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About MK’s Guide

Madhsudhan Khemchandani
Madhsudhan Khemchandani

MK’s was initially called Tech is Tech. The site name was changed to MK’s Guide on the 16th of July 2020. The mission of this site is to provide valuable information regarding software and apps.

I publish blog posts after testing apps and software by myself. Being a Software Engineer, I also believe that transparency is essential, so all the information on MK’s Guide is true and tested.

Who am I?

Hi. Thanks for coming here. My name is Madhsudhan Khemchandani, and I’m the owner, maintainer, and writer on MK’s Guide. Here is a brief introduction to my life and why and how I’m here.

I was born in a town in Pakistan, but I currently reside in Adelaide, Australia. Being born in a middle-aged family, I was away from the computer and the internet until 2011.

My father brought me an Intel Pentium 4 with a 15″ screen in 2011 and then the internet in late 2011. Before that, I used computers in my friends’ house and school to play games like Super Mario.

Being not so good at the internet, I thought it was useless at first (or didn’t know how to use it). Someone put in my head that people can earn money on the internet. In a town of over 20,000 population, I started working on the idea. In a few months, I started my site on Google Sites.

It was just a general knowledge questions and answers website (I wish I had the sense to continue that site). I deleted that site in a few months. In 2012, I started searching about YouTube monetisation.

With no goal and utterly unaware of the future, I started making simple image videos with free to use background music (I had to learn about policies and stuff, and it took me time, strikes and an account ban).

Being English, not even my second language, made me many tries and time to understand articles and videos. I finally got there. As it was an early age of YouTube, I quickly got the attention. By late 2012, I was earning about 50 cents every day.

It took me six months to activate and verify my AdSense account because of the manual pin system. Anyway, everyone used to laugh when I tell them about my upcoming first paycheck.

After more than a year, I got my first paycheck of $100 from YouTube. $100 were about 10,000 in PKR, which is enough to live for a month (for one person at that time).

I was the first person to earn money from the internet. Everyone was shocked after seeing the post on my Facebook account. Well, everything was fine until I moved to Australia to continue my studies. I slowed down the video uploading process, and other YouTubers took over.

For two years, I was working on mobile games and developed about seven games for Android. After spending a lot of money on advertisements, I was disappointed because I wasn’t getting any organic downloads.

Well, the last option for me was creating a blog. In 2018, I started Tech is Tech. Since then, I have written over 100 articles, and during this time, I have been adding new videos on my channel.

I’m a graduate from the University of South Australia and currently managing three websites, a YouTube channel with over 10K subscribers and a Google Play Console account with over 12 published apps/games.

My mission is to provide valid information and help people to gain the correct knowledge of technical stuff.

That was my intro. Thanks for reading about me. For any queries, you can contact me at madhsudhan(@) Please read about the policies on the Contact Me page before sending me an email. You can also reach out to me on my social media accounts:

Thanks again, and have a beautiful day.