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Shutterfly vs. Mpix

Shutterfly vs. Mpix

Photo printing has always been trendy, and today digital services have taken over the world. From photo books to wall prints, we have Shutterfly and Mpix.

What are the differences, and how much will you pay? This is the ultimate Shutterfly vs. Mpix article.

What are both

Shutterfly is a website that allows users to create and order photo products such as photo books, cards, and gifts.

It also offers a suite of tools for managing and editing photos, as well as sharing photos with friends and family. It has over 10 million customers.

Mpix, in comparison, is a professional printing lab specializing in high-quality photo prints and products.

It offers prints in various sizes and paper types, as well as a wide range of photo gifts and home decor items.

Both are great in terms of quality and guarantees. In fact, both services were featured in WIRED’s best photo printing services.

How do both work

Both come with a photo uploader. Once the photo is uploaded, you will find various adjustable options. It is recommended to use the optimal resolution photos to see templates correctly.

Offered services

Shutterfly and Mpix Offered Services

This is one of the comprehensive rounds of Shutterfly vs. Mpix because both have over 20 services. Shutterfly comes with the following services:

  • Photobook (hardcover and softcover)
  • Book design service
  • Instant books
  • Wedding albums
  • Graduation announcements and invitations
  • Thank you cards
  • Celebrations
  • Fleece photo blankets
  • Father’s Day cards
  • Pride cards
  • New Year Cards
  • Christmas cards
  • Home decor services
  • Prints
  • Gifts (for mom, dad, her, him, etc.)
  • Wall arts
  • Wedding invitations
  • Response cards
  • Bridal shower invitations

Mpix offers several services, but not as many as Shutterfly. Here are the standard services:

  • Photo prints
  • Giclee prints
  • Wallet prints
  • Wall prints (canvas, collage, framed, etc.)
  • Metal prints
  • Wood prints
  • Photo albums
  • Hardcover and softcover photo albums
  • Custom photo cards
  • Magazine covers
  • Father’s Day prints

Supported files

Shutterfly Supported Image Formats
Shutterfly Supported Image Formats

Both support common file types, including PNG, BMP, and JPEG. Shutterfly also supports WebP, which is missing from Mpix. I also tested DNG (RAW) and SVG (vector) formats, which both could not open.

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Styles on Shutterfly

Shutterfly is more advanced in terms of templates. When you choose a service and upload your photos, you find several styles. All you need to do is select and see what your image will look like.

Mpix lacks this option as we don’t get many style options. After adding the photos and choosing the cover color, the app goes straight to the checkout.

When you add photos to the photobook editor, you find a few photo variants to choose from.


This round also goes to Shutterfly, which can ship to over 100 countries worldwide. Of course, the shipment prices vary, but international shipment supports many countries.

Mpix has not disclosed the list of countries, but it offers expedited shipping to the US, Canada, Australia, and others.

Some differences

  • Mpix has free local shipping on orders over $35. Shutterfly runs promotions occasionally, but they don’t have a permanent free shipping option.
  • The Mpix account comes with 100 points ($1 worth).
  • Shutterfly account comes with 50% off, and free shipping on over $19 spent on your first order.
  • Shutterfly orders can be made in stores, including Costco, CVS, Target, and Walmart.
  • Both offer mobile apps to order prints on the go.
  • Both come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Shutterfly has two photo modes. The quick one to order photos and the full control one to take everything in your hands.

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Shutterfly and Mpix Prices
Prices comparison

Prices for products vary depending on the size and complexity of the order. For example, a hardcover 8×8 photo book costs $22.98 on Shutterfly. The same size book on Mpix costs $44.99.

Here is the table comparing the hardcover photo book prices. Please note that the prices are the starting prices for a 20-photo hardcover book.

8×11$32.98$77.99 (8.5×11)
11×8$32.98$77.99 (11×8.5)
Photobook prices comparison

By looking at the prices, you might think that Shutterfly is cheaper, but there are multiple qualities, and considering the quality, I don’t think there is much difference in prices.

Why? Because Shutterfly offers both cost-effective and premium services. Mpix only offers great-quality printing.

The difference between Shutterfly’s standard quality and Mpix’s premium quality is minimal.

Still, if you take two photos (one from Shutterfly and the other from Mpix), you will feel the difference. This is also the reason for the vast price difference.

Which one should you use

If you want a good-quality photo book, Shutterfly is the one you need. Its prices are effective for many audiences. If you like a premium service and the money is not a problem, Mpix is here.

Of course, if the sizes are not offered by one, you only have the option to go to its opponent.

Shutterfly vs. Mpix: Links


Alright, this is all for Shutterfly vs. Mpix comparison. Please let me know if you have used any and your review in the comments.

Your words will help others decide on the ideal service. Thanks for reading this report, and please subscribe to the newsletter to stay in touch.

Nanci Wadsworth

Thursday 8th of June 2023

I have both. Mpix does have very good quality, but as you mentioned in your article, Mpix doesn’t have photo editing before it adds a “luster” finish. I’m not able to adjust the lighting on individual photos. Their quality is so good that I will finish my own editing before I order from them in the future. Good article!

Dustin Gazz

Tuesday 6th of June 2023

I have used Shutterfly twice and was bemused by the time it took to receive 2 (12x12) prints 10 days

There must be a reason in the processing I just am not aware of, because in this digital age I would think that my images would be routed directly to a printing queue to be printed fairly quickly. If the image does go directly to queue and it's the number of images it is behind that causes the delay, they need to buy more printers. I could order a bedroom set from Florida and get it delivered to Tucson in less than 10 days. For photos, my expectation would be 3 days, 4 tops. What am I missing that causes what I perceive to be a delay?

Sent an order to Mpix yesterday, but I already like the process better than SF.

Tracy B

Thursday 11th of May 2023

Shutterfly is much more user friendly, and I was pleased with the quality.


Tuesday 13th of December 2022

This was exactly what I was looking for. Analytical, quick read, and to the point comparisons. Thank you so much!!!!!!