VyprVPN vs. Private Internet Access

VyprVPN vs. Private Internet Access
VyprVPN vs. Private Internet Access

VyprVPN and Private Internet Access are two popular titles in the industry. I have used both on different occasions, but of course, you would not pay for both. So, how do both differ in 2021? The article covers VyprVPN vs. Private Internet Access.

Quick comparison

Short on time? Here is the table comparing both. It also covers the tests on both. The blue colour suggests the winning tool.

featureVyprVPNPrivate Internet Access
ProtocolsOpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2OpenVPN, WireGuard
Streaming services4030
IP and location test
Wifi speed testD: 29.67 Mbps
U: 30.7 Mbps
D: 25.7 Mbps
U: 28.53 Mbps
Mobile data speed testD: 50.0 Mbps
 31.2 Mbps
D: 3.9 Mbps
 27.8 Mbps
DNS leak test
Wifi torrenting test2.6 Mbps644 Mbps
Mobile data torrenting test52 Kbps200 Kbps
Encryption levelAES 256-bitAES (128-256/GCM-CBC)
Max connections510
Price rating4.5/54.5/5
PurchaseVyprVPNPrivate Internet Access
Quick comparison


VyprVPNPrivate Internet Access
Smart TVs
Router setup
Android TV
Platform comparison

VyprVPN comes for popular devices, but it lacks browser support. Private Internet Access offers apps for desktop, mobile, browsers, and Android TV.

Winner: Private Internet Access | Score: 1


VyprVPN does not disclose the actual number of servers, but it offers over 700 servers in 64 nations. On the other hand, Private Internet Access declares to offer the whooping over 35900 servers in 77 countries.

Winner: Private Internet Access | Score: 2


What are VPN protocols?

Protocols play an important role. Depending on the protocol, you get the speed and encryption. Like other VPNs, VyprVPN offers different protocols on different devices for better speed and security. On Windows, it comes with:

  1. WireGuard (default)
  2. IKEv2 (second most popular)
  3. OpenVPN (most popular)
  4. Chameleon

The Android app comes with the same except IKEv2.

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Private Internet Access contrarily comes with OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols on most of the devices. WireGuard is new to the world, but the protocol has been faster than OpenVPN due to the clean and short programming.

Winner: VyprVPN | Score: 1

Streaming services

VyprVPN vs. Private Internet Access - Streaming Services
VyprVPN and Private Internet Access – Streaming Services

The next round of VyprVPN vs. Private Internet Access is the geo-restriction support. VyprVPN is known for streaming many geo-restricted services. In fact, on their streaming page, they have mentioned that the service supports over 40 streaming services. The number is pretty good.

Private Internet Access also supports streaming services, including Netflix, but the official number and names are not listed on the website. In an email reply, a representative suggested that they offer around 30 but lower the number than VyprVPN’s.

Winner: VyprVPN | Score: 2


From here in VyprVPN vs. Private Internet Access, we take a few tests to find the ideal service. Each test comes with a video as proof.

IP and location test

IP and location test video

What is in the IP test? The IP Address test is the combination of the IP and the location test. We check our public IP online and compare it with the IP listed in the app. Whichever tool is accurate wins the round.

In our case, both changed our location and the IP. The problem with VyprVPN is that it does not show the public IP after connecting, so it’s a bit harder to compare the IPs.

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Winner: None

Wifi speed test

Wifi speed test comparison video

The speed test is split into wifi and mobile data. We connected both to the fastest server by using the automatic connection method.

Overall, VyprVPN performed better after connecting to a server in Melbourne (727km / 451mi). The table covers the recorded speeds.

VyprVPNPrivate Internet Access
Download: 29.67 Mbps
Upload: 30.7 Mbps
Download: 25.7 Mbps
Upload: 28.53 Mbps
Wifi speed test comparison table

Winner: VyprVPN | Score: 3

Mobile data speed test

Mobile data speed test comparison video

In the mobile data test, we also check the speed without a VPN connection. This won’t be counted in the round, but just for reference purposes.

Like the wifi test, we connected both to the fastest server. Private Internet Access always records less than 10 Mbps speed. I’m sure it’s not the connection, but something in the configuration. I hope they fix it soon.

VyprVPNDownload: 50.0 Mbps
31.2 Mbps
Private Internet AccessDownload: 3.9 Mbps
27.8 Mbps
No VPNDownload: 88.24 Mbps
34.4 Mbps
Mobile data speed test comparison table

Winner: VyprVPN | Score: 4

DNS leak test

DNS leak test video

DNS leak means a leak in the connection. If there is a Domain Name System (DNS) leak, other entities, especially your ISP, can see your data.

To perform this test, we use the DNSLeakTest tool. The tool does a few queries and checks all the IPs in the connection. If one or more IPs are not from our VPN provider, there is potentially a leak.

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VyprVPN is good, but it mostly shows multiple servers in different cities with different hostnames. Even if we consider all IPs from VyprVPN, the multiple locations might slow down the internet connection.

Private Internet Access was right on the spot. The IP address was slightly different from the tool, but I’m sure that’s not a major issue.

Private Internet Access
DNS leak test video

Winner: Private Internet Access | Score: 3

Wifi Torrenting test

Torrent test on wifi

The next test is the P2P test. In this test, we connect both to a server and download a file. As VyprVPN does not offer P2P optimised servers, we can still connect to the fastest server and check its speed. I connect Private Internet Access to a P2P optimised server in Hong Kong.

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Even though VyprVPN does not offer any special servers, it won the wifi torrent test round. The tool recorded 2.6 Mbps of speed. In comparison, Private Internet Access recorded 644 Kbps.

Winner: VyprVPN | Score: 5

Mobile data Torrenting test

The final test in VyprVPN vs. Private Internet Access is the torrent test on mobile data. Like the wifi test, we download a file on mobile data. Many VPNs don’t like the idea of torrenting on mobile data. Let’s see if either is one of those.

VyprVPN could not get the speed I wanted. It peaked at 52 Kbps. In contrast, Private Internet Access crossed 200 Kbps, which is still good. Of course, if I had left both for longer, we would have seen faster speeds.

Winner: Private Internet Access | Score: 4

Additional features

Common features

  • Server speed: See the speed of each server.
  • No logs: Both offer the no-log policy.
  • Kill switch: Disconnect the internet if the connection drops.
  • Guarantee: 30 days money-back guarantee.


  • No Public IP: The service does not display the public IP Address after connecting to a server.
  • Public wifi protection: The app automatically connects the VPN when connected to public wifi.

Private Internet Access

  • SOCKS5 Proxy: The tool comes with SOCKS5 Proxy built-in.
  • Email breach monitoring: Comes with free email monitoring.
  • Ad-blocker: Offers an ad-blocker.
  • Open Source: The tool is open source.
  • Split tunneling: You get the support for split tunnelling.

Winner: Private Internet Access | Score: 5


VyprVPN vs. Private Internet Access - Pricing
VyprVPN vs. Private Internet Access – Pricing

VyprVPN is cost-effective when you go with 36 months plan. Private Internet Access is cheaper for occasional users who like to pay month to month or annually.

Which one should you choose?

If you want a VPN for specific tasks, the conducted tests will help you decide. If you want a VPN to get things done, then all it comes to is the duration. As mentioned, VyprVPN offers a 36-month plan which is cheaper than all the plans. You can go with that and forget about the rest. Both offer a 30 days money-back guarantee so that you can shop worry-free.

The final score in the comparison is 5 | 5


The below links are affiliate, which means I earn a small commission if you purchase a VPN using the below links.


VPN can be handy on many occasions, but having the right tool also impacts. The article VyprVPN vs. Private Internet Access covered the essential topics and tests. Let me know your views and your final choice in the comments so we can chat more.

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