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Adobe Scan vs. Office Lens

Adobe Scan vs Office Lens

Adobe Scan and Office Lens are two popular PDF scanners available on the App Store and Google Play. How one should you use in 2021? The article explores the two and covers Adobe Scan vs. Office Lens.

Auto-detection and capturing

The auto-detection feature is enabled in both. Adobe Scan allows you to point the camera and capture the photo. Office Lens detects the document, but you must tap on the button to take the picture. Regarding the AI, Adobe Scan does a better job of finding the edges.

Office Lens is slower, and it’s not as accurate as Adobe Scan, but you can crop the captured photo if you can’t get the edges right.

Adobe Scan supports document, business card, whiteboard, and form scan types, whereas Office Lens offers document, business card, whiteboard, and photo scanning.

Multi-Page capture

We have talked about Adobe Scan’s auto-detect and capture feature. This feature comes in handy when you have multiple pages. Your job is to put the object in the front, and the app will do the rest. Office Lens also offers to take various pages at once.

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Angle capture

Capturing in Adobe Scan and Office Lens
Capturing in Adobe Scan and Office Lens

Both offer to capture the photos at angles. Take a look at the comparison photo to see how both perform the angle operation. The problem with Adobe Scan is it takes a lot of time to find the document, and sometimes it does not find it at all. But, if you manually take a picture, the app will detect the material and show you the photo.

In the above photo, the document in Adobe Scan is manually cropped, so there are some crop issues. Office Lens contrarily is well coded to find the document. It works much better than Adobe Scan.

Document quality

Images of Scanned Cards by Adobe Scan and Office Lens
Adobe Scan vs Office Lens – Business Card Scan

After scanning business cards and documents at the same distance, I found out the Adobe Scan is brighter than Office Lens (by default). Adobe Scan app adds additional light to scans and gives them a scanned document look while you have to browse through filters in Office Lens to find the perfect colour as the default colour is not promising most of the time.

Exporting documents

Adobe Scan exports in PDF format, while saving as an image option can be enabled in the preferences menu. One thing I don’t like about Adobe Scan is all the files are stored in the cloud. There is no option to save the document on the phone. You also need to log in with Adobe ID before using the app.

Depending on the document, Office Lens shows the export formats. For example, if you scan a business card, you will see options including save as image and save in OneNote (login may require), and scanning a document shows save as PDF as well. If you are logged in, scans are kept in the cloud by default.

You also get an option to save in Word and PowerPoint formats. Both offer to automatically detect and save contact details when you scan a business card. Overall, Lens gets this round.

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Other features

In the final section of Adobe Scan vs. Office Lens, we are covering additional features. So far, the comparison has been equal; hence this section might help decide which one to choose.

Adobe Scan

  • Offers a clean-up option to clean and whitten the documents (helpful for edges)
  • Has an option to fill and sign the document
  • Edit the document even after saving it
  • Comes with a dark theme

Office lens

  • Draw on the document before saving
  • Add text on the document before saving
  • Read the text using the Immersive Reader option

Which one is for you?

Both offer pretty much the same tools. Here is my opinion-based list of which one is for you.

  • If you want the documents to stay on the device,
  • if Word and PowerPoint are part of the scanning work, or
  • you go to a class where you sit at an angle to take pictures of the whiteboard, then

Office Lens is for you. If you:

  • scan multiple pages regularly,
  • work on various devices, or
  • you need more crisp images, then



The tech business is tricky. It’s hard to pick one and stick to it, but a comparison can clear the doubts. I hope the comparison of Adobe Scan vs. Office Lens helped. Thanks for reading, and please feel free to share your views in the comments below so we can discuss more.


Monday 14th of September 2020

What do you think is the best scan document software


Tuesday 15th of September 2020

I would choose Office Lens.