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Thank you for installing Full Video Converter. Here you will find the answers to the most common questions.

Q. Is Full Video Converter completely free?
A. Yes. The app is free, and you can use it as many times as you want.

Q. How can I purchase the ad-free version?
A. You can go to the right menu and tap on PRO to unlock the ad-free version.

Q. Does it support already slow-motion recorded videos?
A. No. The app does not support the already recorded videos as they are saved differently than the common videos.

Q. Can I change the audio format while converting?
A. Yes. You have an opportunity to change the audio format.

Q. What if the app crashes?
A. Please open the app again and touch on Help in the right-side menu and write us an email. Please add as much information as possible to quickly resolve the issue.

Q. The app can’t play the converted video. What does that mean?
A. Some video formats are not supported by the player. Don’t worry, as your media is saved in Full Converter folder. You can open the folder and play the video in your favourite video player.

Q. The app stopped at 100%. What does that mean?
A. Some videos take longer to encode. Please wait for some time until the app finishes processing.

Q. Can Full Video Converter work in the background?
A. Yes. The app can work in the background.

Question not listed here? Please write us an email on or with as much data as you can. I hope you enjoy using the Full Video Converter. If you would like to read about our terms, privacy and, cookie policy, please click here and for terms and conditions, please click here. Thanks again for installing the app and have a nice day.

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