POCO Launcher vs Nova Launcher (2020) | The Final Comparison

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Last updated: 23 May 2020 | Reading time: 4.5 minutes | Watching time: 5 minutes

Poco Launcher vs Nova Launcher
Poco Launcher vs Lova Launcher

There are over 35 launcher apps on Google Play. Two of them are POCO and Nova. Both are widely known as both have been downloaded millions of times. What makes them different? What features are unique and what’s missing? The blog post explores the POCO Launcher vs Nova Launcher and suggests which one to use.

Home screen

Home Screen - POCO and Nova
Home Screen – POCO and Nova

Starting with POCO, the app offers a clean home screen with a few icons to boost and customise the phone. The percentage icon displays the total used RAM, and tapping on it cleans the RAM. The app offers the Google search bar on the home screen. Moreover, it comes with four transition effects available in the settings.

Nova while setup offers to personalise the app. You can choose between the dock style and theme, but all the settings can be modified later if you miss something. Nova also comes with the Google search bar on the primary home screen. The dock is enabled by default and a the launcher automatically crates a folder named Google. Nova comes with three transition effects in total.

Winner: Tie | Score: POCO: 1 and Nova: 1.


Both support Dock with a few apps already on the dock. POCO comes with only the swipe to open app drawer feature. Nova supports to enable and disable the dock. You can also change the background style, add and remove dock pages, adjust the total number of icons on each page, and more.

Winner: Nova | Score: POCO: 1 and Nova: 2.

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App drawer

Screenshots of the App Drawer of POCO and Nova Launchers
App Drawer – POCO vs Nova

POCO adapts a different approach as it uses categories and colour row. The app automatically sets the categories, including communication, entertainment, gaming, but you can modify and add new in the app settings. Moreover, the colour bar disabled by default is used to show app icons with similar colours. Some options you find in the settings are:

  1. App suggestions
  2. Group icons by colours
  3. Scroll bar style
  4. Vibrate on the scroll

Nova, on the other hand, comes with a clean app drawer. You can change:

  1. Grid style
  2. Grid size
  3. Icon layout
  4. Background colour and transparency
  5. Search bar style
  6. Enable and disable the frequently used apps row

The search bar shows three tabs in total. Frequent which shows the frequently used apps, recent, which shows the recently used apps, and finally, new/updated shows the new and updated apps. There is a Google Play icon on the top right to open Google Play. Holding on each app shows a few options, including app info, edit app, and other options depending on the app. You can change the app’s name and icon in Nova.

Winner: Tie | Score: POCO: 2 and Nova: 3. POCO comes with new features, but Nova is more customisable.


Screenshots of App Drawer on POCO and Nova Launchers
App Drawer – POCO vs Nova

The next round in POCO Launcher vs Nova is theme comparison. POCO comes with a light and a dark theme with an option to adjust the background transparency in the app drawer.

Nova is more advanced as you get light, dark, and auto themes. The auto theme uses the local time zone to change the phone’s theme automatically. Moreover, the dark theme can further be customised into light-dark and extremely dark colours. Finally, you can manually enable and disable the dark theme on the search bar, in the app drawer, icons, and in folders.

Winner: Nova | Score: POCO: 2 and Nova: 4.

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Gestures - Nova Launcher
Gestures – Nova Launcher

Both only offer one gesture feature. POCO comes with an option to lock the phone on double-tap, and for that to work, you will need to make the app an admin of the phone. Nova offers the home button gesture for free. You can add shortcuts, search for apps, open apps, and do more. To learn more about gestures and what can you do, read Nova vs Nova Prime.

Winner: Nova | Score: POCO: 2 and Nova: 5.


The last major part of POCO Launcher vs Nova Launcher is notifications. This round goes to POCO as it comes with numbered and dotted notifications. The app does not offer to turn them off, but you can turn off for each app in the system settings. Nova, on the contrary, does not offer the notification badges.

Winner: POCO | Score: POCO: 3 and Nova: 5.


Still not sure? Watch the full comparison video and see both launchers in action.


In this round of POCO Launcher vs Nova, we cover some other features which are not part of the major rounds. Depending on each user, some might make differences.


  1. The launcher offers to hide apps with a passcode.

Nova Launcher

  1. Nova app supports backup and restore.
  2. The app supports Sesame Shortcuts.
  3. Change the icon style, shape, and other settings.

Which one to use

Both are from two popular stores. Nova offers limited features in its free version, but the features it provides are highly customisable. POCO, on the other hand, offers more features than Nova, but they are not as customisable as Nova. If you don’t care about a few features and want more customisation options, then go with Nova. Otherwise, go with POCO Launcher. The final score is 3 and 5, excluding the other features.


After using both for over 1 month, I decided to choose the ultimate tool. I hope the blog post: POCO Launcher vs Nova Launcher was useful. Which app you will use? Please share your thoughts in the comments and help other readers choose the ideal launcher app.

Disclaimer: The images and icon used belong to the respected brands.

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