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Google Messages vs. Samsung Messages

Google Messages vs. Samsung Messages

Google Messages and Samsung Messages are two of the best SMS apps responsible for billions of daily texts. How do both differ? This is the Google Messages vs. Samsung Messages battle.


Google Messages and Samsung Messages Interface
Google Messages and Samsung Messages

Both apps look the same except for a few differences. Google Messages shows a single line of the latest text under each conversation, whereas Samsung displays extended length.

Samsung Messages has two tabs and an option to add Categories. The second tab shows your contacts.

Regarding messages from unknown numbers, the app simplifies the number by adding spaces. Samsung Messages shows without spaces or formatting.

While typing, Google Messages displays whether you are sending an SMS or MMS. It’s an SMS by default, but the label converts to MMS if you add a file or image.

Winner: Tie

Google Messages vs. Samsung Messages: Dark theme

Both offer a dark theme, but Samsung has an edge because of its One UI. The dark theme in the app is super dark.

With Google Messages, you will notice that the screen is dark gray, even on Samsung devices.

However, Google Messages has a separate option to enable or disable this mode, whereas Samsung Messages relies on your device’s display mode.

Winner: Tie

Unread messages

Unread Messages in Google Messages and Samsung Messages
Unread Messages in Both Apps

The unread conversation is displayed in bold text; you see a tiny dot to the right.

Samsung Messages also shows the total unread messages when you scroll down in the main interface.

Also, you get to see the total unread messages in each conversation on the right side of the conversation.

Winner: Samsung Messages

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Supported message options

Google Messages and Samsung Messages Message Tools
Message Tools

This is one of the prominent rounds of Google Messages vs. Samsung Messages, as the more features you get, the better. The below image table shows all the possible.

Google Messages vs Samsung Messages Message
Message Tools Table

Out of 15 features, Google Messages supports 12, and Samsung Messages offers 13, but two with the help of other Samsung apps.

Winner: Tie


Google Messages vs Samsung Messages
Google Messages vs. Samsung Messages – Notifications

Google Messages gets this round because it offers more AI options.

The app automatically shows the “copy code” button in the notification when you receive a code.

Tapping on that option copies the code and marks the message as read. In some regions, those messages can be deleted after 24 hours.

Samsung Messages notification shows:

  • Message details
  • Mark as read
  • View message options

Furthermore, Google Messages supports chat bubbles. Samsung Messages does not support bubbles, but you can open a small popup to respond to a message.

Both apps support popup notifications and are supported on Samsung Galaxy watches.

Winner: Google Messages

Searching for messages

Searching in Google Messages and Samsung Messages
Searching in Both Apps

This round goes to Google because when you tap on that search bar, you see two rows: People and Categories.

Under the People row, you see the recent users you had conversations with. You can tap on any to search through that conversation.

The Categories row shows:

  • Starred
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Places
  • Links

Touching on one shows messages containing that particular category. For example, tapping on links displays all the messages that contain links.

Samsung Messages also shows two rows on the search screen. The “Picture and videos” row shows media. The second row is “others,” showing data such as audio messages.

Winner: Google Messages

RCS chat features
How Google Messages Chat Features Work

Both support sending messages using the internet. Google Messages is more advanced. Here is what’s offered on both:

  • Send and receive messages
  • See when the message is delivered or read
  • See when the other person types

Google Messages uses checkmarks: one empty is for the message sent, one full is for the message delivered, and two marks are for the message read.

Samsung Messages displays the status next to the chat (delivered and read).

Google Messages also supports reacting to messages and displaying iPhone reactions. Samsung Messages displays iPhone reactions as separate text messages.

However, you must verify your number on Google Messages, while the number is automatically verified on the other.

The feature still needs time, as it can make the app a bit slower. I have written six solutions for Google Messages being slow. Do check it out.

Winner: Google Messages

Spam detection

Spam Messages in Google Messages and Samsung Messages
Spam Detection in Both Apps

Google Messages is far ahead in the spam protection game. Messages I receive are sent to the spam folder. Samsung Messages sometimes misses and lets them sit in conversations.

Regarding technology, Google Messages uses its own service, whereas Samsung Messages takes the data from Hiya. Users can report spam messages in the app.

Winner: Google Messages

Extra features

Link previews

Both apps support previewing links you receive.

Google Messages comes with options such as filtering out the links and downloading over Wi-fi, while Samsung Messages only offers to enable and disable this option.

Smart reply (Google Messages)

Smart Reply in Google Messages
Smart Reply in Google Messages

The app uses AI to detect the last received message and suggests a few quick one-tap messages based on it.

For example, if you receive “Where are you?” it will suggest options like “At home” and “I’m at home,” etc. It also suggests GIFs and emojis.

Swiping on messages (Google Messages)

Swiping on a conversation moves it to the archive folder, but you can customize it to delete the chat. Samsung Messages doesn’t have an archive folder, nor it offers a swiping feature.

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Video calling (Google Messages)

The app shows a video call option that uses Google Meet to call the person.

The buttons are visible if you have Google Meet installed, and the receiver can receive calls if they have it installed.

Messages for Web (Google Messages)

A fantastic tool of the app is Messages for Web. Like WhatsApp Web, it allows you to send and receive messages on your computer.

You must connect the app to the computer to use this feature. Most features of the app are automatically synced.

For example, if you have dark mode enabled in the app, the website will be in dark mode.

Samsung Messages does not offer a built-in web messaging service, but with the help of Samsung SideSync, you can send messages from the PC.

Reminder (Google Messages)

On some devices, Google Messages shows a “remind 1 hr” option in the message notification to set a 1-hour reminder.

Categories (Samsung Messages)

The Samsung Messages app has the option to add categories. You can separate your work and personal life by creating categories and adding contacts to those categories.

Quick responses (Samsung Messages)

The app has editable quick responses to send with one tap. In the bottom section, tap the “Quick response” button and choose one of the options.

Recommendation and conclusion

With the features Google Messages offers, Samsung even prefers Google Messages.

It has robust AI code detection, spam protection, smart replays, web searches, and other features, making it a great addition to your digital life.

However, if you want a simple SMS app, Samsung Messages is also excellent.


Sunday 10th of September 2023

samsung archives your acxcidentaly delted messages, including years of history and emotions and keeps it for 30 days, with google it's basically over and you start your carrier in movile data recovery field a second later (while trying to recover it in panic)

So.. stop please these lenghty deliberations as this one is THAT simple.


Friday 2nd of June 2023

If Google would let me create my own categories like Samsung - I would use it for sure!

Mandy Cam

Wednesday 26th of April 2023

I have some numbers that I have blocked, so I am can't see their messages. However, sometime, I am nosy and want to see if they message me...(I know, weird) with Samsung messages I am able to view those blocked messages. But with Google messages, I am not able to find the blocked messages. Does anyone know where they would be? Or would you not be able to view those blocked messages once you have blocked their number?


Tuesday 7th of March 2023

AMAZING WORK. Thank you for this. team google!

Madhsudhan Khemchandani

Tuesday 28th of March 2023

Thanks, Derrick.


Thursday 19th of January 2023

Thank you very much for the useful comparison. One small question, do both apps backup the messages automatically (like contacts) so I can restore them when I change my phone?