CyberGhost vs. ProtonVPN

Last updated: 20 Sep 2021

CyberGhost vs ProtonVPN
CyberGhost vs. ProtonVPN

The world is full of VPNs, and most of them are paid. Before investing in anything, it’s essential to have a thorough review. A thorough review could be checking the speed, servers, protocols, and platforms. The article explores two tools, CyberGhost and ProtonVPN. How do both stand? Let’s find out in the ultimate CyberGhost vs. ProtonVPN comparison (2021).


According to the CyberGhost website, the tool comes with 6535 servers in 90 nations. ProtonVPN contrarily comes with 1237 servers in 55 countries. Check out the full list of servers on CyberGhost and ProtonVPN websites.

Some of the ProtonVPN servers also support the Secure Core feature, which connects to a different server and then to the selected server. This might affect the speed, but you can use the feature if extra protection is required.

Winner: CyberGhost | Score: CyberGhost: 2

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What are VPN Protocols?

CyberGhost website mentions that they offer OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard protocols, but their Android app only comes with OpenVPN and WireGuard.

ProtonVPN website, on the other hand, suggests that they offer OpenVPN and IKEv2. The ProtonVPN Android app offers both protocols, while the desktop app only comes with OpenVPN.

Winner: Tie | Score: CyberGhost: 3 | ProtonVPN: 1

Streaming optimised servers

CyberGhost and ProtonVPN Streaming Support
CyberGhost and ProtonVPN Streaming Support

CyberGhost supports over 30 services from many countries. The app also comes with an option to show the streaming supported servers.

ProtonVPN, on the contrary, suggests connecting to a plus server to watch any of the geo-restricted content. The support page covers a wide range of services and how to access them.

Winner: Tie | Score: CyberGhost: 4 and ProtonVPN: 2

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Google Chrome
Amazon Fire TV
Apple TV
Router (limited)
Platforms comparison

Regarding platforms, CyberGhost is a clear winner. It supports over ten platforms, while you can set up the router to secure all connections connected to the same network.

ProtonVPN is available for the essential platforms, and like CyberGhost, you can set up the router, but it is not where CyberGhost is right now.

Winner: CyberGhost | Score: CyberGhost: 1


From this point in CyberGhost vs. ProtonVPN, the article conducts some tests to find the best tool.

Speed test

This round splits into wi-fi and mobile data.

Wi-fi speed test

Wifi speed test

CyberGhost, after taking some time connected to a server in Melbourne, while I connected ProtonVPN to Sydney, which is further away than Melbourne from here.

ProtonVPN was faster than CyberGhost in terms of downloading, while CyberGhost performed better in the upload test.

Download: 31.6 Mbps
Upload: 13.3 Mbps
Download: 44.3 Mbps
Upload: 6.9 Mbps
Speed test on wifi table

Winner: Tie | Score: CyberGhost: 4 and ProtonVPN: 3

Mobile data speed test

Mobile data speed test video

The mobile data test also went to ProtonVPN. The tool performed better than CyberGhost. ProtonVPN’s recorded was 66.3 and 11.3 Mbps, respectively, while CyberGhost peaked at 60.7 and 12.6 Mbps.

Winner: ProtonVPN | Score: ProtonVPN: 4

Location test

Location test video

The location test is the most basic, and any VPN should be able to change. Some VPNs do not connect to the selected location, but that did not happen in our case. Both showed the correct region while checking the public I.P Address.

Winner: Tie | Score: CyberGhost: 5 and ProtonVPN: 5

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DNS leak test

DNS leak test video

What is a DNS leak? A DNS leak happens when the connection flowing to and from the server is not secured. If a leak happens, other parties can see data. Both VPNs offer strong protocols, and ProtonVPN also comes with an always-on DNS leak option, which you can not turn off.

CyberGhost could not open the DNS leak tool website, but ProtonVPN passed the test. I tried CyberGhost after some time, and the tool passed the test.

Winner: Tie | Score: CyberGhost: 6 and ProtonVPN: 6

Torrenting test

The last test of this CyberGhost vs. ProtonVPN is the P2P test. Peer-to-Peer or P2P is a network that allows torrenting. Both VPNs come with P2P optimised servers around the globe.

CyberGhost also comes with an option to see only P2P optimised servers. I connected both to servers to check if both can download a file.

Wi-fi torrenting test

Torrent test of wifi video

ProtonVPN’s speed was twice as CyberGhost’s. The highest speed CyberGhost showed was around 220 Kbps, while the download speed with ProtonVPN was around 430 Kbps.

Winner: ProtonVPN | Score: ProtonVPN: 7

Mobile data torrenting test

Torrent test on mobile data video

The mobile data P2P test changes everything because torrenting + mobile data + VPN don’t usually match. I connected both to the same server in Hong Kong, and this time results were different.

ProtonVPN could not compete with CyberGhost. The highest recorded speed of CyberGhost was 1 Mbps, while for the same file, it was around 400 Kbps for ProtonVPN.

Winner: CyberGhost | Score: CyberGhost: 7

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Additional features

Common features


  • 7 devices simultaneously
  • 45-day money-back guarantee



CyberGhost vs ProtonVPN - Pricing
CyberGhost vs. ProtonVPN – Pricing

The monthly plan of ProtonVPN is cost-effective, while for future-ready pals, CyberGhost is more affordable. ProtonVPN also offers a more modest plan. The Basic plan reduces some functionalities and costs $4 per month on the yearly plan. The prices are as of the 5th of March 2021.

The winner is

Honestly, you might have seen in the videos that CyberGhost takes some time to connect. It happened quite often, but the speed was fine. ProtonVPN was responsive and fast most of the time.

I believe that for people who want a fast connection, ProtonVPN will be the ideal choice. For those who are okay if VPN takes time to connect and the speed is a bit slower sometimes, then CyberGhost is a perfect choice.

Final Score: CyberGhost: 7 and ProtonVPN: 7

CyberGhost vs. ProtonVPN: Purchase

Wrap up

The article CyberGhost vs. ProtonVPN covered the essential topics. I hope the article helped you understand which VPN do you need. Please let me know your final decision in the comments down below, so we can chat further.

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