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Office Lens vs. CamScanner

The digital world contains millions of apps to make our life easier. Two of them are Microsoft Office Lens and CamScanner. Both document scanning apps are available for iOS and Android.

How do both differ? What makes both competitors? The blog post looks at both and covers: Office Lens vs. CamScanner.

Auto-detection and capturing

Office Lens Auto Detect
Office Lens Auto-Detect

The way both auto-detect is different. Office Lens detects the document while taking the picture, whereas CamScanner auto crops after taking the picture. Both do not offer the auto capturing feature. CamScanner does but in the premium version.

Office Lens supports documents, business cards, whiteboards, and photo scanning. In contrast, CamScanner offers the PPT, ImageToExcel, ID photo, OCR, docs, ID card, book, question book, greeting card, and QR code options. A couple of options, such as OCR and book scan, are premium.

Document quality and tools

Office Lens vs CamScanner
Document Quality of Office Lens and CamScanner

Both offer a few features, and there are a few down points about both. The length of the scanned document from CamScanner was a little bit taller than the competitor. Office Lens comes with four filters, including an auto filter. The document in the above photo is filtered with the auto option.

CamScanner contrarily offers six filters, and when you scan a document, the app automatically applies the colors to give the document a scanned look.

Both offer crop and rotate options. Office Lens comes with an option to choose the document type after taking the photo while typing on the document before saving. The photos are not so bright, and you have to go the extra mile to find a good filter for the document.

CamScanner automatically adds some brightness to the photo. It provides a modified option containing brightness, contrast, and details if you want to take the quality into your own hands.

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Angle capture

Angle Capture - Office Lens vs CamScanner
Angle Capture – Office Lens vs CamScanner

Both offer to crop the photos taken at angles. To find a better app, I took a test by taking a photo of the same document at the same angle. The comparison in the above photo shows how both scan and crop the documents.

The document scanned with Office Lens was okay in quality. The image quality was a bit dark, but it should not be a problem as the app comes with a few filters to brighten the documents.

CamScanner, on the contrary, filtered the photo with bright colors, but the length of the document had the same issue, and the photo was a bit blurry too. There is no doubt that one app can outperform the other depending on the environment, but in Office Lens vs. CamScanner blog post, Office Lens takes the cake.


Being a free app, Office Lens takes this round. The app supports exporting the documents in JPG, PDF, OneNote, Word (OCR), and PowerPoint formats. CamScanner also offers the OCR feature, but you need the paid version to enjoy this feature fully. Anyway, you can select multiple formats to export. After the export completes, you can see the document in the app.

CamScanner comes with options, including JPG, long picture, and PDF formats. The PDF version comes with the watermark. CamScanner also supports generating a link and sending it to PC, but you need to create an account and sign in.

Other features

This round in Office Lens vs. CamScanner explores some of the unique features both offer.

Office Lens

  1. The app offers to choose the resolution for free.


  1. The app can be used without an account.
  2. The app offers the password feature to protect the documents.
  3. The app is free for students and teachers.

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Which one is for you?

Both will do the job. The question comes to exporting. If you want to export in PDF format, you should go with Office Lens as it won’t leave any watermark.

If you want the document in the image format, then CamScanner will probably be the best choice, as it automatically applies the filter, and you also get a few options to modify the colour a bit.

Office LensOffice Lens
Office Lens and CamScanner Apps


The blog post: Office Lens vs. CamScanner explored the essential topics of document scanning. I hope the comparison was helpful. Please let me know your views in the comments down below. Also, subscribe to the newsletter for future updates.