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How to Generate QR Codes for SurveyPlanet Surveys

How to Generate QR Codes for SurveyPlanet Surveys

One of the best things about SurveyPlanet is that you can create unlimited surveys and get unlimited responses for free. It’s a perfect app for beginners to collect data.

Unfortunately, it does not have the QR code generate and share options that many professionals use today.

But, there are always workarounds, and in this guide, we will see how you can generate QR codes for your SurveyMonkey surveys.

Getting the survey link

SurveyPlanet Survey Link
SurveyPlanet Survey Link

The first thing we must do is copy the survey link from the survey page. After creating the survey, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Share section in the right navigation
  2. Click on the copy button to copy the URL

You can also edit the URL before copying. The edit button is next to the copy button.

Using Google Chrome to generate the QR code

Generating QR Codes in Google Chrome
Generating QR Codes in Google Chrome

As SurveyMonkey does not have the QR code option, we will use a third-party program. Thankfully, if you are a Google Chrome user on any desktop platform, you can easily generate the SurveyPlanet QR code.

Follow the steps to create a SurveyPlanet QR code:

  1. Go to the survey link in Google Chrome
  2. Click on the “share” button next to the bookmarks button in the address bar
  3. Click on “Create QR Code”
  4. Download the QR code image to share with friends

The method does the job, but it has one problem. It has the Google Chrome logo in the center, which may send an unprofessional message. This is where the below method helps.

QR Code with Custom Logo
QR Code with Custom Logo

Luckily, we can add a custom logo without paying anything. The QR Code Generator website has many options for creating your own QR code, and if you sign up for free, you can add your brand’s logo.

Follow the steps to get your QR code:

  1. Go to the QR Code generator website
  2. Sign up for a free account
  3. Click on the URL option
  4. Paste the SurveyPlanet’s URL
  5. Click on the Logo option in the right section
  6. Upload your logo
  7. Download the generated QR code file

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Survey QR code in Canva designs

SurveyPlanet survey QR Code in Canva
SurveyPlanet survey QR Code in Canva

Using Canva, you can create a QR Code in your designs for free. To create QR Codes, follow the steps:

  1. Open the design in Canva
  2. Click on More in the main left navigation
  3. Search for QR Code
  4. Paste the SurveyPlant URL
  5. Click “Generate QR code”

The QR code will be saved to your images. Simply click on the image to add to your design.

Embedding surveys and generating QR code

With the above method, you can easily share the QR Code, but sometimes, you want to promote your brand, and the links go to the SurveyPlant website.

We have a solution to this issue as well. SurveyPlanet supports embedding forms on websites. So, you can embed the form on one of the pages and generate a link to your website’s page.

This way, users will go to your website and fill it out. You can also track the total visitors and other data using your analytics service.

To embed the survey, ensure that you have access to the page. You must go to the HTML section and add the link from your SurveyPlanet embed survey section.


The guide covered three ways to generate QR codes for your SurveyPlanet surveys. Thanks for coming here.

Please let me know what you think of those ways and if you have a different way, and I will be happy to add to this guide.