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How to Add Countdown Timer in StreamYard Streams

StreamYard is a popular program, making it easy to live stream on multiple social media platforms. One thing streamers like is having a countdown timer, and in this article, I will show you multiple ways on how to add a countdown timer to your StreamYard streams. Note: There is no built-in way to add a …

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Google Jamboard vs. Miro

With more work being done remotely, it is important for teams to collaborate effectively. To make it simpler to connect, we explored two common collaboration applications: Jamboard vs. Miro. Jamboard Jamboard, a brainstorming whiteboard tool by Google. It lets you present, develop ideas, and collaborate on projects in the workplace and remotely. Jamboard is an …

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Evmux vs. Restream

Evmux and Restream are one-stop streaming solutions. They let you broadcast on multiple social media platforms at once. From studio to pricing, both are vastly different. How do both differ? This is the final Evmux vs. Restream battle. What are both Both are web-based broadcasting software to live stream interviews, podcasts, discussions, meetings, etc., on …

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6 Ways to Fix ShadowPlay Minimizing Games or Not Recording

NVIDIA ShadowPlay is a great program, but issues such as the driver not updating and the game not recording are common. If your GeForce Experience ShadowPlay keeps minimizing when you activate it or won’t record the game, this is the article for you. Restart PC If ShadowPlay can’t record games and keeps minimizing them, try …

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