3 Ways to Connect Xbox One controller to PC

Connecting the Xbox One controller to the PC requires the right equipment. The article explores the three ways to connect your Xbox One controller with your PC. Depending on your controller and your computer, you can connect using one, two, or even all three ways.


The video is all you need to connect your Xbox controller. The video explains the type of controllers and the ways to connect.

Xbox to PC using Bluetooth, adapter, and wire

Controller check

Difference Between Xbox Gen 1 Controller and Gen 2 Controller
Difference Between Xbox Gen 1 Controller and Gen 2 Controller

The first question we should be asking is, do we have a generation one controller or generation two controller? Generation one controllers came with Xbox One, while generation two controllers came with later models.

In generation one, plastic near the Xbox logo will most likely be a separate plastic than the rest of the upper part of the controller. The generation two controller has the same plastic as the rest. The generation one controller does not have Bluetooth, while generation two does.

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With that being covered, let’s find out the best possible way for you to connect your controller:

Connect Xbox One controller to PC using Bluetooth

Auto way

Using Bluetooth

For this to work, you need a Bluetooth enabled laptop or desktop and a generation two Xbox controller. The simplest way to connect is to turn it on by pressing the Xbox button for a couple of seconds. You will see the logo light flashing.

If your device’s Bluetooth is turned on, the PC will automatically pick it up and display a notification. Click on that notification and then on Allow to pair. When it’s connected, the Xbox light will stay still.

Manual way

  1. Go to the Bluetooth menu under settings on your PC and turn it on.
  2. Press the Xbox button to turn on the controller.
  3. Press and hold the sync button, which is in the front next to the wire port. The Xbox logo light will start flashing quickly.
  4. On your PC, click on “add a device.
  5. Then click on “Bluetooth” in the pop up. The menu will either show “controller” or “input”. You will also see the controller icon next to the name.
  6. Click on that device to connect.

Once connected, the light of the controller will stop flashing.

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Using Wi-fi adapter

Using wifi adapter

The adapter looks like in the above video, and it has a button on the back. All you need to do is plug in this adapter in your computer and turn the controller on. Next, press and hold the back button for about 2 seconds.

Release the button when you see the light flashing. Press and hold the sync button on the Xbox controller for a couple of seconds. The logo light will start to flash rapidly. The controller will connect to the PC using the adapter in a few seconds.

Using micro USB cable

Using a micro USB cable

The last method is using a micro USB cable. This cable is standard because most earlier Android phones came with this cable. All you need to do is plug in the cable in the computer’s USB port and the other side to the controller’s micro USB port, which is in the front next to the sync button. That’s it.

The system will connect with the controller, and the light will stop flashing.

Driver error

Driver error possible fix

Sometimes while connecting, you see a message “driver issue”. The controller connects but does not work. This happens when your computer can’t install the required drivers. There are a couple of fixes.

If you have a removable battery-powered controller:

  1. remove batteries
  2. remove the controller from your PC (above video)
  3. Put batteries back (don’t turn it on)
  4. restart your PC
  5. Turn the controller on
  6. Connect using the prefered method

If the above method does not fix the issue, you can go to Device Manager by searching for the keyword in the search bar of Windows. Make sure that the controller is connected even if it does not work.

Under Human Interface Devices, find Bluetooth XINPUT-compatible input device, right-click on that device, click on update, and follow the above steps. This could also be because of the updates. Try updating Windows too.


All right, this was the article on how to connect Xbox One controller to a PC. I hope it helped. Feel free to leave your comments and questions below, and I will respond as soon as possible.

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