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StreamYard Review

StreamYard Review


✔️ Studio
✔️ No installation required
✔️ Less effect on resources


❌ Paid plans are costly
❌ Requires constant internet
❌ No recording or embedding for free

Final verdict

Streamyard is a great platform for beginners to stream events and podcasts.

If you just want a program for podcasts, interviews, or Q&A, StreamYard is optimal, but if you want more features and are not afraid to do some work, there are other tools out there.


Service type: Live streaming
Supported platforms: Web
Offline: No
Ease of use: Easy to use
Pricing: $0 to $49 per month


Rating: 4 out of 5

What is StreamYard

StreamYard is a web-based live streaming platform for live streaming events, podcasts, Q&A, and interviews. The program connects with your streaming platform and offers a studio to start the live stream within a few minutes.

How does StreamYard work

How StreamYard Works
How StreamYard Works

After signing up for a StreamYard account, you connect to a supported platform. StreamYard supports the below destinations:

  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • Facebook group
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • Hopin

It supports adding a custom RTMP service, but in its premium plans. Once connected, the tool is ready for live stream.

What you will like about StreamYard

There are a few things that fuel this program. This section of the StreamYard review covers those options.



StreamYard has a studio with a few options, including banners, brand style, comments from viewers, and private chat.

The studio allows you to add name and brand labels, video clips, logos, and more. A StreamYard logo is always visible on its free plan.

StreamYard review: No installation

Heavy programs have often been criticized because of their CPU load. This has led to the evolution of web-based tools. StreamYard takes this approach by saving your PC from burning out. As the program is web-based, there is minimal effect on your computer.

Fewer computer resources

As mentioned, StreamYard is an online tool, meaning a few resources are running in your browser. Most systems are running through their servers, so there is minimal impact on your PC’s performance.


Unlike OBS and Streamlabs, StreamYard takes the edge when it comes to inviting people to chat. StreamYard offers to add up to 6 users to a stream for free. This option is helpful for interviews, podcasts, and other events.

Direct connection

StreamYard Supported Platforms Courtesy StreamYard

In some programs, such as OBS, you need stream keys to connect to the streaming platform. StreamYard is directly connected with the supported platforms.

For example, if you want to stream on Twitch, click on the Twitch destination and log in with your Twitch account.

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What you won’t like about StreamYard

Let’s talk about its weaknesses, and possibly this is the most crucial round of StreamYard review as it helps you see what the limitations of this program are.


StreamYard is limited in terms of functionalities. Unlike its competitor Restream it only offers live streams from its studio for free Restream supports tools like OBS and Zoom to live stream from your desktop PC or mobile phone.

Check out StreamYard’s comparison with Restream to see all the differences.

Monthly limits

Another problem with StreamYard is that it only offers to live stream 20 hours a month for free. Its premium plans eliminate this limitation, but StreamYard prices make newcomers think about their decisions.


StreamYard used to record videos on its free plan, but they have removed this option. To record videos, you must have a Basic or Professional plan.

Although you can save and download streams from the streaming platform, an option to record videos in StreamYard would have been nice to embed videos on your website or elsewhere quickly.

Video embedding

Of course, if you don’t have the stream recording, you can’t embed it. Like the recording option, you can embed videos from the platform (Twitch, YouTube, etc.), but that’s about it.

Drinks your internet

StreamYard is one of those tools that require constant internet access. So, if you have a limited connection, you must look for an unlimited option.

Also, after looking at the bandwidth requirements, I found that you should have at least 4 Mbps upload speed. So, if your internet speed does not reach that number, you will experience lags and freezes.


Who does not want to reach more people? Multi-platform streaming gets your stream in front of more people. This feature requires you to pay.

The Basic plan supports streaming on three platforms simultaneously, and the Professional plan supports up to eight.


StreamYard Pricing

It’s time to talk about its plans. Once you get to the point where you want more options, StreamYard becomes a tiny bit difficult. Its pricing structure is a little bit different from its competitors.

The free plan comes with whatever is mentioned in the powers section, while what is missing is mentioned in this weaknesses section.

Its Basic plan costs $25 per month if you go with the monthly plan. It reduces to $20 per month on the annual plan.

The Basic subscription is for those serious about growing their reputation because you can stream on multiple platforms, save stream recording, invite more guests, and stream pre-recorded videos.

The Professional subscription is for streamers who already have a huge following. It costs $39/mo or $39/mo (billed annually). The plan offers:

  • 1080p streaming
  • Multi-stream on up to 8 platforms
  • Audio recordings to upload on other apps.

Now, I understand that the company has to make money, but charging $25 is a little bit high, considering we have other tools that cost a bit less.

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Is Streamyard worth it?

StreamYard is easy to use compared to other live streaming platforms, and it offers the basic features that new streamers crave. So, in simple words, if you are starting, you should give it a go.


StreamYard is a growing platform and has already lured thousands of streamers. If you are into streaming, I recommend at least checking it out.

This is the end of the StreamYard review. I hope it helped you decide if the program is right for you. Please share this with others who may benefit.