5 Best Apps to Improve Spelling and Grammar in 2021

Best Spelling and Grammar Apps
5 Best Spelling and Grammar Apps

Mobile technology has made so many things possible. One of them is learning and improving. There is no age to learn new things, and there is always room for improvement. Considering that, here is an article covering 5 apps to improve spelling and grammar in 2021.

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Spelling Master – Free

Spelling Master Free by LittleBitPlay
Spelling Master Free by LittleBitPlay

A powerful improve spelling app for Android and iOS. The app comes with many mini-games:

  • One word two forms
  • Find misspelt
  • Find correct
  • Which letter
  • Deciding
  • Decide and correct
  • Multiple choices
  • Practice rounds

The app saves the high score for each game separately. It also shows you a tutorial before starting the game, so you know what you will do.

The app has an average user-based rating of 5.0 on the App Store in the US and 4.0 on Google Play. The app has been downloaded over 17 million times.

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  • All the mini-games for free
  • Easy to use and easy to navigate


  • Buttons unresponsive sometimes

Kids Spelling Learning

Screenshot of Kids Spelling Learning by ACKAD Developer
Kids Spelling Learning by ACKAD Developer

Another app to improve spelling and grammar. Kids Spelling Learning is a simple app that helps you type hundreds of words. After opening the app, you get a bunch of categories including alphabets, birds, animals, vegetables, three letters, six letters etc.

After selecting one of these, you find the screen with a keyboard and a picture of the word. You will also hear the word, and you get a chance to type that word.

As you type, you hear the letter, and once you have correctly typed the word, the app goes to the next question. Over 5 million users have installed it, and the app has 4.2 ratings out of 5.


  • Simple and easy to navigate
  • Comes with hundreds of words


  • Costly ad-free version


Grammarly Keyboard App
Grammarly Keyboard App

A unique way to improve spelling and grammar. Grammarly Keyboard app is available to download and use for free. The keyboard app checks for spelling and grammar issues as you type.

You see fixes in a row above the keyboard. The best thing about this tool is it helps you understand the mistake to learn and avoid it next time.


  • Multi-platform tool for free.
  • Generates a weekly report
  • Simple and easy to navigate
  • Check over 400 different types of mistakes


  • Expensive paid version

Ultimate English Spelling Quiz

Screenshot of Ultimate English Spelling Quiz by DamTech Designs
Ultimate English Spelling Quiz by DamTech Designs

One of the best spelling apps, Ultimate English Spelling Quiz, contains ten levels, and each level offers many questions. Each level also counts score separately depending on how fast you answer the questions.

You’ll also get synonym, antonym, plural, and simple past tense quizzes, while some quizzes also come with different types of questions.

Ultimate English Spelling Quiz also comes with spelling facts, similar words, foreign origin words, everyday slang, American vs British, acronyms, and phobias. You can access your score by tapping on the leaderboard button on the main screen.


  • Quizzes to help you learn to spell words
  • Cheap ad-free version


  • Kept crashing on some of the tools

Spelling Master

Screenshot of Spelling Master by SkynetComputing
Spelling Master by SkynetComputing

Another app that helps you learn words spelling quickly, the Spelling Master app comes with three tools, including a spelling quiz, review your mistakes, and practice your mistakes.

In the spelling quiz, you get 40 levels, and each level contains 15 questions. As you complete one level, the next level unlocks automatically. On the question’s screen, you see the meaning of the word with its usage.

You hear the word, and you must type that word. There is an option to listen to the word again, or if you can’t get the word right, you can skip the question.

To view the skipped words, you can see your mistakes in the menu, which shows you the mistakes you made while practising. If you want to practice your mistakes, go to the third tool, which is practice.

The section only shows the questions which you missed in the spelling quiz section. The app is only available on Android, but it sure is one of the best apps to improve spelling and grammar.

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  • The ad-free version is cheap
  • Stores your mistakes so you can come back later to practice


  • None

Wrap up

Here is the end of the best apps to improve spelling and grammar post. I hope you found the perfect app to learn English speaking quickly. Thanks for having a read. Let me know your thought in the comments section so we can discuss more.

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