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14 Things You Should Know About Threads from Instagram

14 Things You Should Know About Threads from Instagram

Threads is the new Twitter-like app from Instagram. It has been in the news for a while and has just been released to the public in many countries.

While testing it, I noticed some cool things you should know about.

No Hashtags

Hashtags in Threads
Hashtags in Threads

Unlike Twitter and Instagram, there are no hashtags on Threads. You can add hashtags, but they behave like text and are not clickable.

No trending topics

Because there are no hashtags, Threads has no trending topic area. It’s like Facebook, where you post stuff and wait for your followers to comment or repost.

Links are clickable

Links in Threads
Links in Threads

On Instagram, links are only clickable in the bio area. In Threads, you can place links in posts. You can also add a website link in the bio.

Instagram verified are also Threads verified

Users who are verified on Instagram are automatically verified on Threads. Users don’t need to verify their accounts. However, one must sign up on Threads to use it.


Threads allow you to share posts in other apps, but it has a special button to tweet the post. Call it what you will, but I think Threads is trying to tell us something.

App only

Threads Website

The Threads website is a video of circling balls in space. It looks like a tiny galaxy. The website has a barcode to download the app. That’s all the website does.

Blocked users

If you have blocked someone on Instagram, you won’t see them on Threads. This also applies to others who have blocked your account.

The Threads app says the blocklist is applied in both apps and can be managed on Instagram.


Usernames in the Threads App

You can’t change your Threads username, and your Instagram username is your Threads name. If you like to change it, you will need to change it on Instagram.

Public and private profiles

Like Instagram, Threads lets you make the profile public or private. Public profiles can be seen by anyone, whereas private profiles can be seen by your friends.

Twitter has a similar option called Protect your tweets.

500 Character limit

Threads lets you add up to 500 characters, which is about 80 words. You can add a follow-up post to add any additional words.

Hidden words

The Threads App Hidden Words
The Threads App Hidden Words

You can hide offensive or custom words you don’t want to see on the platform. You can manage the settings in Instagram or the Threads app.

Up to 5-minute videos

You can add up to 5-minute videos in a thread. Uploading longer is possible, but the app will keep the first five minutes.

Instagram is the main hub

Most of your information comes from Instagram, so if you deactivate your Instagram account, your Threads account will automatically deactivate.

It’s just the beginning

It’s just the beginning of this new era. Threads have a lot to bring. Maybe we’ll see it moving away from Instagram, or maybe we will see it not getting much attention. Either way, it’ll be a fun ride.