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Is Google Fit Accurate – Tests and Comparisons

Is Google Fit Accurate – Tests and Comparisons

I’m not a health expert, but I can read my tracking data on Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Strava, and one thing I always wonder is why Google Fit’s data is different.

So, I went on a mission to test the app and find the answer to the question: Is Google Fit accurate?

Different calorie data

Calories Difference Between Google Fit and Samsung Health
Calories Difference Between Google Fit and Samsung Health

I have both Google Fit and Samsung Health installed. It’s 5:30 PM, and Samsung Health shows that I have walked 166 steps since morning, whereas Google Fit displays 164.

Even though that’s only two steps difference, Google Fit says I have burned 1,216 calories, and Samsung Health says I have burned only 7.

One thing that must be noted here is that Samsung Health uses Kcal, and Google Fit uses Cal, but both have the same meaning in fitness.

Fitness battle: Samsung Health vs. Google Fit

How does Google Fit calculate data?

So, why is there a huge difference between those two apps? Is Google Fit accurate or Samsung Health? It turns out that both count the calorie data differently.

Google Fit, along with your exercise, counts your resting and your regular task and activity data. So, as the day passes, you will see the Cal increase even if you don’t work out.

Step tracking

However, I went for a walk to see how different both track my activity. I used Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Strava simultaneously to compare the data. Below are the results.

Google Fit

Walking Data in Google Fit
Walking Data in Google Fit

Google Fit recorded 1,302 steps, and it displayed 62 Cal in the energy expended option. The time it took was around 12 minutes.

The distance calculated was 1.15 km with 9 minutes of active time.

Samsung Health

Walking Data in Samsung Health
Walking Data in Samsung Health

Samsung Health displayed 1,307, which is very close to Google Fit. However, the total calories burned were 94, with 12 minutes as the finish time.

By looking at both, Samsung Health record 32 Kcal more than Google Fit.


Strava did not calculate the calorie data for some reason, so we can’t compare it with others. However, it calculated 1,310 steps which were close to others.

Omni Calculator

Since Strava did not help, I turned to the online tool Omni calculator. It has a calorie counter that checks your the burned calories. I put in the exact details as the apps, and it favored Google Fit.

It showed that on average speed, covering 1,300 will burn 59 calories, and from my tests, Google Fit recorded 62 calories.

So, Google Fit is more accurate than Samsung Health in walking exercises.

Activity workout

Workout Data Difference in Google Fit and Samsung Health
Workout Data Difference in Google Fit and Samsung Health

In the next round, I tested Google Fit and Samsung Health in a Badminton battle. I started the activity in both and left the phone for half an hour. Here is what both calculated.

Google Fit recorded 277 Cal, and Samsung Health recorded 298 Kcal.

Samsung Health again recorded more calories burned than Google Fit. This time the difference was 21 calories.

Is Google Fit accurate?

From tests and comparisons, we find that Google Fit is accurate, and in fact, it is more accurate than some other apps.

However, it also calculates your resting period, so if you want it to calculate your workouts, you will need to track workouts or add activities manually.


This is all for this Google Fit accuracy article. I hope my findings helped you answer the question you had. Please share your views about the app and your findings below so I can improve the article.


Friday 15th of September 2023

thanks!!!!! finally an answer to this mysterious thing..,...

Madhsudhan Khemchandani

Friday 15th of September 2023

Thanks for the feedback. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thursday 25th of May 2023

Well to me it's always the other way around... Google Fit records more calories than Samsung Health 🤔. I like both apps for different reasons, I still can't decide which one to keep to be honest. I think I'll settle for GFit, although I don't really like it it calculates my resting period burnt calories. I don't find that useful at all. I hope they'll give us an option to turn that off some day.


Saturday 16th of September 2023

Isn't it good actually. You can track your total calories burned and then synchronise it with your diet to fulfill your calories needs whether you wanna bulk or cut ...


Sunday 7th of May 2023

Thanks for the comparison. Helpful article.