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Dropbox Capture vs. Loom

Dropbox Capture vs. Loom

Screen recording and sharing have become the new normal. Many screen recorders were already available, and many have been released in recent years.

Today, we have two cloud-based video recording and sharing programs: Dropbox Capture and Loom.

Both have great options, but which one should you be using? This is the Dropbox Capture vs. Loom comparison.

What are both

Dropbox Capture

Dropbox Capture Videos
Dropbox Capture Videos

Dropbox Capture is an extension of Dropbox allowing you to capture videos and screenshots. The tool can record your screen, camera, and microphone.

This is a great tool, especially if you want to collaborate with your team by screen-recording a procedure and guiding them through it without having to repeat it.

You can also use the tool to record audio and video.


Loom Interface

With over 14 million users, Loom is one of the popular asynchronous video programs.

It is a video-capturing program to record videos in your own time and share links with others so they can watch them in their own time.

The same concept is found in programs like Zoom, but with Loom, others don’t need to be present to participate. Along with video recording, Loom supports video editing and video analytics.

Ease of use

Dropbox Capture is easier to use because it has fewer options. Loom has a dashboard where you see your videos, team, and other account information.

Screen Recorder

Dropbox Capture on Windows 11
Dropbox Capture on Windows 11

Dropbox Capture includes recording options such as:

  • Screen recording + camera
  • Screen recording
  • Camera recording
  • Screenshot
  • Audio recording

The screen recording capability can be customized to capture the entire screen or only a portion of it. You can record, pause, redo, and delete recordings as needed.

Loom offers three recording options: screen and camera, the screen only, and the camera only. The feature to capture screenshots is presently in beta.

You can also create a custom recording canvas using Loom, where you can select from templates, text layouts, and backgrounds.

Winner: Tie

Drawing tools

Dropbox Capture is more feasible when it comes to drawing. Why? Because Loom does not offer drawing options for free.

Dropbox comes with a pen to draw. It automatically removes the drawn text after about 2 seconds as you draw to tidy the screen.

The premium plans of Loom come with a pen to draw while recording. However, the option is only available in the desktop app.

Winner: Dropbox Capture

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Video editing

Editing Videos in Loom

With Dropbox Capture, you can only trim your video after recording them.

With Loom, you can edit your videos after they’ve been recorded, but only the basic editing options like trimming, adding a call to action, adding another video, and uploading thumbnails are available.

Winner: Loom

Recording limit

Dropbox Capture Total Recording Limit
Dropbox Capture Total Recording Limit

Both follow a different path. Dropbox Capture gives up a total of 2 hours (120 minutes). After this limit, you can’t record videos.

However, you can score 20 additional minutes each time you refer someone to Dropbox Capture.

Loom allows up to 5-minute recordings for free. You can record up to 25 videos. After that, old videos will start to vanish. You can still access them later after upgrading.

Winner: Tie

Video sharing

Sharing Videos in Dropbox Capture
Sharing Videos in Dropbox Capture

Sharing is a significant part of the Dropbox Capture vs. Loom battle. Dropbox capture instantly saves and keeps your screen recordings in your Dropbox account. You can copy the URLs and share them with anyone.

With Loom, you can copy and share links with anyone while limiting viewing permissions and adding a password.

You can also share your screen recordings by entering the email addresses of the individuals you wish to share with.

You can share videos only with your team members if you are in a team.

Winner: Loom


Video Analytics in Loom

Both show the total video views on the top. Loom supports showing the names (logged in) of people who watched your videos. Dropbox Capture also shows the names of logged users.

If the video is public, users without an account can watch the video. Loom displays the “anonymous” tag on each user view, whereas Capture displays “guest” with the total count.

Loom also supports comments, which is missing from Dropbox Capture.

Winner: Loom

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Templates (Loom)

Loom includes six templates for creating your recording canvas. Within this, you can choose a custom background picture or color and one of six text layout options.

More benefits

Dropbox capture

Here are a few benefits of using Dropbox Capture:

  • Easy to share recorded videos
  • Helps in connecting different teams
  • Simple status update sharing without the hassle of scheduling meetings repeatedly
  • Notifications on video views
  • Closed captions


Here are a few benefits of using Loom:

  • Quick and easy screen recording with camera overlay
  • Notifications on video views
  • Multiple Integrations
  • Comments and notes as annotations


Loom Plans and Pricing
Loom Plans and Pricing

As discussed, Dropbox Capture is part of Dropbox, so we see six premium plans, but those plans do not directly benefit Dropbox Capture.

Loom has a free Starter and an Education plan. The Starter plan offers:

  • Up to 50 Creators Lite
  • Up to 25 videos/person
  • Up to 5 mins/video
  • Screen recording & cam bubble
  • Instant editing
  • Unlimited transcriptions
  • Privacy controls
  • Viewer insights

The Education plan has more options, including up to 45-minutes of recordings. Billed at $8.00 per creator/mo (annually), we get the below options in the Business subscription:

  • Unlimited Creators
  • Unlimited videos
  • Unlimited recording length
  • Up to 50 Creators Lite
  • Everything in Starter
  • Custom branding
  • Advanced engagement insights
  • Embed links in the video
  • Password protected videos
  • Video uploads

The last Enterprise plan is for big teams and can be obtained by talking to the sales.

Dropbox Capture vs. Loom: Links


If you want a basic screen recording and sharing tool for a few videos, Dropbox Capture is the way to go. If recording and sharing with your employees or customers is your daily life, I suggest going with Loom.

Loom has more features than Dropbox Capture and will help you deliver your message quickly and accurately.

Anyway, here is the end of the Dropbox Capture vs. Loom article. Thanks for reading. Please let me know your final choice in the comments so we can discuss more.