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Messages vs. Message+

Messages vs. Message+

Message+, or Verizon Messages on Android, is a messaging app that uses your cellular and internet to send messages quicker.

The same technology is available in Google Messages. To make this comparison easier, we will compare Google Messages vs. Message+, as it is the most commonly used messaging app.

Quick Messages vs. Message+ difference

The difference between Messages and Message+ is that Messages uses cellular to send and receive messages, whereas Message+ can use both cellular and your internet connection to send and receive messages.

Pros and Cons



✔️ Code copy with one tap option
✔️ Message archive feature
✔️ Blocking features
✔️ Excellent spam detection
✔️ Works in most countries
✔️ End-to-end encrypted


❌ Minimal customization options
❌ Internet features are not fully stable



✔️ Can use the internet
✔️ Great customization options
✔️ Driving mode
✔️ Great location-sharing features
✔️ Works in most countries
✔️ Up to $100 gift cards
✔️ macOS app
✔️ Can sync across devices
✔️ Up to 250 people group
✔️ Yelp and Yahoo integrated
✔️ Personal profile to sync messages


❌ A bit slow


Message+ Customization Options

This is one of the features that Message+ offers. You can customize themes, bubble styles, and notifications for individual users. The app has five built-in themes:

  • Light
  • Red
  • Dark
  • Auto
  • Modern
  • Classic

You can also add your own themes by choosing header and background colors.

However, one thing that Google Messages brings is the dynamic color option. Depending on the home screen wallpaper, you see the chat colors in dynamic mode.

I talked about the dynamic mode in the Gboard themes article.

Google Messages has the basic bubble style, whereas Message+ comes with 8 bubble styles, including the color option to change the chat bubble colors. Each conversation can be customized.

Message pop up

Google Messages Chat Bubbles

Both can also show the box when you get a new message. Google Messages shows a contact icon or the initial, and when you tap on the icon, a new pop-up opens up with the conversation.

Note: After testing this feature many times, I concluded that the function does not work properly. Sometimes you see the bubble, and sometimes you don’t

Message+ opens up a medium message window straight away. You can read and reply to the message. Once the reply is sent, the message disappears.

RCS (internet features)

Google Messages Chat Features

If you use Google Messages, you can use the internet to send and receive messages. Google Messages supports a few options, but unlike the other instant messaging apps, it is not entirely stable.

Here are the primary options of this app and the supported apps:

  • See when the message is delivered: Google Message, Samsung Messages, and Message+
  • Know when the person starts typing: Google Messages and Message+
  • Send images and videos of up to 100MB: Google Messages
  • Get iMessage reaction emojis: iMessage

Message+ can also use the internet. It can notify the other person when you start typing, and of course, we can send and receive messages using Wi-Fi or a cellular internet connection.

A great thing about this app is that, unlike Google Messages, you don’t need a SIM card device. It can work on tablets, macOS devices, and web clients who do not support SIM cards.


Instant messaging apps allow you to create groups and have group conversations. Message+ allows you to create groups of up to 250 users. To use this feature, other users must have the Message+ app.

Messages apps, including Google and Samsung Messages, support sending group SMS, but received messages are stored in individual conversations.

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Additional options

Messages features

Google Messages GIFs Location and Stickers Option
Google Messages GIFs Location and Stickers Option

You can quickly copy the received code with one tap and paste it into apps.

Google Messages can archive messages. Archives are not deleted; those are just hidden and can be brought back later.

Message+ features

Message+ Interface
Message+ Interface

Message+ supports creating a signature for messages.

Message+ comes with a notification repetition option. If you miss a message notification, the app will remind you.

Google Messages only brings archiving chat on swipe, but with Message+, you can delete the conversation or call the recipient.

The app has the option to vibrate when a message comes during a call.

The app also lets whitelisted contacts see your location at any time.

Another feature of Message+ is to create photo collages and send them to users.

Message+ is integrated with Yelp and Yahoo to see and share data without leaving the app.

You can send nearby restaurants, fuel stations, and more in Message+.

Message+ comes with a driving mode that automatically replies to the recipient.

Along with normal timestamps, you can see the exact timestamps by swapping right on a chat.

Common features

Both support smart replies, but the option is unavailable everywhere and on all devices.

Both apps offer to schedule messages.

Emojis are supported in both, along with GIFs and stickers.

Both can send your current location.

Which one do you need

Several factors come into play. Message+ is like Textra SMS but with built-in internet features. It comes with great customization options to get the most out of messaging.

The app can replace WhatsApp and Messenger if you don’t want those in your life, but it has fewer options than those instant messaging apps.

Google Messages is our good new messaging app that is trying, but it still has a long way to go to become the best.

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Here we end this Messages vs. Message+ battle. I hope the article helped you get the best messaging app.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the two, so I can help you. Happy messaging, and have a great day.

Susan Campbell

Monday 31st of October 2022

Thanks! I just got a new phone and had to figure out which messaging app to use.