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Pinnacle Studio vs. Premiere Pro

Pinnacle Studio vs. Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is a subscription-based tool, while Pinnacle Studio costs a one-time fee. Both are great video editors.

How would both compare? The article does an in-depth review and covers Pinnacle Studio vs. Premiere Pro.


Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro Interface

Both software packages have a complex interface. Premiere Pro has a timeline at the bottom with a video preview to the right.

All the clip options are to the left, with a small area for project files, effects, markers, etc. It brings the workspace features where you change according to the work type.

For example, in the color grading workspace, you only see color grading options on the interface. Some of the workspaces we find in Premiere Pro are:

Pinnacle Studio, on the other hand, splits into four sections. You can go into any on the top. The available options are:

  • Home
    • Tutorials
  • Import
    • Webcam
    • From computer
    • DVD/Blu-Ray
    • Webcam snapshot
  • Edit
    • Effects: To make the video more dynamic
    • Transitions: To transition between videos
    • Sound effects: Short sound effects
    • Titles: Text titles
    • Templates: Saved templates to make the editing process faster
  • Export

Compared to Pinnacle Studio, Premiere Pro comes with more workspace options.

Furthermore, Pinnacle Studio combines audio and video tracks, while in Premiere Pro, both are put onto separate tracks.

Video editing

Pinnacle Studio Interface
Pinnacle Studio Interface

In the next round of Pinnacle Studio vs. Premiere Pro, we are covering video tools. Here are the tools both offer:

  • Multi-track editing
  • Separate audio and video
  • Cut copy and paste clips
  • Lock and unlock a track
  • View and hide a track
  • 360-degree video editing
  • Keyframes
  • Moving objects tracking
  • Titles

The table below compares the options both offer:

Pinnacle StudioAdobe Premiere Pro
4K exporting
Sound effects
More 3D effects
Screen recording
Video masking
Premium effects

8K exporting
Sequence management
Pen tool
Clip position
Team collaborate
Video masking
Auto caption generation

Pinnacle Studio vs. Premiere Pro Editing tools

One odd thing I found in Pinnacle Studio was the missing option to adjust the clip’s width or height.

I mostly screen record my mobile phone (portrait), and in Premiere Pro, I can double-click on a clip in the timeline view to adjust the size and position.

With Pinnacle Studio, the screen recorder video fills the whole timeline (landscape).

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Audio editing

Audio Tools in Premiere Pro
Audio Tools in Premiere Pro

Both offer many tools to enhance audio. However, all the options do not apply to many users; it is good to see them there for occasional usage. Some features both bring:

  • Equalize
  • Denoise
  • Compressor
  • Vocal enhancer

Text editing

Text Effects in Pinnacle Studio
Text Effects in Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio comes with many titles. Some are animated, and some aren’t.

Premiere Pro has a dedicated workspace for titles where you find lots of options. You can also download or purchase titles online and import them into Premiere Pro.

Color grading

Color Grading in Premiere Pro

The color grading of Premiere Pro is more advanced. It has many advanced sections such as basic corrections, creativity, curves, and HSL Secondary to give you complete control over color editing.

Also, the program has “auto color” and “white balance selection” options if you want it to auto-color your clip.

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Premiere Pro gets this round because the tool offers over 150 effects. Pinnacle Studio, contrarily comes with about a hundred.

Both tools offer to edit effects, but it’s easier to edit in Premiere Pro because of its effects control panel. With Pinnacle Studio, you can double-click on the clip to open the effects panel or follow the below steps:

  • Right-click on a clip
  • Hover onto effects
  • Edit
  • Select the effect to edit
  • Edit effect on the next window

Ease of use

The interface of both is crowded. Premiere Pro is slightly difficult to use because of the options it has. However, with practice and online tutorials, both won’t take much time.

On this note, you will find many more tutorials on Premiere Pro because it’s a popular choice among video editors.


One of the best things about Premiere Pro is that you can generate captions automatically in the supported languages.

After generating, you can change the styles and stuff of all the captions with one tap. If your language is not supported, manual caption editing is also available.

Pinnacle Studio only supports manual subtitle editing.

Export options

Premiere Pro comes with 4K editing and exporting, while Pinnacle Studio offers 4K editing in the Ultimate pack.

Overall, Premiere Pro supports more formats.

Moreover, you get many presets in each format, but Premiere Pro has more.

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Pinnacle Studio is only available for Windows PC. Premiere Pro is available for both Windows PC and macOS.


Pinnacle Studio vs Premiere Pro
Pricing and Plans

Pinnacle Studio 25 had three plans. The 26 version only has Ultimate. It costs a one-time fee of $129.99. However, if you have Pinnacle Studio 25, you can upgrade for $75.

The Ultimate pack has everything you need to edit videos, including:

  • Motion tracking
  • Color grading
  • Video masking
  • Smart object tracking
  • video stabilization
  • Keyframe control

Premiere Pro, in contrast, is a subscription-based model. It costs $20.99 monthly on the annual contract, which gives you access to Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush, and 100GB of cloud storage.

Which one is for you

Pinnacle Studio is cost-effective, and the one-time cost makes it the editor to choose. If you only record and edit videos in landscape mode, I suggest going with Pinnacle Studio.

Premiere Pro is the one to choose if you want something without many limitations. With more options, many tutorials, and support, it’s the tool you need to make any edits you like.

Pinnacle Studio vs. Premiere Pro: Install

Wrap up

Creating content takes an effort to learn the software. I hope the article Pinnacle Studio vs. Premiere Pro helped you decide. Thanks for reading it.

Please let me know your final choice in the comments so other users can decide easily.