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Dynalist vs. Workflowy

Dynalist vs. Workflowy

Keeping track of tasks is essential, and tools like Dynalist and Workflowy allow us to do that. Both are great, but some features make one better than the other.

What features are those in your case? This is the Dynalist vs. Workflowy battle.

What are both

Dynalist or Workflowy
Dynalist or Workflowy

Workflowy and Dynalist are for managing tasks and organizing ideas. Both allow us to outline tasks, activities, ideas, and drafts in a collapsible list structure.

In Dynalist, the documents are arranged in multiple folders. The task lists inside documents can be displayed in a list, article, or mind map layout.

The Mind Map layout visualizes list items in a collapsible tree structure. The only problem is that it is offered in the Pro plan.

Workflowy, on the other hand, lets us organize task lists into nodes and subnodes, where each node represents a different list.

The program also creates folders as you work, but folders are hidden in the left menu. Workflowy does not have a mind map graph but supports Kanban-style boards for free.

Ease of use

Mind Map in Dynalist
Mind Map in Dynalist (Pro plan)

In terms of text and editing, we don’t see many differences. Dynalist supports the Markdown terms to format the text.

The significant difference comes from visualization. Workflowy has a Kanban board view, whereas Dynalist has Mind Map for its premium users.

Using the Kanban board view is slightly challenging, but one can master it within a few hours.

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Both programs are supported on browsers, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Dynalist also has a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox to clip web pages and insert them into task lists.

Supported options

Actions in Workflowy
Actions in Workflowy

In Dynalist, we can format lists and notes using keyboard symbols (Markdown). Pressing “Control + /” in both opens the keyboard shortcut guide.

Here is a list of Dynalist-supported options:

  • Add note
  • Checkbox
  • Check off
  • Number children
  • Text color and highlight
  • H1, H2, and H3 heading
  • Hyperlinks
  • Tags

The below table shows some keyboard symbols for markdown formatting.

!Insert date
[[Link to another item
==text==High light
[Text](URL)Add a link to the text
Markdown symbols in Dynalist

Workflowy does not support Markdown symbols, but you can use the keyboard shortcuts. Typing “/” shows the actions menu, which can be opened by clicking on the little menu next to the list item.

Unlike Dynalist, the app supports uploading and embedding files. Other than this, it includes the following editing features:

  • Bold
  • Underline
  • Italic
  • Add note
  • Mark as complete
  • Text and highlight color
  • Hyperlinks
  • Tags

Page linking

Page Linking in Dynalist and Workflowy

Page linking is one of the essential parts of the Dynalist vs. Workflowy comparison.

Both support linking to other pages in the whole account. Linking in both is straightforward. You type “[[,” and start typing the page’s name.

The interface of Workflowy is better when it comes to linking. When you link, it shows the page’s title.

In Dynalist, when you link, you see the name and the page’s link right there, and you must click outside the link to continue typing.


Dynalist takes the cake in this round because it lets you send documents with the view, edit, and manage permissions for free.

You can add emails to added users or create a public URL and share it with the world.

Workflowy supports sending documents for free but with full access and view permissions. If you want them just to edit, you will need to upgrade to the Pro plan.

Export documents

Exporting Documents in Workflowy
Exporting Documents in Workflowy

The exporting options are similar in both. We can export files in the following ways: 

  • Download a PDF file by printing it using the “Control + P” shortcut.
  • Copy text in formatted, plain, or OPML format and paste it into any other editor tool. 
  • Save the HTML file.

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There are no built-in templates in Dynalist, but you can create a custom template file and use it in other documents.

On the other hand, Workflowy offers over 40 pre-built templates. To use any template, open it and click on the “Copy template” button.

The templates are organized into meetings, products, engineering, sales, education, etc.


Integration improves our workflow because it lets us use features from other apps. On their own, both do not support many apps.

Dynalist supports a few, but in its PRO plan. Make is integrated with Dynalist to connect to other apps. Workflowy is also connected with IFTTT and Rambox apps to link with others.

Additional options


Workflowy has a Mirror option that mirrors a whole list. If you modify the list in one location, it will automatically adjust the mirrored.

File upload

Workflowy supports 100 MB of file attachments per month in its free plan. Dynalist does not support uploading files for free.

Mention people

Workflowy supports mentioning users with the “@” sign. Dynalist does not have this feature.

Pricing and plans

Dynalist vs Workflowy Pricing
Dynalist vs. Workflowy Pricing


The free plan of Dynalist supports creating unlimited items and documents. The Pro plan offers advanced features if you are serious about managing your projects.

It costs $7.99 per month in a yearly package and $9.99 per month in a monthly package.

Some features of this plan are:

  • Auto backup to Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Mind Map view
  • Countless bookmarks
  • Email customer support from experts
  • Customization through CSS
  • Allow access to the version history
  • Customize the toolbar in the mobile app
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • 1 GB monthly file upload limit


Workflowy’s free plan gives you access to all of its features. The limitations of the free plan include the following:

  • 100 lists per month
  • 100 MB monthly upload limit
  • Sharing with full access or view permissions

The Workflowy Pro plan costs $4 per month on the annual plan or $4.99 monthly. The above limits are removed, and files are automatically backed up to your Dropbox account.

Which is for you?

Dynalist is good for basic needs. It comes with unlimited lists and sharing features. However, we don’t get the Mind Map option.

Workflowy offers better options and a modern interface but limits lists to 100 per month.

If you are a casual user, go with Workflowy. However, if you are a student or are serious about organizing your projects, go with Dynalist. It does not have visualization, but it won’t limit your list creation process.

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Wrap up

This was the Dynalist vs. Workflowy battle. Thanks for reading. Please share your thoughts below and subscribe to the newsletter.