Adobe Premiere Pro vs. Corel VideoStudio Pro 2021

Premiere Pro vs. VideoStudio Pro
Premiere Pro vs. VideoStudio Pro 2021

With social media platforms growing, video editing has become more popular. But, how do you decide which software to use? Today, we are looking into Adobe Premiere Pro and Corel VideoStudio Pro. How do both stand in 2021? The article covers Premiere Pro vs. VideoStudio Pro.

Editing options


Adobe Premiere Pro and Corel VideoStudio Interface
Adobe Premiere Pro vs. Corel VideoStudio Interface

Premiere Pro comes with workspaces where most of the panels are editable. You get the timeline, video preview, media, media source, and workspace options.

The interface depends on the selected workspace, but some of the most common panels are timeline, video preview, media, and media source. Here are the available workspace options:

  • Learning: Tutorials and tricks to learn the tool
  • Assembly: Organise files and project
  • Editing: The primary workspace to edit videos
  • Color: Clip colour adjustment
  • Effects: Cool effects for clips
  • Audio: Audio tools to enhance and reduce noise.
  • Graphics: Mainly text titles
  • Captions: Adding a caption file or starting from scratch
  • Libraries: Built-in libraries for quick creation
  • Metalogging: Optimise the project and editing workflow
  • Production: Manage complex projects
  • History: Keeps record of everything change (present changes)
  • Markers: Positions on the timeline that you can come back to later
  • Info: Information about the selected clip

VideoStudio comes with an easy to follow interface with the video preview on the left, timeline down the bottom and options to the right. The main interface of VideoStudio offers:

  • Home: Getting started and new features
  • Capture: Capture webcam or import from an external drive
  • Edit: The main interface to edit the project
  • Share: Export or share to social media sites

Video options

Premiere Pro Editing Workspace
Premiere Pro Editing Workspace

On both, you get the basic video editing tools, including multi-track timeline, copy, cut, and edit clip etc. Let’s check out the tools both provide:

  • Separate audio and video of a clip
  • Video masking (VideoStudio Ultimate)
  • Titles
  • Transitions
  • 4K editing
  • Video stabilisation
  • 360 degree video editing
  • Ripple edit

Premiere Pro’s timeline comes with separate video and audio tracks. You can add as many tracks as you like.

VideoStudio likes to keep tracks manageable. It comes with video, overlay, title, voice, and music track. You can add extra overlay, title, and music tracks.

One feature Premiere Pro is better is the keyframes. VideoStudio only offers keyframes for video masking and text effects (ultimate pack). Premiere Pro offers keyframes for almost all the options in the Effects panel. From scale to position, opacity to effects, you get keyframes.

Even though both are powerful, some options are unique in both:

Premiere ProVideoStudio Pro
Team collaboration
Lock and unlock a track
Mute and unmute a track
Pen tool
Sequence management
Razor tool
Motion paths
Screen recorder
Video editing tools comparison

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Audio options

Premiere Pro wins this round because alongside the basic features, and it comes with great audio editing tools:

  • Noise reduction
  • Modulation
  • Amplitude and compression
  • Time and pitch
  • Reverb
VideoStudio Sound Tracks
VideoStudio Free Sound Tracks

VideoStudio comes with audio speed, audio ducking, fade in and out, and audio filters to quickly adjust the audio quality.

The program also offers free music and sound effects to add to the project. Premiere Pro also comes with sounds, but you have to purchase before importing to the video.

Text options

There are three different ways to add text to the Premiere Pro project.

  1. The text tool allows adding text with effects options
  2. The graphics section comes with pre-animated texts to add to the video.
  3. The legacy title option comes with the text tool.

You get many tools such as text position, opacity, font, size, style, and more with all three. Most time-based tools support keyframes.

VideoStudio comes with many 2D and 3D text titles. You can drag and drop a text template to the timeline while double-clicking on it opens up the text editor window where you can edit the text and change its properties.

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Effects video

So, what effects do you get? Both come with video, title, transition, and filter effects. Premiere Pro stores all effects in the effects section/workspace. You can search for an effect in the search bar.

VideoStudio also comes with the same effects, but the tool separates each in its own section. You can preview an effect before adding it to the video.

Ease of use

Overall, I feel that VideoStudio is easier to navigate and use. It comes with fewer tools, which make it perfect for new content creators.

Premiere Pro is complex compared to VideoStudio, and its tools might be a little bit overwhelming for a new user. To master Premiere Pro, you must go through sequence management, keyframes, and various effects.


The next topic in Premiere Pro vs. VideoStudio Pro 2021 is the exporting screen. Both provide support for many popular formats. The table below compares all the available formats.

Premiere ProVideoStudio Pro
AAC Audio
Animated GIF
Apple ProRes MFX OP1a
AVI/AVI (Uncompressed)
H.264 Blu-ray
HEVC (H.265)
JPEG 2000 MXF OP1a
MPEG2 Blu-ray
Open EXR
P2 Movie
QuickTime Video
Waveform Audio
Windows Media
Wraptor DCP

Premiere Pro vs VideoStudio | Exporting options comparison

Each of the formats comes with presets with different quality resolutions options, so in total, you get more options than listed. Overall, Premiere Pro gets this round.


Adobe Premiere Pro comes for Windows PC and macOS computers, whereas VideoStudio is only offered on Windows PC.

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There are pros and cons of going with each. With Premiere Pro, you pay a monthly fee that may feel cost-effective in the short term, but in the long run, it’s expensive. On the positive side, you get updates and use new features.

The best thing about VideoStudio is it only costs a one-time fee, but you get the software in its current state. If you want to upgrade to a newer version, you pay almost the new version’s price.

Take a look at the current prices in the image below. VideoStudio comes in two versions. Check out this PDF to see compare the features of both.

Pricing of Premiere Pro vs. VideoStudio
Premiere Pro vs. VideoStudio Pro – Pricing

Which one is right for you?

Premiere Pro brings all the complex tools you need to make complex video projects. However, the pricing may be a concern for some people. If you don’t care about the pricing, Premiere Pro is the tool that you require.

VideoStudio is budget-friendly, and it comes with many video editing tools. It lacks some complex tools, but if you need a tool to edit videos without advanced tools, VideoStudio is the product that your collection needs.


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Wrap up

Having an ideal video editor is essential for a content creator. Whichever you choose, I’m sure that it won’t disappoint you. Anyway, here we end this Premiere Pro vs. VideoStudio Pro article. I hope it helped you pick the right one. Please share your views in the comments so we can discuss more.

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