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Chatbooks vs. Shutterfly

Chatbooks vs. Shutterfly

Today, we have photo printing services offering international shipping because even though it’s a digital world, people like to keep their memories within reach of their hands.

Two photo printing services are Chatbooks and Shutterfly. Which is better? The article compares Chatbooks vs. Shutterfly to help you decide.

What are both?

Photobook on Chatbooks

Chatbooks is a printing service focusing mainly on photo books. It has options to upload photos from your computer, social media, or your cloud storage platform to print your favorite photos.

Shutterfly is much more than Chatbooks. It allows you to order various products, including photo books, wall art, gifts, calendars, and more. Unlike Chatbooks, it only supports content from your device.

Both come with a mobile app to upload and order photos.

How do both work?

Using Chatbooks is relatively easy. All you need to do is select a service. A box will ask you to connect to your social account or upload photos from the computer.

Next, you will see a preview of the product. For example, the photo book screen shows a book-style layout with two images on each page.

Once the photos are added, we click on the “add to the cart” button on the top.

Shutterfly also takes a similar approach, but it has a few options to manage photos before you can send them for printing. It offers two modes: Quick and Manual.

The quick lets the website take care of everything, whereas in the Manual mode, you see and modify photos before sending them.

Supported image files

Shutterfly Supported Image Formats
Shutterfly Supported Image Formats

Chatbooks supports common formats, including PNG and JPEG. Shutterfly offers to upload PNG, JPEG, BMP, and WebP. If you have a vector or RAW file, you will need to convert it to one of the standard formats to upload.

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Offered services

Shutterfly Offered Services

One of the best things about Chatbooks is that it offers monthly subscriptions to photobooks (Monthbooks or Minibooks).

For just $15 per month, you can send the month’s great moments and get them printed on a hardcover ($10 for the softcover).

Other than that, Chatbooks offers:

  • Classic Photo books
  • Premium Layflat books
  • Designer covers
  • Yearbooks
  • Canvas wall tiles
  • Tile accessories
  • Instagram and Facebook series

As discussed, Shutterfly offers over 20 services. These include photo books, wedding albums, and more. Here is the list of the standard services:

  • Software and Hardcover Photo books
  • Instant books
  • Book design service
  • Graduation announcements
  • Graduation invitations
  • Wedding albums
  • Thank you and celebration cards
  • Fleece photo blankets
  • Father’s Day cards
  • Pride cards
  • New Year and Christmas cards
  • Home decor services
  • Prints
  • Gifts
  • Wall arts
  • Wedding and bridal shower invitations
  • Response cards

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Styles on Shutterfly

This round of Chatbooks vs. Shutterfly is specific to the latter. Selecting a service shows a wide range of styles.

For example, selecting a photo book shows styles, including modern design, wedding, best dad ever, simply bold, etc. You see the book’s cover image and page colors depending on the selected style.


The monthly subscriptions do not cost anything. You can subscribe to the Monthly Minis and pay $5 per month.

The photo books in the US do not cost any shipment fee, and depending on your chosen service, you get the shipment.

For example, the classic book comes with standard shipping, whereas premium books come with premium free shipping. With wall decor services, you will pay a few bucks for the shipment.

The shipment prices are the same for Canada; however, the service prices are slightly different. Chatbooks also offer international shipping costing a set shipment fee.

On the other hand, Shutterfly does not have a free shipping option. Even in the US, you pay for the shipment cost.

Shutterfly offers international shipping to over 100 countries. However, Shutterfly photos can be picked up in-store in local Walgreens shops.


Chatbooks vs Shutterfly Pricing
Chatbooks vs. Shutterfly Pricing

So, there are a few differences. The minimum number of photos you need for Chatbooks is 30, whereas Shutterfly’s minimum requirement is 20.

By default, a 30-photo 8×8 hardcover photo book costs $20 on Chatbooks, including shipment to the US and Canada, whereas you pay $20.98 for a 20-photo book without the shipment cost on Shutterfly.

This proves that Shutterfly is costly.

Which one should you use?

In terms of services, Shutterfly is one you need. It offers many benefits with great tools to help you get the best photo book you can imagine. It even has a free photo book design service.

Nevertheless, for photo book printing, Chatbooks is cost-effective. It also supports social media and cloud storage programs, as many people have their best photos on their social media accounts.

Chatbooks vs. Shutterfly: Links


Both are great, but I tend to go more toward Chatbooks. Even though it has basic options, it offers subscriptions and stuff to print those memorable moments.

Anyway, the Chatbooks vs. Shutterfly comparison ends here. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments, and enjoy the rest of your day.