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Samsung Health vs. Google Fit

Samsung Health vs. Google Fit

Tracking your activities with your phone is the new norm. Samsung Health and Google Fit are available on Android and iOS, but you won’t use both.

Which one is for you? Let’s find out in the Samsung Health vs. Google Fit comparison.


What are both

Samsung Health is a health and fitness app used for many purposes, including step tracking, food monitoring, sleep tracking, etc.

Google Fit is a fitness app from Google. It focuses on exercises, but additional options are available, such as sleep tracking, nutrition information, etc.

Step tracking

Samsung Health vs Google Fit
Samsung Health and Google Fit Step Comparison

Both count steps and your active time. Active time is walk time. Both count active time differently. In Samsung Health, your active time is calculated when you are walking.

In Google Fit, your active time is counted if you walk at a medium to high pace. Slow-paced steps are added to the step counter, but active time is not calculated.

To test both, I went for a walk. Samsung Health recorded 1,307 steps, and Google Fit recorded 1,302.

Both showed almost the same walking time. However, the calorie data was different, which is covered below.

The difference in calories data

Samsung Health and Google Fit Calorie Data Difference
Samsung Health and Google Fit Calorie Data Difference

Samsung Health uses Kcal (kilocalories), whereas Google Fit uses Cal (calories). However, in terms of fitness, both have the same value.

I tested Google Fit and Samsung Health, respectively, and found that Samsung Health shows more calories burned than Google Fit.

This is most likely because Samsung Health measures more things than Google Fit.

Winner: Tie

Samsung Health vs. Google Fit: Exercises

Exercises in both apps

Samsung Health comes with 98 activities. Google Fit comes with 104 exercises.

Both allow tracking activities and adding data manually. Also, you don’t need to take your phone while exercising or playing sports. The apps can count data based on time.

One thing I like about Samsung Health is that you can search for workouts. Google Fit shows exercises alphabetically, forcing you to scroll down to walk activities like walking and treadmill.

Winner: Tie

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Other tracking features

Google Fit Android

Let’s explore the data tracking options in this Samsung Health vs. Google Fit battle. Samsung Health comes with the following options:

  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Weight (manual)
  • Water
  • Stress *
  • Heart rate *
  • Blood glucose *
  • Blood oxygen *
  • Blood pressure *
  • Women’s Health

The star (*) sign indicates that a Samsung fitness watch is required to collect the data.

Google Fit comes with the following:

  • Sleep
  • Heart rate (device required)
  • Weight (manual)
  • Blood pressure (manual)

Samsung Health has more options; hence it’s the winner of this round.

Winner: Samsung Health

Sleep tracking

Sleep Recording in Samsung Health
Sleep Recording in Samsung Health

Samsung Health gets the round because once you have activated this feature, the app automatically tracks your time by monitoring the device screen-off timing.

It sends you a notification with the recorded time in the morning. Just tap the notification to record the data and click the “record” button.

Google Fit is not for your sleep, but it has the option. The sleep tracking feature does not limit data recording, so you can record a sleep of 22 hours, which is not ideal.

Winner: Samsung Health

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Samsung Health Challenges Feature

Both encourage you to push yourself, but both apps take a different approach.

Samsung Health has a together section to connect your app with your friends. This allows you to challenge your friends.

You can also join a world program and participate with thousands of Samsung Health users worldwide.

Google Fit does not support group activities but has a “Points” system. You get points by doing an activity. The more you do an activity (walk, run, play sport), the more points you get.

The target is 30 points daily. The points are designed with the World Health Organisation’s help to make it easier to complete the required daily exercise.

Winner: Samsung Health

Additional features

Samsung Health


Samsung Health has a tab called Fitness to find free programs to join and listen to music for mindfulness. The app also has women’s health options.

Food data

The Food tracker is specific to Samsung Health. Its database has thousands of items with calories and other nutrient data.

As you add food, the app remembers them and shows you the same items for quick add.

Also, a history section is provided to see your food and search history.

Water intake

You can track water intake as well. The app does not send notifications; the option is on the main interface. You can also set a target and track your information.

Better workout assistant

You can set a target when you start a workout. The app guides you as you go and motivates you to complete your target.


Achievements such as the number of times the step target was achieved, most steps, longest duration, fastest speed, most floors climbed, etc., are stored.

Google Fit


The Journal is the record of your activities. From heart points to weight to exercises, it sortes all your activities.

It even gives activities names. You can share each activity via the supported apps.

My recommendation and summary

Samsung Health has more features and can be connected to apps/devices. It is a one-stop solution for maintaining and improving your health.

Google Fit is a digital fitness app that can help count steps and calories, but that’s pretty much all it has. With that, it’s much easier to use.

Thanks for reading. I hope the information was helpful. Please share your thoughts in the comments so we can discuss more.

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Stephen B

Wednesday 29th of September 2021

Very good comparison of the two apps! I appreciate you taking the time you compare the two. One thing, I would appreciate more details into the 3rd party integrations as this is key for those that choose to live in multiple ecosystems when it comes to electronics.


Wednesday 29th of September 2021

Thanks, Stephen, for the feedback. I'll look into this section and add more information.


Friday 10th of September 2021

Excellent Article! Thank you!


Friday 10th of September 2021

Glad you liked it, Chrystal.


Monday 24th of May 2021

Great comparison! Just wanted to point out that third party support is very important. Samsung for example supports third party but doesn't allow steps which might be a deal breaker for some

Aries Villanite

Sunday 2nd of May 2021

This is great! Exactly how product comparisons and reviews should be written. Thank you!


Sunday 2nd of May 2021

Thank you so much for the kind words.