Windscribe vs. ExpressVPN (2021) | Conducting 8 Tests

Windscribe vs ExpressVPN
Windscribe vs. ExpressVPN

Windscribe and ExpressVPN are two fast VPN tools. Windscribe has over 28 million registered users, while ExpressVPN comes with over 3,000+ servers worldwide. How do both differ? The blog post explores the two and covers Windscribe vs. ExpressVPN (2021).

Quick Windscribe vs. ExpressVPN comparison

Server countUnknown3000+
Total countries6394
Location test✔️✔️
Speed test on Wi-fiD:  51.7 Mbps | U: 17.6 MbpsD:  46.0 Mbps | U: 12.5 Mbps
Speed test on mobile dataD:  29.7 Mbps | U: 12.1 MbpsD: 69.1 Mbps | U: 27.5 Mbps
DNS leak test✔️ (performed better)✔️
P2P testWifi: ✔️
Mobile data  ❌
Wifi ✔️
Mobile data ✔️
Dedicated IP
Static IP✔️
Max number of devicesUnlimited5 at a time
Free plan✔️7 days free


Router setup
Kindle Fire
Chrome (extension)
Firefox (extension)
FireTV, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, and other smart TVs
Nintendo Switch
Router setup

Both tools support popular platforms. ExpressVPN supports more smart TVs and gaming consoles. Both offer the router setup, which means all the wi-fi supported devices can be connected to the VPN server.

Winner: ExpressVPN | Score: Windscribe: 0 and ExpressVPN: 1



I could not find the official number of servers WIndscribe offers, but the company has mentioned that they have servers in 63 countries. I also counted the total servers in the Windscribe app and found that the service offers 176 servers.

Regarding ExpressVPN, it is mentioned on the website that the tool supports over 3000+ servers in 94 countries. To make it a fair comparison, I counted the available servers in the app, and there were 149 servers in total.

Now let’s dive into details. VPN clients offer different VPN protocols. Some are IKEv2/IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP. You can read about different types of Protocols on NordVPN website.

Alongside the server location, the VPN protocol is responsible for the speed and security of the connection. PPTP is considered the least secure, whereas OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec are considered the most secure. So, what protocols do both offer?

Windscribe protocols

Windscribe VPN Protocols
Windscribe VPN Protocols

Both Windscribe for Windows and Windscribe for Android do not offer both OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec. The software offers UDP, IKEv2, TCP, Stealth, and WStunnel on Windows and UDP, IKEv2, TCP, Stealth, and WireGuard on Android.

ExpressVPN protocols

ExpressVPN Protocols on Android
ExpressVPN Protocols on Android

ExpressVPN has developed a new protocol called Lightway. Although not enough info is out there yet, the company claims this to be the best protocol. Other than Lightway, it offers OpenVPN on all of its servers on all the platforms, while IPSec and IKEv2 are only available on the iOS platform.

The company also offers L2TP/IPSec and PPTP, but a minimal number of servers support these protocols.

Winner: ExpressVPN | Score: Windscribe: 0 and ExpressVPN: 2

Location test

I connected both to a server in Frankfurt, Germany, to conduct the location test. Well, both did change my location, but overall I was satisfied with Windscribe.

ExpressVPN offers three servers Frankfurt, but the browser kept showing the message “internet not available” while connected to either the first or the second server. The internet came back after connecting the third server.

Winner: Windscribe | Score: Windscribe: 1 and ExpressVPN: 2

Speed test

The second test in this Windscribbe vs. ExpressVPN is the speed test. The test is separated into two (wi-fi and mobile data) sections.

Speed test on wi-fi

I connected both to a server in Sydney, which is about 1170 kilometres (850 miles) away from here. The speed test on wi-fi wasn’t surprising. Both were pretty close, but Windscribe got the title because it was a little bit faster than ExpressVPN.

Download: 51.7 Mbps
Upload: 17.6 Mbps
Download: 46.0 Mbps
Upload: 12.5 Mbps

Winner: Windscribe | Score: Windscribe: 2 and ExpressVPN: 2

Speed test on mobile data

On the mobile data, for some reason, Windscribe could not give me the results I wanted. The same thing happened in Windscribe vs. Surfshark article. The speed of Windscribe was less than 5 Mbps.

This time, it was a lot better, but still, there was a difference of 40 Mbps in download speed and 15 Mbps in upload.

Download: 29.7 Mbps
Upload: 12.1 Mbps
Download: 69.1 Mbps
Upload: 27.5 Mbps

Winner: ExpressVPN | Score: Windscribe: 2 and ExpressVPN: 3

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DNS leak test

DNS leak test is essential. DNS leak means there is a leak in the connection. With this leak ISP, hackers, and other sources can track your logs. I’ll be connecting both VPNs to a server in New York, and then I’ll be using the DNS leak test tool.

What do those in the video results mean? Well, there wasn’t any leaks which is good, but ExpressVPN jumped to different IP Addresses. Let’s consider that all are from ExpressVPN, jumping from one IP to another may compromise the internet speed.

Winner: Windscribe | Score: Windscribe: 3 and ExpressVPN: 3

P2P test

Peer-to-peer is a distributed application architecture (Wikipedia), which is responsible for torrent downloading. As we have already discussed the VPN protocols 👆, but which protocol is the best for torrenting? Well, most will work fine. PPTP is considered to be the least secure, but at the same time, it is faster. IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN are considered good for torrenting because both are secure and offer good torrent speed.

I tested the torrent downloading of both on wi-fi and mobile data to make this Windscribe vs. ExpressVPN comparison a fair game. Let’s see what we get.

P2P test on Wi-fi

To complete the P2P test, I connected both VPN tools (auto protocol) to a server in Melbourne. Both picked up pretty quickly. After about one minute, Windscribe peaked to 5.7 Mbps, while ExpressVPN peaked to 5.3 Mbps. The normal speed of both was around 4.5 to 5 Mbps.

Winner: Windscribe | Score: Windscribe: 4 and ExpressVPN: 3

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P2P test on mobile data

In the last test of Windscribe vs. ExpressVPN, we are testing the P2P on mobile data. To conduct this test, I connected to the same server in Melbourne.

For some reason, many VPN clients seem to struggle while downloading over the P2P network. Windscribe topped to 143 kbps, while ExpressVPN peaked to 662 Kbps. To make sure that my network was working, I tried downloading without VPN, and it peaked to 8 Mbps, which is crazy fast.

Although both could not get to the mark I expected, ExpressVPN was faster than Windscribe, so the tool is the winner of this round.

Winner: ExpressVPN | Score: Windscribe: 4 and ExpressVPN: 4


Other features

Static IPs
Port forwarding
Shows server load
Kill switch
Private DNS
TustedServer technology
Common features
256-bit encryption
Log free service
30 days money-back guarantee
Both allow watching the US Netflix
Split Tunneling

Winner: Tie | Score: Windscribe: 5 and ExpressVPN: 5


Windscribe vs ExpressVPN | Pricing
Windscribe vs. ExpressVPN | Pricing

Winner: Windscribe | Score: Windscribe: 6 and ExpressVPN: 5

Which one is the winner?

Both have many good features, and a couple of features which can be improved. ExpressVPN does not offer some protocols on some platforms, but it’s faster than Windscribe on mobile data.

Windscribe is overall a great tool, and on wi-fi, it could easily overcome ExpressVPN. In general, it’s cheaper than ExpressVPN as well so; my suggestion will be to go with Windscribe. The overall score in this comparison is Windscribe 6 and ExpressVPN: 5.


In conclusion

Even though one can perform better than the other in certain regions, the article would have given you enough understanding of both. I hope the article Windscribe vs. ExpressVPN helped to get the best app. Please let me know which one is your final choice so that we can discuss more.

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Allows creating custom block list. For example, if you want to track social networks, but don't want to see the ads on any website, you can do in Windscribe. Read more about this feature here.

Kill switch is a feature which disconnects the internet if for any reason the VPN connection drops.

TrustedServer technology is unique to ExpressVPN. TrustedServer offers extended security by saving all the data to a RAM instead of a hard drive or a storage drive. The data is wiped every time a server restarts which means the user data is saved for a very short amount of time. Read more about this feature on the ExpressVPN website.

You have the control over which apps should connect on the VPN and which connect directly. The official page can guide you more.