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It seems like you want to contact me. I’m managing two websites, a YouTube channel, a Google Play Developer Console account, and I have a part-time job here in Adelaide. I tend to respond to most of the emails, but the response time varies. Before contacting me, make sure you have a valid reason for contacting. If you want to know about the cookie, privacy policy, or the terms and conditions, then check out this page.

Who am I?

I reside in Adelaide, Australia. I have been living here for over 5 years. I started this website in 2017 and my YouTube channel in 2018. I also have a few games on Google Play Store. I don’t publish new games now, but if you have an idea if would love to hear. Anyway, you can read about me on about me page.

The site has been moved from Tech is Tech to MK’s Guide a few weeks ago, so if you have my previous email with old domain, then it might not be reaching to my inbox. You can reach out to me on my new email given down below.

Some facts

  • I work full time.
  • I receive multiple emails daily.


I’m usually up from 8 am to 11 pm, and mobile phone is with me most of the time, so if you send me an email in between the giving time except Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (GMT +9:30 timezone), then you will expect to get a response quickly.

Here is the list of the queries, you’ll receive my respond to.

  1. Need help with a software
  2. Need help with your phone or PC
  3. Feel that the website has used any copyrighted media
  4. Any suggestions
  5. If you want to me write for your site

If there is something else than above, and I feel like I should respond, then I’ll. One other thing, I don’t accept guest posts, so please don’t send me an email regarding that. You can contact me by sending an email on

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