5 Best Android Apps to Add Subtitles to Videos in 2021

Best Apps To Add Captions To Videos Automatically
5 Best Apps to Add Subtitles to Videos Automatically

Adding captions to videos is challenging and tiring, which is why no one likes to do that. Many companies have developed apps to add captions to videos automatically. So, what tools are those? The article covers the five best apps to add subtitles to Android automatically.

Disclaimer: Some apps are browser-based. So, you will have to go to their website to install it on your Android device.


AutoCap App
AutoCap App

AutoCap is a free Android app that can transcribe videos of up to 5 minutes recorded in over 100 languages. If you add a video longer than 5 minutes, you will have to add the captions yourself for the remaining time.

The app automatically detects the language, and on the edit screen, you can manually add or remove the text. The app underlines the words which were difficult for AI to transcribe.

The app comes with:

  1. fonts
  2. text size
  3. text colour
  4. background colour
  5. change the colour of the highlighted word
  6. animations options

The app leaves a watermark, which can only be removed by subscribing to the premium plan or paying one-time money for that video only.

The premium plan costs $5.99 per month or $46.99 per year, while to remove the watermark for a single video, you pay $4.59.

✔️ Allows adding the automatic timer and images❌ 5 minutes length at max
❌ Leaves a watermark
❌ Expensive
❌ No one-time purchase
❌ Slightly inaccurate
AutoCap Pros and Cons


Kaptioned App
Kaptioned App

As the name suggests, the app auto-captions videos recoded in over 85 languages. You can choose or record a new video while the app saves past projects as well.

You see the language menu when you add a new video. It does not select the language automatically. The editor comes with:

  1. font
  2. subtitle size
  3. subtitle colour
  4. subtitle background colour
  5. position (vertical)
  6. Translate using Google Translator

The app does not care for the video size, but you can only transcribe two videos at max every day. It also leaves a watermark on the video’s top-right.

✔️ No limit on video length
✔️ Can translate videos
❌ Expensive
❌ No one-time purchase
❌ Two videos a day at max for free
Kaptioned App Pros and Cons Table


Kapwing Website
Kapwing Website

Kapwing is not an Android app; it’s a browser-based app. You can go to the website on your browser and install the website as an app on the right side menu.

Kapwing is a powerful free tool to add captions to videos automatically. The tool is not just for captions; it’s an all in one video editor. You can:

  1. trim videos
  2. add text
  3. add subtitles
  4. add audio files
  5. add elements
  6. record screen

You can either upload the video or add the URL to start editing. To add subtitles, tap on the subtitles option.

To auto transcribe the subtitles, you will need to sign up for free. Anyway, tap on the auto-generate button to start transcribing. Depending on the video, it will take a few moments. Once the video is processed, you will see subtitles and the subtitle menu. The tool offers to:

  1. change font
  2. caption font size
  3. bold
  4. italicise
  5. captions position
  6. caption alignment
  7. caption colour
  8. background colour
  9. translate captions

The tool can transcribe videos of up to seven minutes for free, and you can download videos without any watermark. The premium plan costs $17 per month on the yearly plan and $20 on the monthly plan.

✔️ Video editor
✔️ No watermark
✔️ Can translate videos
❌ Expensive
❌ No one-time purchase
❌ 7 minutes max
Kapwing Pros and Cons

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Veed.io Site
Veed.io Site

Another automatic speech recognition tool is Veed.io. Like Kapwing, Veed.io is a browser-based app. It’s a freemium tool to edit videos on the go. You can upload a video straight from your Android phone while the app comes with:

  1. subtitles
  2. filters
  3. text
  4. shape elements
  5. drawing options

To automatically generate the subtitles, tap on the subtitle option. You can auto-generate, manually add, or upload a subtitle file. The auto-generate takes a few seconds depending on the video, and once the subtitles are generated, you have the translate, styles, and options tabs.

In the styles, you get all the caption features. The app offers:

  1. font
  2. caption size
  3. text colour
  4. bold text
  5. italicise text
  6. text alignment
  7. letter spacing
  8. line-height
  9. letter case
  10. effects (built-in effects)

For free, you can export videos of up to 10 minutes while it leaves a watermark, and the saved video quality is 720p even if you upload a full HD video. The premium plan starts from $24 on the yearly plan and $30 for the monthly plan.

✔️ Video editor
✔️ Can translate videos
❌ Expensive
❌ No one-time purchase
❌ 10 minutes max
❌ 720p max
Veed.io Pros and Cons


Voicella App
Voicella App

The Android app Voicella is new in the market, but it offers some great features. The app can work free, but you will have to watch ads to add credits to your account.

When you add a video, the app asks for the video language. It can add captions offline in English and Russian, while you can download other languages or transcribe them in another language when the app is connected to the internet. The app supports over 40 languages.

After selecting the language, it takes a few moments. Once the process is complete, you will see the captions down the bottom. You can save the video or just the subtitle file on the top. The app comes with:

  1. built-in text designs
  2. text-shadow
  3. text colour
  4. gradient colours
  5. video aspect ratio
  6. font
  7. text alignment
✔️ No watermark
✔️ Can get more time without paying
✔️ Download subtitle file
❌ No one-time purchase
❌ Expensive
Voicella Pros and Cons

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Still not sure which app to choose? Check out the video to add captions to the video automatically. The video shows each app in action.

Best apps video


The article covered the best apps to add subtitles to videos on Android in 2021. I hope it helped to find the perfect app. Would you mind letting me know which one is your favourite among all so we can discuss more?

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