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VistaCreate vs Canva (2022)

VistaCreate vs Canva
VistaCreate vs Canva

Designing has come a long way. Tools like VistaCreate and Canva have made it possible to design at your own time and pace. How do both work, and which one suits you? To answer this question, we take an in-depth look into both and cover VistaCreate vs Canva.

Quick overview

Both are freemium visual designing apps that can create posters, social media posts, banners, covers, flyers, presentations and more. Both use the same approach of offering free images, audio, and elements. The interface of both also looks almost identical.



VistaCreate Overview

Here you will see the features only specific to VistaCreate.

Brand kit: The brand kit option allows you to save your brand’s logos, colour palettes, fonts, font size, style, and colours. The feature is available in the premium plan of Canva, but it’s not as advanced. Check this video by VistaCreate.

Image colours: You can see what colours are used in an image by clicking the menu button. You don’t have to insert the image to use this feature. See an example.

Text and shapes masks: You can add a photo mask over the text. A pre-made text style is available, but the mask works on many other fonts. Like the text, some shapes come with the mask feature. You add the shape and place the image on top of that shape.

Collages: The app comes with some collages. Like text and shapes, you can place an image on each placeholder in the collage.

Background removal: Remove image backgrounds with one click. Depending on how complex the image is, the tool takes a few seconds, but it gets there. Here is an example image with the background removed in both VistaCreate and Photoshop.

Animate assets: You can’t animate the whole design, but you can animate specific elements.

Image borders: Add a border to images in the design. You can choose the colour and the border thickness.

Animated charts (not editable): VistaCreate comes with animated charts. You can’t add data or edit, but those can be useful in presentations and such.

Download with transparent background: You can download a file with a transparent background. This option is available in the pro version of Canva.

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Creating a Poster in Canva

In this part of VistaCreate vs Canva, only features available in Canva are displayed.

Charts: Create 16 types of basic charts. Each chart shows a table to insert values, but you can add data from Google Sheets (example video).

Collaborations: Canva offers to add others to specific visuals to work together. Added users can edit designs, comment on any element, and add notes.

Integrations: Canva supports hundreds of apps (photo editors, social media apps, image effects etc.).

Design animations: You can animate a particular element, text, or image, or if you like, you can animate the whole design. The tool has a few free animation styles, while the premium plan has more than a few.

Notes: Add notes to specific pages.

Image editor: The image editors are the apps that we discussed. With the help of those apps, you can add filters and effects to images. Canva also comes with a built-in crop and flip tool.

Multi-select with the mouse: You can hold the left click and move your mouse to select multiple items. VistaCreate does not come with this option.

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Features available in both

Below are the options available in both. The quality and functionality may be different in some areas.

Templates: Both come with templates. VistaCreate offers over 50K free templates, while you find thousands on Canva.

Seasonal templates: Both promote seasonal templates.

Image to background: Make any photo the background with one click.

Animated elements: Along with the static elements and objects, you find animated elements and objects.

Stock video: Many free videos can be used in designs.

Audio: You find audio and music to add to your projects.

Shapes: Both programs offer many pre-built shapes to add to your projects. Some shapes, such as lines, come with specific options.

Background: You can easily change the background colour or choose from many background images. Both programs also offer an option to set photos in the visual background.

Elements colours: Many shape and icon elements come with the colour option.

Text styles: You find many free pre-made text styles. Here is an example video of Canva.

Text effects: Both have multiple text effects. Some of the common are shadow, echo, and glitch.

Colour palette styles: Both provide an option to change the text and elements’ colours and stuff automatically. The option chooses random colours from the pre-built palettes.

Multiple file formats: You can export designs in different file formats. For example, an image can be downloaded in JPEG, PNG and even PDF formats.


Image Colours Tool of VistaCreate
Image colours in VistaCreate

The next round of VistaCreate vs Canva shows the supported platforms. You can access both on most browsers. Both are also available on Android and iOS devices.


This is where Canva shines. Canva comes with hundreds of integrations to edit images and videos. You can also connect your cloud storage account with Canva and use media straight from your account.

Canva itself is integrated on many platforms. For example, Dropbox image viewer shows Canva to edit the image. VistaCreate does not come with many integrations. You might find some unofficial ones, but VistaCreate does not have official plugins yet.

Pricing and premium

VistaCreate has one premium plan. The subscription gives you access to:

  • Over 50 million assets (objects, images, audio, and videos)
  • Team account features
  • Unlimited account storage for photos, videos, fonts, and audio.
  • Multiple brand kit support
  • Image resizing feature
  • Custom fonts upload

The subscription costs $10 per month. You can also change or cancel your subscription at any time.

Canva, in comparison, comes in four different subscription plans, but one is the most common. The other three (enterprise, student, and non-profit) are for people with specific benefits or needs.

The Pro plan offers:

  • Background remover
  • 100GB account storage
  • Image resize option
  • Schedule posts to 8 social media platforms
  • More premium templates
  • Over 100 assets (images, video, audio, and elements)
  • Download file with a transparent background
  • Compress PNG file format before downloading
  • Upload custom fonts

You will be paying $12.99 per month or $119.99 per year. A benefit of this plan is that up to 5 people can use it without paying extra.

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Last words

No matter which one you choose, both are great at what both do. If we talk about design, the only limitation is your mind and, sometimes: assets.

But with both, you should not worry about assets. Both come with lots of options. Both also provide support for multiple file formats.

Which one should you use?

It depends on your needs. VistaCreate is for individuals who want to create designs with their style. It has a few benefits over Canva. Canva offers integrations and collaboration tools, and someone with those features in mind can benefit from Canva.

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