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  • Logseq vs. Obsidian
    Logseq is my new go-to note-taking tool. I have used many note-taking apps, including Obsidian. Both are identical, but some options make them king of …
  • How to Sync Joplin Notes Across Devices for Free
    The open-source note-taking program, Joplin, supports notes syncing for free, but setting up is slightly challenging. If you are struggling, I have compiled this nifty …
  • How to Convert OneNote to PDF (PC, iPhone, & Android)
    I use OneNote to save my backup codes, website article ideas, and any words I want to remember later. However, sometimes, I want to convert …
  • OneNote Android Gets a Fresh Look With New Features
    Takeaway Microsoft OneNote Android has taken a fresh look with some additional features. For a long time, the app was in the dark corner of …


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  • Canva Magic Write vs. ChatGPT
    Since the release of ChatGPT, many companies have introduced their AI chatbots. Canva is one of them. The company introduced Canva Docs and their new …
  • Evmux vs. StreamYard
    Evmux and StramYard are web-based live-streaming platforms. Although both serve the same objective, there are differences. This Evmux vs. StreamYard article is all you need …
  • Notepad vs. Notepad++
    Notepad is a simple text-saving app on Windows PCs. It’s fast, and it works. Notepad++, along with basic features, supports programming languages. How do both …
  • CapCut vs. Alight Motion
    CapCut is a video editor, and Alight Motion is a design and animation creator. Both have many great options, but the question is, which one …
  • Prezi vs. Canva
    Visual designing and presenting are part of students’ and professionals’ lives. With many unique programs, it’s hard to pick one. Today, we have two popular …

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Best Streamlabs Overlays

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Samsung Health vs. Google Fit

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