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VistaCreate vs Pixelied (2022)

VistaCreate vs Pixelied
VistaCreate vs Pixelied

VistaCreate, also called Crello, is a web-based graphic designing program. Like others, it offers some unique options. Pixelied also is a designing software package that has a distinct style.

What’s the difference between the two, and which one should you use? In this article, we debate VistaCreate vs. Pixelied.

A quick introduction

Both are used to create posters, flyers, social media posts, graphics, thumbnails, covers and more. VistaCreate is more for presentations because it offers millions of images, videos, and audio files. Pixelied is more for still images because it has more photos, illustrations, and icons.


Along with browser support, VistaCreate is available on iOS and Android platforms. Pixelied, on the contrary, only supports standard browsers.



VistaCreate Overview

Colours in the image: While browsing images, you can see all the images’ colours (example image).

Background remover: The program offers to remove background from your own and stock images for free. You can also download images without the background.

Asset animations: You can animate elements, images and other visual types. The option to animate the whole design is not available, though.

Video creation: You can add your own videos or choose from the stock videos. The tool allows creating video presentations for free.

Access and add music: Like videos, you can browse audio or add your audio to the video presentations.

Image to background: You can set an image (own or stock) as the visual’s background with one click.

Element colours: Many of the elements come with a colour option.

Text masking: VistaCreate has a feature to mask images over text. You can drag the image over the text to mask it. (example video).

Text effects: You get seven different types of text effects. Those are shadow, glitch, echo, outline, text box, reflection, and curved.

Collages: VistaCreate has built-in collage templates. You can drag images over the collage placeholders to populate the collage.

Multiple file formats: You can download designs in one of the 7 formats: JPG, PNG, PNG transparent, PDF standard, PDF print, MP4, and GIF.

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Pixelied Overview

Lots of icons: The tool has a separate section to search for icons. You find icons for hundreds of apps, software packages, and brands.

Many combined illustrations: Unlike other tools, the app offers combined illustrations. For example, you find separate computer parts in other programs, but Pixelied offers images of complete computer sets. This applies to many other categories.

Image shadow: As the name suggests, the tool can give a shadow to the image. It even ignores the image’s transparency to give the shadow a more natural look.

Image resize: You can resize the image by choosing one of the built-in sizes or inserting your custom size. The tool creates a new design with the same elements.

Image filters: Lots of filter options to apply to images.

Transparent background: Although you can remove backgrounds from images for free, you can also download images with a transparent background.

Seven export options: You can export your image in seven formats: JPG, PNG, PNG transparent, PDF, SVG, WEbP, and WebP transparent.

Five million images: You can access over 5 million images from the library.

Brandify: A feature to add your brand style; you can upload your icon, choose colour palettes, headings, text fonts, and styles, and apply your brand’s style to the whole design with one click (example video).

Similar features

Image border: Quickly add a border to images. You can modify the border width and colour.

Vector files: Along with standard image formats, both support vector files. Both do not support RAW formats, though.

Typical image and text editing: Both offer standard image options, including opacity, flip, and crop. You also get rich text editing options, such as bold and underline text options.

Common shapes: Both offer common shapes with options to resize and colour.

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Missing features

Let’s look at some missing basic features of both in this VistaCreate vs. Pixelied comparison.


No rotate value: While rotating, you don’t see the degree rotation value.

Stuck grid values: Sometimes, the grid and snap lines are stuck. You must reload the page to get rid of it. See an example image.


No search bar: In elements, mockups, and illustrations, you don’t have the search option. Those are split into categories, though.

No rotate value: Like VistaCreate, when you rotate something, the app does not show the rotation value.

A bit challenging to use: You can’t right-click with your mouse over content in canvas, so the tool is difficult to use. Most options are on the top, and you must go and click to apply the edit.

Image filters and effects: Along with filters in VistaCreate, Pixelied offers many image effects.

Premium and plans

VistaCreate vs Pixelied

VistaCreate free offers unlimited downloads. Other features include:

  • Over 50,000 templates
  • 1 million assets
  • 1 brand kit with all options
  • 10 GB file storage
  • Background remove tool
  • Many free fonts, music, animations, backgrounds, and objects

The program has one premium plan called Pro. It costs $10 per month and offers:

  • Over 50 million assets (objects, images, audio, and videos)
  • Team account features
  • Unlimited account storage
  • Multiple brand kit support
  • Image resizing option
  • Upload custom fonts

Pixelied contrarily does not limit content, but downloading and credits are limited. On its free plan, you get:

  • 3 downloads per month
  • 5 BG (background) credits per month
  • 1 GB storage
  • 1 workspace

The premium plan costs a one-time fee. Right now (12th Mar), the deal is on a massive discount at $97 for the Lifetime subscription. The plan provides:

  • Over 4000 templates
  • Over 4 million images
  • 5 workspaces
  • 2 PC limit (2 users)
  • Unlimited downloads, storage, and brand presets
  • Magic image resize
  • 100 BG credit

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Which one is for you?

VistraCreate is good, but regarding images, I don’t find the quality of content as good as on Pixelied. However, VistaCreate has other features, including video support animations, making it the final stop for many artists.

Pixelied is for still images, and it has excellent illustrations and elements. You can use it to create beautiful designs in minutes, and its lifetime subscription saves in the long run. So, if you just want to focus on images, you should try Pixelied first.

VistaCreate vs Pixelied: Website links

The final verdict

The article VistaCreate vs Pixelied covered the basic options of both. We covered pretty much everything you need to understand the two.

I hope it helped you find the best program. Please share your thoughts in the comments and subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated.