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GoDaddy Studio Review

GoDaddy Studio Review
GoDaddy Studio Review


✔️ Free to use
✔️ Web-based
✔️ Layers
✔️ Templates
✔️ Free images


❌ Not a lot to explore
❌ Very few free options

Final verdict

GoDaddy Studio is created for GoDaddy customers to create and edit their site using the GoDaddy page builder. This is where GoDaddy Studio comes into place. It helps them create posters and stuff.

To create simple visuals, GoDaddy Studio can be your destination.

However, if you are looking for a free and industry-standard visual maker, you should consider tools like Canva, VistaCreate (Crello), and Piktochart.


Service type: Visual designing
Supported platforms: Web
Ease of use: Easy to use
Pricing: $0 to $6.99 per month


Rating: 3 out of 5


GoDaddy Studio
GoDaddy Studio

GoDaddy Studio is a web-based graphics designing program offered by GoDaddy. It is free for everyone, but you need to create a free GoDaddy account to use it.

What happened to the Over app

You might have heard of the Over designing app. In July 2021, Over joined GoDaddy and became GoDaddy Studio. Since then, many improvements have been made to the app, including the logo maker feature.



GoDaddy Studio shows free images from Unsplash, so you get lots of options there, but you can also upload your own images to use in the design. The premium plan also supports more images to add to designs. The added images come with features, including:

  • 8 free filters
  • Background remover (1 free)
  • Image adjustment (exposure, contrast, saturation, etc.).
  • Crop (some quick crop presets)
  • Image shadow
  • Opacity
  • Rotation
  • Blur
  • Tint
  • Mask
  • Blend


GoDaddy Studio separates graphics and shapes, where shapes are in the premium subscription, but under Graphics, there are lots of collections, including some basic shapes, pet icons, simple UI, and health and well-being icons. In each collection, you find some free and many premium assets.

The best part about this panel is that it shows the seasonal assets. For example, closer to Christmas, you see much holiday-related content.


You don’t see any text templates, but it has the essential text editing options. Adding the text is simple, while you find:

  • Fonts (around 25)
  • Font size
  • text alignment
  • Colour
  • Shadow with direction and blur
  • Rotation
  • Masking
  • Text blending (several options)

All the above options are free to use.

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There are hundreds of templates in the directory, and some are free while most are paid. The templates are separated into categories, including:

  • Logos
  • Instagram story
  • Covers
  • Invitations

You can start your work with a template or import a template to an existing design.

Other features

Adjustable image size: You can change the image size while editing.

Built-in ratios: There are plenty of image sizes for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Supports layers: Yes, it supports layers, and you can add specific elements to certain layers.

Image circle crop: One can crop the image in a circle shape.

Pages: You can create multiple pages, and when you export, each page is downloaded as an image.

Standard features: Options like Image replace, element lock, background color, and duplicate element are available.

GoDaddy Studio review: Interface

GoDaddy Studio
GoDaddy Studio

It has a pretty easy-to-navigate interface with tools on the left and a sidebar that shows the sub tools when you click on elements to the right. For example, clicking on an image opens up the sidebar with all image options. The same goes for shapes and text.

Compared to other tools

GoDaddy Studio is not as advanced as other programs like Canva, Pixelied, and VistaCreate. As mentioned above, it only offers some images, graphics, and templates. It does not have many elements, templates, and video support.

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Exporting and sharing

GoDaddy Studio does not come with sharing tools, but you can export the image in JPEG and PNG formats. The JPEG format also brings the quality option to adjust the image’s quality and size.


Who can benefit from GoDaddy Studio? The users who want to create a new site. The Studio costs $6.99/mo when paid annually ($82). Let’s look at the features:

  • GoDaddy Studio premium templates, fonts, images, shapes and more.
  • A website
  • PayPal payment support on your store
  • Free page builder to build your site
  • SSL certificate

The month-to-month subscription costs $16.99 per month. Two other subscriptions are available that do not add anything to the Studio but offer more website building and growing tools.

Is GoDaddy Studio worth it?

Well, if you want an online graphics designing program, I suggest looking somewhere else. There are tons of web-based software to create amazing designs. If you want to just add some text and a background image, GoDaddy Studio will be enough to do that.


GoDaddy Studio will need some time to add more features, and I will keep updating this GoDaddy Studio review as it happens. I hope the review helped. Thanks for coming here. Please let me know what you think about this program in the comments, and enjoy the rest of the day.