McAfee vs. Kaspersky (2021)

McAfee vs Kaspersky
McAfee vs. Kaspersky

McAfee and Kaspersky are two great antivirus clients. Both offer different tools to stay away from viruses. But, we don’t need both on our PC. So, how do both compare? Here’s the McAfee vs. Kaspersky comparison to help you decide between the two.


The features are the most important things to consider while choosing a product. Here are a few key features of both the antivirus clients.


  • The two-way firewall: gets updated for new malware several times in a single day.
  • File Lock: module locks the desired files and allows only the user to access them.
  • Vulnerability Scanner: scans your home network for any security threats.
  • McAfee Safekey: the advanced password management system, stores your passwords in a digital vault and keeps this information away from malicious web addresses.
  • Network manager utility: provides security to your Wi-Fi network from hackers.
  • Parental control: helps the parents to keep an eye on their child’s online presence and keep unwanted content away from them.
  • VPN: is included if auto-renew is turned on.
  • PC Performance: is a feature to boost apps’ performance.
  • Web protection: is an extension to check vulnerable websites and downloads.
  • Web boost: is a feature to stop auto-playing videos and save battery and data.


The free version of Kaspersky only protects the devices against malware and malicious websites. In addition to this, the free version scans the USB devices for malware. The advanced features are only incorporated in the paid version of Kaspersky.

  • 5 types of protection: 5 types of virus scan available, namely full scan, quick scan, removable drive scan, selective scan, and vulnerability scan.
  • Anti-tracking: feature of Kaspersky prevents tracking from ad agencies, web analytics and social networks.
  • PC cleanup: tools such as privacy cleaner, PC cleaner, and unused data cleaner are available.
  • Silent mode: enables you to mute the notifications when you don’t want to be disturbed.
  • Multi-layer protection: protects you against money-related fraud and keeps your information private when you are online.
  • VPN: is bundled with all plans of Kaspersky antivirus.
  • Ad blocker: is available in the upper plans.
  • File protection: is offered in the upper hand plans.
  • Password manager: is also available in the upper plans


In this section of McAfee vs. Kaspersky, we are doing six tests on both to find the best tool. Those tests are:

  • Downloading virus manually
  • Unwanted applications
  • Drive-by downloads
  • Checking phishing sites/pages
  • Checking malware in compressed files
  • Cloud-based look system checkup

All those tests are performed on the AMTSO website, which allows verifying the protection level of your antivirus.


McAfee 6 protection tests

The software was at its best. It passed all six tests.


Kaspersky 6 protection tests

Like McAfee, Kaspersky also passed all tests.

One difference I must mention is that Kaspersky blocks the download completely, while McAfee most of the time allows downloading, but it quickly removes the virus. I don’t see much of the difference, but it ultimately comes down to you.


Testing the performance of antivirus is a bit challenging because of many other programs running simultaneously. However, according to a performance test carried by AV-Test, McAfee did not interface with the system’s performance, and it got a 6 out of 6.

Similar performance was noted while testing Kaspersky. The company reported that Kasperky also does not affect the system. The tool got the same score as McAfee.

Round review: This round is a tie

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System scan

The next test is the system scan test. In this test, I scanned my entire PC and counted the number of files, and the time it took for both to complete scanning.

McAfee did not show the total scan time, but it took about 8 hours to finish scanning. The tool found 1,467,763 files and 13 threats. The reason it found those threats was because I tested it before Kaspersky.

Kaspersky, on the contrary, took 3 hours, while it scanned 4,185,425 files, which is more than double what McAfee scanned.

Round review: This round goes to Kaspersky

User interface

User-friendliness is another crucial factor to consider while choosing any software or program. The user interface of both the antivirus programs is straightforward and neatly organised in tabs.


McAfee vs Kaspersky - Pricing
McAfee vs Kaspersky – Pricing

McAfee’s Total Security package can be bought for $34.99 if you purchase one license. This can work on various types of devices like macOS, Windows, and phones.

On the other hand, the full coverage plan of Kaspersky costs $29.99 for three computers. However, that doesn’t work on macOS or smartphones. If you want the protection for all three devices, you will pay around $39.99.

The family plan for McAfee costs $109.99 per year, whereas the Kaspersky family plan costs $149.99 per year. Therefore, it is noticeable that McAfee offers more reasonable protection against malware than Kaspersky.

Which one is for you?

Overall, McAfee is cost-effective if you only want to protect one computer. Kaspersky costs a little bit more, but you get protection for three devices.

Moving to tests, both did a good job, but Kaspersky was slightly more efficient than McAfee. Finally, MacAfee took 8 hours to finish scanning, while Kaspersky took less time and scanned more than twice the files.

Final choice: Kaspersky

McAfee vs Kaspersky: Purchase

The verdict

In the battle: McAfee vs. Kaspersky, it is evident that Kaspersky is a better security suite than McAfee. McAfee is slightly cheaper, but Kaspersky’s protection and scanning time were better than those of McAfee.

Anyway, here is the end of the McAfee vs. Kasperky article. I hope it was to your help. Let me know your views down below so that we can discuss them further.

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