: Platforms

Blomp Desktop App
Blomp Desktop App

Blomp is available for almost all platforms. You can use it in your browser. It has an app called BlompLive for Windows, macOS, and Linux devices.

It also has the BlompGo app, which is a virtual drive service available for Windows. You can also download the BlompLive app on your Android and iOS devices.

After testing the app, I concluded that the Blomp web portal is effortless, but its desktop app has minimal options making it useless for daily use.

Sharing features

Blomp supports sharing files through emails, but only on its web portal. The desktop and mobile apps do not support sharing of files.

You can send the link to users you have added, and anyone with the link can access the shared files.

The Status section of the shared files shows the total number of times the file has been accessed and the last access time.

Sharing in Blomp
Sharing in Blomp

While testing files, I faced a few issues. The URL it generated did not open in the browser. It gave me a not supported or corrupted error. I’m not sure if it’s Blomp or me, but hopefully, the issue will be fixed.

Missing features

No recycle bin

One of the helpful options in cloud storage is the recycle bin which can let you restore deleted files. Unfortunately, Blomp does not have a recycle bin which is a major drawback as most cloud storage providers have this option.

No auto backup

Another disadvantage is that it does not support auto-backup photos and videos on mobile phones.

Many apps such as Google Photos and OneDrive have this option to let users not worry about photos and videos.

File format support

A part of this Blomp review is to test the common file formats. As Blomp is especially for images and videos, I checked some common image and video formats.

Here is a table showing the files and whether it could play the file.

File formatStatus
PNG (normal image)Yes
DNG (RAW image)No
SVG (vector image)No
MKV (video file)No
MP4 (video file)Yes
Supported file format table

Is Blomp safe?

Blomp Privacy Policy on Sharing User Data
Blomp Privacy Policy on Sharing User Data

Blomp privacy policy says they share your personal information like name, email address, and phone number with trusted organizations.

These parties, including customer support and IT, can use this information in compliance with company policies.

One thing to worry about is that they haven’t mentioned where exactly the data is stored. Their policy says that they store data in countries, including the US.

Another issue I found is that, in case of fraud, Blomp can give your information to a trusted third-party organization or government, which depending on your situation may or may not be good.

Considering the above info, I’m not fully sure if the app is completely safe.

Pricing and plans

Blomp Plans
Blomp Plans

Blomp offers four plans. The first plan is free and offers 20GB of storage. You can score up to 200GB by inviting your friends.

The paid plans include 250GB storage space for $0.99 monthly, $2.99 for 2TB storage, and $9.99 for 10TB cloud storage.

There is nothing different in the plans except for storage. Apart from more storage, you will get no extra perks in paid plans.

Blomp only offers monthly subscriptions. No annual or lifetime plans are available.

Is it for you?

In my experience, Blomp is not that efficient compared to other apps. It has a few issues that need to be solved.

Its desktop app is unusable, and there are some sharing issues, and lastly, the fact that they can share data with third-party services makes me go to a different app.

But I’m not saying that you should completely ignore it. If you have some unnecessary files that are not that important, I suggest giving it a try.