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Grammarly vs. Linguix (2022)

Grammarly vs. Linguix (2022)

Grammar is a vital part of the English language, and even native speakers need help, especially in writing. Grammarly is a popular writing assistant, while Linguix is a new grammar checker. How do both differ? The blog post covers Grammarly vs. Linguix.



Grammarly is one of the grammar checking tools helping writers, students, entrepreneurs, business people, and anyone else who likes to improve their writing skills. The software claims to check for hundreds of grammar mistakes.

It is available for free (account required) for browsers, desktop PC, and mobile phones, but a premium option is available for advanced error and plagiarism checking.

Grammarly plagiarism is one of the common checkers, and it was 86% accurate in the review.


Linguix is new to the industry, but it claims to check for over 3000 types of mistakes. The tool is not available for free, but they offer a 14-day free trial.

It’s not available on as many platforms as Grammarly, but it’s good enough to help you fix grammar errors on desktop computers and mobile phones.



On the desktop, Grammarly categorizes mistakes into correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. With each error, it shows some info to help you learn.

You can write your documents in the Grammarly editor by going to or downloading the app on your computer. The desktop editor also comes with some other tools such as:

  1. goals to help you set goals for the writing
  2. Overall score to help you see where the text stands
  3. Plagiarism checker, which checks the text on over 16 billion web pages (premium only)
  4. Expert help if you need an extra hand (charges extra)

It comes as a keyboard app on mobile phones where it finds mistakes in the writing and shows on a row above the keyboard. You can open the errors tab at any time and correct each mistake one by one.

The app comes as an add-on for Microsoft Word. It disables the default writing assistant, but you can switch between the two quickly. Finally, it’s in the beta version for Googe Docs, which honestly doesn’t feel different from normal.

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Linguix comes as a web app, extension for significant browsers, and a keyboard app on Android and iOS devices. The tool comes with an option to add snippets where you hold Shift + Ctrl + Space to add the template.

It separates errors into different categories, including grammar, punctuation, typos, etc. It works the same way when you click on an error, and the tool gives some details about the error and a correct word or phrase.

Test 1

In this round of Grammarly vs. Linguix, I did a couple of tests. Here is the first test.

Grammarly and Linguix Grammar Test 1

From the test, we found that Grammarly Premium is more powerful than Linguix. In the beginning, Grammarly showed eleven grammar mistakes, while Linguix displayed nine. As we moved and worked through the mistakes, Grammarly added another error.

Test 2

This is the second test.

Grammarly and Linguix Grammar Test 2

In the second test, I wrote a couple of different paragraphs. This time as well, Grammarly found more issues. Although there were some issues, neither could pick up, but Grammarly was still more accurate than Linguix.


After examining both tools, I can conclude that Grammarly uses more advanced AI to detect and show the relevant errors. For example, I wrote “beil”, and it suggested changing it to “bell” in the test, and Grammarly successfully showed the fix.

That tool was confident enough to show the world “bell” only because it detected that sentence’s tone. Linguix, on the contrary, showed over five fixes, and none of them was correct.

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Grammarly is available for many tools, including browsers, desktop PCs, and even mobile devices. Linguix is available for significant browsers only. Here is the table comparing the platforms.

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge
Windows PC
Microsoft Word (add-on)
Beta on Google Docs
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge
Platforms comparison

Mobile Apps

Grammarly Keyboard vs Linguix Keyboard
Grammarly Keyboard and Linguix Keyboard

Before we finish Grammarly vs. Linguix article, we must talk about mobile keyboards. Grammarly keyboard offers to fix mistakes as we go. You can see errors in a bar above the keyboard.

Linguix uses the same technique, but I could not test the keyboard because it does not offer the sign-in with Google option, which I used to sign up on my browser.


Grammarly and Linguix Pricing Comparison
Grammarly and Linguix Pricing Comparison

Overall, Linquix is cheaper than Grammarly, but Grammarly is available on more platforms, and if we count all platforms, Grammarly offers more value. The monthly plan on Grammarly is out of the question because it is costly, but the annual plan is worth considering.

If you feel that Linguix is your way, I recommend going with the quarterly plan because it will give you enough time to test the tool.

Which one is for you?

Linguix is a new tool, and it will take a lot of time to get to where Grammarly is today. Until that happens, I suggest using Grammarly for your free and premium writing needs.

Grammarly offers more platforms, a plagiarism checker, and a writing assistant that helps you learn.

Grammarly vs. Linguix: Install

Wrap up

The article: Grammarly vs. Linguix covered the essential features of both tools. I hope the article helped you choose the ideal app. Please let me know what you think of both in the comments below to discuss more.