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Telegram vs. Discord (2022)

Telegram vs. Discord (2022)

There are lots of communication apps, and Telegram and Discord are two of the most common. Both are not direct opponents but have many similar features. In this article, we take an in-depth look into both and cover Telegram vs. Discord.

Quick overview

Telegram is a personal messaging app for sending messages and sharing media with your friends. Discord is a community app that connects users with the same interests. You can send direct messages on Discord, but its main purpose is to hang out with people with something in common.

What’s the difference

Telegram vs Discord

Telegram is a personal and group chatting service used for general communication. It makes it easier to connect with your friends. Discord contrarily is a service connecting people in the same industry.

On Discord, owners/managers create servers, and users interested in the server join and connect. Discord was initially created for games where each game had a server, and users of that game came to Discord to stay updated with the game and chat with other players. Today, it is used for pretty much everything.

Telegram vs. Discord: Benefits


Telegram Interface
Telegram Interface

Personal messaging: That’s the purpose of Telegram—direct messages to contacts.

Increased file limit: Telegram support files of up to 1.5 GB. The maximum file size on Discord is 8 MB.

Secret chat: Telegram supports disappearing end-to-end encrypted messages.

Open-source API: Telegram API is accessible for everyone to view and use in their projects.

Channels: Channels are like groups where you can connect to people in the same industry.


Discord Overview

Channels: In each server, you find channels. Those channels are on specific features/issues. For example, in a game server, you will see announcements, general, bug reports, support, and tips channels.

Permissions: Discord offers advanced channel permissions. Those permissions distinguish members from moderators and moderators from channel organizers. Those permissions also keep spam away.

Bots: Server owners can build and deploy bots that allow complex channel tasks. For example, you can ask users questions, and depending on the answer, they automatically join specific channels.

Who is online: Discord shows all the online users on a server.

Speak message: If you don’t want to read a message, you can ask Discord to read it for you.

Rules: Each server has specific rules that give everyone their position. With the help of permissions and rules, Discord becomes an advanced communication app.

Increased group limit: The program has a limit of 250,000 users, which can be increased to 500,000 in total. The group limit on Telegram is 200,000 (except channels).

Common benefits

Image preview: Both offer to view images without downloading them to your device.

Message edit: Both support editing messages.

Username: You don’t need to share personal details like a phone number or email. You can connect with the other by sharing your username.

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Voice and video calling

Voice and Video Calling on Telegram
Voice and Video Calling on Telegram

Telegram supports one-to-one and group calls. The best part of group calling is that it supports HD voice and video calls of up to 1000 users.

Discord also supports voice and video calls. You can’t call anyone you like because not everyone is your friend. You must message them first, and then in the direct message section, voice and video calling options are visible.

Also, we talked about channels. Channels can be of text or voice. Text channels are common, but on some servers, you see voice channels that support group calling. As of writing this, Discord supports group calls of up to 25 people.

Signing up

Signing Up on Discord
Signing Up on Discord

Both ask for different details. Telegram being just a communication app, verifies your phone number. Once that’s confirmed, you insert your name. Discord, on the other hand, requires a few details:

  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Username
  • Password

Discord sends you a verification code to verify your email.


You might not know, but both do not use end-to-end technology to encrypt communication. There are two encryption types of Telegram: end-to-end and cloud-based.

The end-to-end encryption is only used in the secret chats, while in the rest of the app, cloud-based encryption is used. Like Telegram, Discord also uses cloud-based encryption.

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There aren’t any integrations for Telegram, but it offers its API so developers can create their own integrations. The API allows you to create bots, your own telegram app, and other apps. Discord, on the other hand, supports many applications. Some of those include:

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Webhooks

Another great thing about Discord is that Zapier supports it, so with the help of this program, you can find several apps to connect with Discord. Here are a few:

  • Reddit
  • Google Sheets
  • Typeform
  • GitHub

Discord Nitro

Yes, both are free to use. Discord also offers a subscription titled Nitro costs $9.99 per month ($100 per year), giving you access to features that differentiate you from others. The Nitro subscription offers:

  • More emojis
  • Credits to boost a server
  • A personal profile
  • 100 MB file upload
  • HD video quality in video calls
  • Profile badges

If the Nitro subscription is costly, a smaller plan called Nitro Classic charges $4.99 per month ($50 per year) and offers all options, excluding the credits to boost a server.

Which one do you need?

Honestly, if you are a gamer, you should go to Discord and find your friends. Discord can help you connect with gamers and people in your industry. Telegram is a personal instant messaging app that works best among friends.

I also don’t see any issues in using both simultaneously.

Telegram vs. Discord: Links


Telegram and Discord may serve different purposes but are in the same industry. I hope the battle of Telegram vs. Discord helped you see the difference. Please let me know if I missed anything, and I will update the article as soon as possible.