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Nimbus Note vs. Notion

Nimbus Note vs. Notion

Thanks to productivity tools, we are shifting more towards productive working with minimum effort. Note-taking, to-do, and communication apps have enabled businesses to work effectively.

A couple of those apps are Nimbus Note and Notion. This is the comparison of Nimbus Note vs. Notion to help you decide between the two.

What are both

Notion Overview

Both Nimbus Note and Notion are note-taking and task management applications available on a wide range of platforms. Among the plethora of apps, those two resemble the most.

Nimbus Note lets users write notes, make to-do lists, store web pages, and share them with teammates. Users can sync their to-do lists and notes with their Nimbus Note account so that the information can be accessed and changed on more than one device.

Notion helps us keep track of our personal and business notes. It is a widely used note-taking app because, if used properly, it can let you replace apps like Google Docs, Trello, and Todoist.

Note-taking tools

Blocks in Nimbus Note
Blocks in Nimbus Note

The interface is the same, and so is the way to get to the editing tools. When we type “/,” we get access to all editing tools. Similarly, typing “@” lets us mention workspaces, dates, and people we’ve used before and add them to the notes.

Both enable us to embed data, attach files, add blocks, highlight text, add bullet points, assign users, and format the document in many other ways. Overall, Notion has more to offer. Here is a complete list of all the tools you can use with Nimbus Note and Notion.

Nimbus NoteNotion
Numbered lists
Bullet lists
Images and files
Small, medium, and large Headings
Font style, color, and size
Section breaks
Mention members, pages, or dates
Quotes and hints
Toggle blocks
Embed links, iFrames, and JS Code
Team chat
Embed a sub-page
To-do lists
Small, medium, and large headings
Lists with bullets, toggles, and numbers
Links to existing pages
Date and reminders
Inline equation
The gallery, timeline, and list views
New or existing database
Images, audio, and video
Web bookmarks, code, and files
Embed Tweets, YouTube videos, and more
Change text and background colors
Tools comparison

Winner: Notion


The Visual Journal Template | One of the Aesthetic Notion templates

Both come with a large number of usable templates. We can access and use the Nimbus Note templates on its website. Some of the categories that the Nimbus Note templates cover are:

  • Marketing
  • Product management
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Productivity
  • Planning

Notion also offers a dedicated template page. There is also a “Templates” button in the sidebar menu of the application, which goes to the templates page.

There are templates for tasks like class notes, job applications, lesson plans, and sample budgets.

Winner: Tie

If you are interested, check out our best free aesthetic Notion templates, free habit tracking templates, and best Notion student templates list.


Nimbus Note vs Notion
Nimbus Note vs. Notion Platforms

You can use Notion and Nimbus Note on all of your devices. Both are supported on web browsers, as well as on macOS, Windows, iPad, Android, and iOS phones.

Additionally, both provide browser extensions named Nimbus Clipper and Notion Web Clipper. With Nimbus Web Clipper, we can save text, photos, links, bookmarks, and PDF files from the web.

Notion Web Clipper also allows you to save web pages and manage databases of our clippings for future use in projects and as a resource.

Winner: Notion

Nimbus Note vs. Notion: Collaboration

Both are made with collaboration in mind. With both apps, you can share your workspaces with your team members.

With the Nimbus Note, we can share a link with someone. Anyone who has access to the link can access the note. It also allows you to share a public URL or a password-protected URL.

Notion allows us to invite people directly by email to join our workplace. We may provide them permission to edit, comment, view, or have full access while inviting them. In addition, we can share a public URL with everyone.

Winner: Tie


Both work with a variety of well-known tools. Notion also gives people access to its API that allows you to develop and connect your own software with Notion. Here is a list of integrations that both Notion and Nimbus Note support:

Nimbus NoteNotion
Google Maps
Google Forms
Google Drive
Google Drive

The full list is available on the official Nimbus Note and Notion integration pages.

Winner: Notion

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Nimbus Note and Notion Pricing
Nimbus Note and Notion Pricing

Both are free for basic needs, but of course, you can subscribe to a paid plan. Here is what Nimbus Note free offers:

  • Unlimited devices and nested folders
  • Access to every editing tool
  • Basic Integrations
  • One workspace, 30 notes, and 1000 blocks
  • Up to 20 users
  • Unlimited connected devices
  • Nimbus Clipper, Clarity, and Capture
  • 100 MB monthly upload limit with 10 MB max upload size
  • 5 minutes of audio and video recording
  • Access to template library and Note duplication

The first premium plan of Nimbus Note is Nimbus Pro costing $5 monthly per user on the annual plan or $7 per month on the monthly plan. It offers to:

  • Unlimited devices and make nested folders
  • Three workspace, unlimited notes, and unlimited blocks
  • 5 GB monthly upload limit with 1 GB max upload size
  • Unlimited minutes of video and audio recording
  • Access to the template library
  • Ability to trim videos and add a call to action on videos
  • Weekly server backups
  • Export to a PDF format
  • Public password-secured pages

The final plan is Business for large corporations to centralize work and improve productivity. It costs $7 per month for a monthly plan and $9 per month for an annual plan. It comes with:

  • Advanced integration
  • 10 GB monthly upload limit with 1 GB max upload size
  • White label solution
  • CNAME (Custom Domain)
  • Internal and external branding
  • Custom SMTP

Notion offers four plans to suit individuals and teams. Here is what is offered in its free plan:

  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Access to all block elements
  • Up to five private guests
  • 5 MB file size
  • API access
  • Collaboration and link sharing

The Personal Pro plan costs $4 per month in the yearly package and $5 per month in the monthly package. You get the free options plus:

  • Unlimited private guests
  • Unlimited file upload size
  • Page version history for up to 30 days

The Team plan costs $8 per month per user for the annual package and $10 per month for the monthly package and offers:

  • Collaborative workspace
  • Admin tools
  • Access to change the advanced team permissions

The final plan is Enterprise for big companies supporting team-specific options that can help brands connect and work collaboratively.

Nimbus Note vs. Notion: Links


The question now is which tool is most suitable for you. Well, that depends on your preferences.

If your needs are limited to note-taking and team collaboration, Nimbus Note is the optimal solution. The program is built with the concept of creating notes, arranging them in folders and sub-folders, and sharing them in a workspace.

But, if you need to schedule project activities, assign tasks to team members, and monitor their progress, Notion is best for you. Notion organizes, assigns, and tracks project activities more efficiently than Nimbus.

This is the end of the Nimbus Note vs. Notion battle. Please feel free to leave feedback below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.