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Notion AI vs. ChatGPT

Notion AI vs. ChatGPT

ChatGPT has been available since November, showing the possibilities of AI.

Notion also considered AI last year, and it’s available as an add-on. Its popularity has made me write a review.

How do both compare? This is the Notion AI vs. ChatGPT battle to find that out.

What are both

Both are AI-based programs to generate text from the given prompt. Notion AI is a part of the Notion note-taking tool. To use it, you must have a free Notion account.

ChatGPT is a part of OpenAI, the company behind DALL-E. You also need a free ChatGPT account to use it.


Let’s do some tests and see how both stand.

Test 1 (content generation)

In the first test, I asked both ways to make the below title. I did not ask for the total number of ideas.

Give me clickbait titles for “ways to make money online”


Notion gave me six ideas. The first idea was the title of the page. However, it differed from my question, so I considered it an idea. ChatGPT generated ten ideas in total.

Both generated great responses, but I liked Notion more because the ideas felt more solid.

Winner: Notion

Test 2 (summarize text)

This time I asked both to summarize one of the paragraphs of one of my articles.

Summarize the below text “text”


ChatGPT gave me more lines than Notion. Both did a great job. Notion summarized as much as possible, whereas ChatGPT included a few details.

One thing to notice is that ChatGPT took some time to think. Notion was fast. It summarized the text within a few seconds.

Winner: Notion

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Test 3 (explain a product)

In this test of Notion AI vs. ChatGPT, I asked both to write an email for my team members about a package.

Write an email to my team members explaining Google Workspace


Notion AI and ChatGPT Writing an Email

I must say that ChatGPT crushed Notion here. Notion applied a different direction. The words it generated felt like a blog post explaining to the general public.

It even included pricing and plans, which is strange considering I’m communicating with my team.

Winner: ChatGPT

Test 4 (translate text)

In the fourth test, I asked both programs to translate an email into Spanish. Both did a fantastic job. I checked both in Google Translate to check the results.

ChatGPT translated precisely the same, whereas Notion added “please” in the second sentence.

Winner: Tie

My review

I liked Notion’s response on generating clickbait titles, whereas ChatGPT wrote a better email explaining Google Workspace.

I believe Notion AI is using ChatGPT’s API to generate responses. I did more tests for a YouTube video and found that produced content had many similarities.

So, this proves that you can use Notion AI instead of ChatGPT if you use the Notion app. Or if you don’t want to pay and wait for the ChatGPT to be available, you can use it to save money.

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Notion AI vs. ChatGPT: Limitations

Both are limited in many ways. ChatGPT has no data on recent events. For example, if I type “Who won the 2022 FIFA world cup?” it never answers.

Notion is more focused on the productive side. I asked the same question, and it responded, “I’m not sure. The page is about making money online.”

So, I understand that Notion considers the current page, whereas ChatGPT takes the general data.

Remembering conversations

The way ChatGPT is designed is that it stores your old prompts and saves them in conversations.

You can return to a conversation later and continue where you left off. ChatGPT can store 3,000 words per conversation.


Both are slightly different when it comes to pricing. Notion gives you 20 free AI responses. After that, you must pay to use it. It costs $10 per month. More team members can join, but each will pay $10.

ChatGPT is available for free, but the paid users get priority. Free users can use it when there isn’t much traffic on the server.

In busy times, free users don’t get to use it. ChatGPT Plus costs $20 monthly.

Comparison video

Video comparing the two (different tests)

Which one is for you

Notion AI was quicker most of the time. ChatGPT took time to think. Maybe it’s because more and more people are now using it.

Regarding usability, if you use Notion daily, you should consider Notion AI. It is a great alternative.

Also, it does not train the model based on your prompts, which is a nice touch. You will pay to use it, but it’s cost-effective.

ChatGPT is like a general tool. It can help you with many projects. However, you won’t be able to enjoy it all the time for free. You must pay to get premium service.

This is all for the Notion AI vs. ChatGPT comparison. I hope the article helped. The comment box is yours, so feel free to add or improve this article.

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