Surfshark vs. ProtonVPN | The Ultimate Honest Comparison

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Surfshark vs ProtonVPN
Surfshark vs ProtonVPN

Two new VPN tools, Surfshark and ProtonVPN offer more features than half of the VPNs. What features are the same and what’s missing? The blog post explores Surfshark vs ProtonVPN (2020).

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Quick Surfshark vs. ProtonVPN

Short on time? The below table will give you enough idea about the two. For the detailed comparison, read the post.

No. of countries63+50
Location test
Speed testD: 43.8 | U: 11.7D: 41.6 | U: 14.2
DNS leak protection
P2P test
256-Bit Encryption
Dedicated IP
Max devicesUnlimitedPlan dependent
Free plan
Quick comparison


FireTV, AppleTV, and other smart TVs
Platforms comparison

Apart from that, Surfshark provides the router level VPN connection. Altogether, Surfshark is supported on more platforms than ProtonVPN.

Winner: Surfshark VPN | Score: Surfshark: 1 and ProtonVPN: 0

Locations and servers

Regarding the locations and servers, Surfshark gets the win. The tool offers over 1700 servers in 63 countries as of writing this blog post. ProtonVPN contrarily supports 809 servers in 50 countries. Both offer servers in countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Finland, and India.

The full list of Surfshark and ProtonVPN is available on the official website. Surfshark offers Camouflage Mode, Kill Switch, and IPSec/IKv2, while ProtonVPN offers Tor Over VPN which is helpful during using a public Wi-Fi.

Winner: Surfshark VPN | Score: Surfshark: 3 and ProtonVPN: 1

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Location test

A VPN’s location changes when it changes your IP Address to the desired server. The above video test both the VPNs capabilities by connecting Surfshark to a server in Finland and ProtonVPN to a server in Germany. I also took connected both to servers in other countries, and every time, both successfully listened to the request.

LocationSurfshark VPNProtonVPN
Berlin, Germany
Helsinki, Finland
Sydney, Australia
Location test

Winner: Tie | Score: Surfshark: 4 and ProtonVPN: 2

Speed test

Speed Test - Surfshark VPN vs ProtonVPN
Speed Test – Surfshark VPN vs ProtonVPN

Regarding speed, it’s a tie. The speed test was taken by connecting to the server in the same city. The screenshot in the middle shows the speed without the VPN. It’s astonishing to see that the download speed of both the VPNs was faster than the normal speed. Surfshark was faster than ProtonVPN regarding downloading, while for upload speed, the opponent was the winner.

Winner: Tie | Score: Surfshark: 5 and ProtonVPN: 3

DNS leak test

DNS Leak Test - Surfshark VPN and ProtonVPN
DNS Leak Test – Surfshark VPN and ProtonVPN

While using a VPN, DNS leak shows if there is a leak in the traffic flowing from your device to the VPN server. If a DNS leak happens, the sources can track your data. The test was conducted by using DNSLeakTest website, and it showed no leaks after connecting to a server in Canada. In the results, as you can see that there is only one IP Address on both sides of the image.

Winner: Tie | Score: Surfshark: 6 and ProtonVPN: 4

P2P test

The P2P protocol is responsible for torrent downloading. As it has already been discussed that all the servers Surfshark offers are P2P friendly, and on the tests, the downloading speed was promising every time.

ProtonVPN also supports P2P. Which servers support and which don’t is missing from the official website, but being a regular user here in Australia, ProtonVPN has never disappointed me. I believe if not all, then most of the ProtonVPN servers are P2P optimised.

Winner: Tie | Score: Surfshark: 7 and ProtonVPN: 5


The last round in Surfshark vs. ProtonVPN explores some of the unique features of both.


  • Both use 256-Bit encryption, which is the highest a VPN can offer.
  • You get a strict log-free service.
  • Both allow watching other nations’ Netflix.
  • Both offer a multi-region connection. Surfshark calls the feature MultiHop and ProtonVPN calls it Secure Core.
  • You can see the load on each server while connecting.


  • The service offers to connect to unlimited devices per account.
  • It offers Whitelister and ad-block features.
  • You get a 30 days money-back guarantee.


  • Tor over VPN is a unique feature.
  • Compared to Surfshark, ProtonVPN connects quickly, and it always connects.
  • The service is Swiss-based, and Switzerland has some of the strict user laws in the world.

Winner: Tie | Score: Surfshark: 8 and ProtonVPN: 6

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Surfshark and ProtonVPN Pricing
Surfshark and ProtonVPN Pricing

Seeing the prices, Surfshark is cost-effective, but ProtonVPN offers a free plan to enjoy the medium speed and connect to a few servers in three countries, but you can’t use ProtonVPN free plan for torrenting. The visionary plan of ProtonVPN is expensive because it also offers the ProtonMail Visionary subscription. The prices are as of 20th of April 2020. Check out the full price list on Surfshark and ProtonVPN websites.

Which one should you choose?

The only thing you will miss on ProtonVPN is the fewer numbers servers, and it is supported on fewer platforms. In Surfshark VPN vs ProtonVPN, most of the rounds were a tie. Surfshark VPN does not offer any trial, which is a bit of the problem, as you would want to test the service before spending any money.

Overall, if you don’t use the VPN for P2P and just want to change your location and encrypt your data, then a free VPN such as ProtonVPN free plan would do the job. Of course, the speed won’t be maximum. If you have thought of getting a premium and cost-effective, then Surfshark VPN would be the final choice.

Final Choice:- Surfshark VPN



Surfshark vs. ProtonVPN covered the most important features. Thanks for reading. I hope the blog post was helpful. What do you think of both? Which VPN do you use? Please share your views in the comments below so everyone can choose the right VPN client. You can also subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

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