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GoDaddy Studio vs. Canva (2022)

GoDaddy Studio vs Canva
GoDaddy Studio vs Canva

From logos to posters, people like to see eye-catching visuals. Two popular programs offering free designing tools are GoDaddy Studio (Over) and Canva. How do both compare in 2021? Let’s find out in GoDaddy vs. Canva comparison.

What are both

Both are web-based designing applications. You use either to create logos, flyers, thumbnails or other types of designs. GoDaddy Studio is formally known as Over, while Canva has always been, well, Canva. Both also offer iOS and Android apps that we will cover down below.


GoDaddy Studio

GoDaddy Studio
GoDaddy Studio

Adjustable canvas size: The tool allows adjusting the image size for free.

Layers: GoDaddy Studio is layer-based, so you can move, remove, and modify layers.

Colour picker tool: The tool comes with a colour picking tool to pick colours from the design.

Circle crop images: Making circles of square and rectangle pictures is possible with its crop tool.


Creating a Poster in Canva

Animate designs: The tool offers to animate elements and designs.

Make a photo background: You can make a photo a visual’s background by going to the context menu.

More file formats: Along with JPEG and PNG formats, it offers PDF and GIF formats.

Integrations: Integrate third-party apps such as Pexels, Dropbox, Google Drive, GIPHY, and more.

Collaborations: Share designs with others to collaborate.

Common features

Image editor: Both offer an image editor to apply filters and stuff.

Templates: Both offer templates for many categories to quickly edit and create your own.

Share on social media: You get to share visuals straight to social media platforms.

Lock: Lock elements to avoid accidental clicks.

Curve text: You can curve text in both tools.

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Total content

Both come with graphics, shapes, and images to add. The total number is not specified, but you find photos on almost all the topics. The amount of content is not as expected sometimes, but still, hundreds of images come up while searching for something typical.

Regarding the shapes, Canva offers more options. All the shapes on GoDaddy Studio are premium. With Canva, you find modifiable elements and shapes. For example, you can adjust a line’s thickness, style and more.


Text editor

GoDaddy Studio Text Editor
GoDaddy Studio Text Editor

GoDaddy Studio comes with a basic text editor with colour, shadow, rotation, mask, and blend options. With Canva, in contrast, you can add headings and body text. The tool also comes with text styles and font combinations.

Other than that, you get the effects option to add effects, such as neon, lift, and glitch. Both tools show gridlines to help move the text.

Image editor

Canva Image Editor
Canva Image Editor

The image editor of GoDaddy allows to:

  • add filters
  • remove background (only once in the free plan)
  • adjust colours
  • crop
  • adjust shadow
  • opacity
  • rotate image
  • blur image
  • add tint
  • add mask
  • blend image

Canva, on the other hand, offers:

  • filters
  • adjust colour options
  • effects
  • smart mockups
  • shadows
  • frames
  • crop
  • flip
  • opacity
  • slice tool and more

Video: Canva Tutorial

Additional options

Additional Options in Canva
Additional Options in Canva

In this section of GoDaddy Studio vs. Canva, we look at some other options. GoDaddy Studio does not offer any essential tools. On the contrary, some of the noticeable features of Canva are below.

Styles: The section comes with colour styles that automatically change the colours and fonts in the design.

Fonts: Like the styles, you find many font combinations to apply to the design automatically.

Videos: Browse and add videos from thousands of clips for free.

Audio: Browse and add audio to videos for free.

Charts: Fill in the chart data and let the app create the specified chart.

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Signing up

Both require a free account to access the features. You can use your GoDaddy or Over account to log in to the Studio. Both also support single sign-on options, such as Google and Apple.


The GoDaddy Studio app comes with an additional option called “videos”. Although you can upload videos to the web editor, there isn’t a specific option. The app also shows the videos provided by the app, but almost all are in the PRO plan.

The Canva app comes with the same tools as its web editor. You find templates on the main page with a button to add a new design. The editor page has all the options on the bottom row.


You can subscribe to GoDaddy Studio PRO from the application or subscribe to one of the Websites + Marketing subscriptions. According to the Android application, it costs around $6 per month on the yearly plan. The web builder subscriptions, in comparison, range from $10 to $25 per month.

If you are looking to create your website and need a graphics design tool, you should consider a web builder plan.

Canva, on the other hand, offers a couple of premium plans. The starting premium is called Pro, costing $12.99 per month, while you can pay $119.99 yearly. Some options include:

  • 100 million+ images
  • Option to remove background image
  • Upload brand images and logos (watermarks)
  • Resize visual before downloading
  • 100 GB storage for images and videos.

The Enterprise plan is for big businesses and companies. It offers some extra features for teams and is only available by contacting the sales team. Canva also offers discounted and free plans for educators.

The bottom line

Both are great, but I suggest going with Canva right now because of its tools. From elements to videos, you find thousands of items to add to your designs. GoDaddy Studio will suit you better if you have any web builder subscriptions because purchasing the tool alone is expensive.

Anyway, this is it for this GoDaddy Studio vs. Canva article. I hope it helped you compare the two. Please let me know what you think of both down below and share your suggestions, if any.