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ClickUp vs. Todoist

ClickUp vs. Todoist

Managing projects is fun when you have a companion. In this case, we have two: ClickUp and Todoist.

However, the more apps we have, the harder it’s to manage. This is why the ClickUp vs. Todoist piece will help you choose the best app.


  • Todoist is an advanced to-do app. However, it’s limited in its free plan.
  • ClickUp is many things in one. It provides everything. However, it’s very confusing to new users.
  • ClickUp supports reminders, while Todoist has this feature in its premium versions.
  • Both use AI in some sort.

What are both

ClickUp Overview

ClickUp is a many-in-one project management app to create tasks, notes, checklists, documents, whiteboards, meetings, and more.

Todoist is a to-do app to create and complete tasks. Unlike other to-do apps, Todoist brings great features for individuals as teams.


Todoist Overview

ClickUp has lots of features, so it’s crowded. However, to make things simple, ClickUp has Views for each feature.

For example, for tasks, you have a different view. For calendars, tables, timelines, Kanban-view, docs, and whiteboards, we have different views.

Todoist is a simple app with tasks and task options. You can create projects, and they are displayed in the menu.

Unique features of both

ClickUp Dashboard Interface
ClickUp Dashboard Interface

Both allow tasks, subtasks, task descriptions, task priorities, recurring tasks, and Kanban-style task views.

ClickUp is overall more advanced in most features as it lets you add custom data types in tasks and has more recurring tasks features.


Dashboards provide great flexibility as you can design your widgets, select your preferred themes, and arrange your workspace any way you see fit.

Widget options include time monitoring, milestone widgets, and even the ability to embed other tools.

Dashboards are an excellent tool for closely examining the entire process. While ClickUp provides this function for free, it can be found in Todoist’s Paid version.

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Workspace views (ClickUp)

Views in ClickUp

You can switch between workspace views in ClickUp that best suit your needs. The app has board, box view, calendar, list, table, and timeline views.

Todoist has the default list view, but with the help of sections, we can switch it to the Kanban view.

Gantt Chart and Kanban board

Todoist List and Kanban Style Board Views

You can schedule, manage dependencies, and organize anything into an attractive project timeline with Gantt Charts, supported by ClickUp.

Both provide the Kanban-style view to make it possible to monitor workflow and maximize output.

Status (ClickUp)

You can quickly check the status of any task with ClickUp’s status feature. The status can be modified based on your labels. To-do, In-progress, and Complete are the typical task status labels.

ClickUp provides this function for free. It is available in Todoist’s paid version.

Notepad (ClickUp)

Instead of opening another notepad app, you can take notes in ClickUp and turn them into tasks.

Track time (ClickUp)

Using the “Track Time” function, you can check how much time the team has spent working on a task or project.

Whiteboards (ClickUp)

Members can brainstorm ideas on whiteboards using drawings and other tools.

Swimlanes (ClickUp)

Swimlanes in ClickUp
Swimlanes in ClickUp

To make it simple for you to sort between tasks, the swimlanes option splits your board into sections that display more than one view.

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Todoist Android App
Todoist Android App

This is the only similar section in ClickUp vs. Todoist comparison. ClickUp and Todoist are available for Android, iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows, Android Wear, Apple Watch, browser extensions, and the web.


Blog Post Todoist Template

ClickUp introduced templates before Todoist, so we find more templates.

In total, over a thousand templates have been created by the community. You can create your templates and use them in your project.

Todoist is new to the template world, but we have some lovely templates. Also, I have created the best Todoist templates list if you are interested.

Usage of AI

ClickUp’s AI is more focused on the document side of things. It can help in improving and summarizing text.

Todoist’s AI can suggest tasks and help in breaking them down. The AI features are available on the premium plans of both apps.


Teams can collaborate by discussing, editing, and working on projects.

ClickUp’s collaboration features allow you to see if a teammate views a task. View real-time modification of a task’s description by other users.

Todoist supports collaboration for free, but on its free plan, up to 5 members can be added per project. Team members can create and complete tasks, mention users, comment on tasks, etc.

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ClickUp vs Todoist
ClickUp vs. Todoist Pricing and Plans

ClickUp has more free features than Todoist. As a multi-tool program, it gives you a taste of most of its features. It’s also free for your whole team with its free features.

Its Ultimate plan charges $5 per monthly member on the yearly plan unlocking unlimited storage, guests, integrations, dashboards, charts, fields, AI, and more.

The Business plan will cost you $12 if paid yearly and have some business-focused options, such as Google one-click login, advanced sharing features, advanced time tracking, and automation.

It also has a Business Pro plan for big teams and businesses.

Todoist’s Free plan lets you create five projects, add up to 5 members, and upload 5 MB files.

Costing $4 when charged yearly is its Pro plan with the below options:

  • 300 active projects
  • 25 collaborators per project
  • 100 MB file uploads
  • 150 filters
  • Reminders
  • Unlimited activity history
  • Themes & auto backups
  • AI Assistant

The Business package offers a variety of features, including 500 projects and up to 50 members per project. It costs $6 per user if paid annually.

My recommendation and summary

If you are looking for a simple to-do app, go with Todoist. It’s more advanced than other to-do apps.

ClickUp is an all-in-one program. If you like to manage everything in one place, ClickUp is the one you need.

However, it’s crowded and hard to learn, so going through this beginning period will be hard.

This is the finish line of the ClickUp vs. Todoist battle. I’m glad that you made it to the end. This is your first victory in this journey.

Now head to your favorite program and sign up for a free account. Also, let me know about your decision below to help others.

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