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CloudConvert Review – Is CloudConvert Safe?


✔️ No account required
✔️ Over 200 formats
✔️ Easy pricing structure


❌ Web-based only
❌ Limited free conversions

Final verdict

CloudConvert is a nice platform but should be used for documents and stuff because you need an internet connection, and large files can take minutes to upload and download.

It also has a 10 and 25 conversion limit for free, so you should not get too attached, as finding another good service may be hard when you exceed your daily limit.


Service type: File converter
Supported platforms: Web
Offline: No
Ease of use: Easy to use
Pricing: From $0 per month
Rating: 4 out of 5

What is CloudConvert


CloudConvert is a file converter supporting over 200 file formats. The tool is web-based, so you need an internet connection. It also has limitations for free users.

I have been using it to convert JPEG files to WebP for my website, and this is my CloudConvert review to help you use the program.

Is CloudConvert safe

CloudConvert Security
CloudConvert Security

This is probably the most talked-about question of CloudConvert because converting sensitive information is not something people like to share. I got to read the security protocols in place for its customers.

To begin with the encryption, the company uses SSL certificates to encrypt the data transfer from your PC to their servers and vice versa.

Secondly, they use a system called Data Isolation, which places each file conversion in an isolated container, meaning their team cannot access the files.

Furthermore, their company uses AWS servers hosted in Germany, and Germany has strict rules to protect customer data.

Regarding the files, the company has stated that they neither see nor share your files with anyone. All the conversion process is handled by a machine (AI), and there is no human involvement.

One thing that creeps me out is that the files you convert are stored in the cloud for 24 hours in case you want to come back, and of course, they have strict rules, but no system is safe from cyber-attacks.

This proves that CloudConvert is safe because it has strict media handling policies and uses SSL certificates to protect customer files and data.

CloudConvert review: What I liked

Many supported file formats

Converting Videos to MP4 on CloudConvert

It supports a wide range of formats. You can’t convert any format to any. A document format can’t be converted to a video file.

One of the things I like about CloudConvert is that it automatically detects the format and displays the supported file formats. Here are some of the file formats:

  • 18 audio file formats
  • 22 document formats
  • 21 ebook extensions
  • 38 image formats
  • 11 presentation formats
  • Eight spreadsheet formats
  • Ten vector image formats
  • 27 video formats

Many of the extensions come with adjustment options. For example, you can set a file password if you convert it to a document.

Similarly, converting a video shows the video resolution, aspect ratio, video rotation, etc. This allows you to do basic edits right on the convert screen.

Not just a converter

Converting files is not all it does. There are plenty of options you can try:

  • Save a webpage to PNG, JPEG, or PDF format
  • Merge multiple PDFs in one
  • Optimize PDF, PNG, and JPEG formats

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What did I not like


There are a few things I don’t like about CloudConvert. The first thing is that they do not clearly state the limitations of free service.

For example, if you are not logged in, you can only convert a total of 10-minute videos a day.

You get an error when you add a video after exceeding the limit. The limit increases to 25 minutes after you sign up for a free account.

The same goes for images and documents. For signed-up users, the limit is 25 conversion minutes per day.

Another issue I encountered while testing was that the conversion process stuck for over five minutes.

I reloaded the page to re-upload the video, and it displayed the converted video with a download link.

The last nature of this program that annoys me is that it does not upload files automatically.

After adding the file(s), you must click on the Convert button for it to start uploading. It would be nice to start uploading without clicking the button to save time.

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Just like other programs, there are some limitations. On their free plan, you get ten conversion minutes. Depending on the file type, the conversion minutes are used.

For example, converting a JPEG image to PNG costs one minute, while converting a DOCX file to PDF costs two minutes.

For video and audio files, the length of the file determines the total minutes. One can sign up for a free account for 25 daily conversion minutes.

They offer a calculator to calculate the conversion minutes on their pricing page.


CloudConvert offers two subscription models: Packages and Subscriptions. The minimum package is $8 giving you access to 500 minutes. So, you can convert 500 files or up to 500-minute videos.

The option is called pay as you go, so you can pay for the package and use the service whenever you like. You can increase the quota; the more percentage you choose, the more discounts you get.

The Subscription model charges you a fixed amount every month. For $8 per month, you get 1,000 conversions monthly. Like packages, the slider can be increased to get an extended limit.


CloudConvert is a great online program to convert files on the go. I use it for quick conversions for my website, and it does the job.

Anyway, this is where you and I split. I hope the CloudConvert review helped. Please let me know what you think of this tool in the comments, and I’ll catch you some other time.