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Canva vs. PowerPoint (2022)

Canva vs. PowerPoint (2022)

Canva or PowerPoint? Both are two excellent presentation programs. Choosing which one to use can be tricky because of the extended features and options. So, is Canva better than PowerPoint? The article makes an in-depth comparison of both and covers Canva vs. PowerPoint.



Canva overview | Creating a poster

Canva is a free web-based visual maker. It can be used to create infographics, flyers, album covers, posters, and many types of digital art. When you start Canva, it asks you a few questions to customize your experience.

It uses a drag and drop system to create beautiful designs in minutes. You can upload your images and integrate them into your designs to create custom artwork and presentations. It’s kind of like Photoshop but without the complicated interface.

It effectively mixes graphic design and picture editing. You can put together clear and concise slideshows that get your point across. You can also share designs online and invite others to collaborate.

The free version of Canva comes with a limited number of stock templates and photos.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint overview

Microsoft PowerPoint is used to present slideshows. It’s a compelling application that comes standard with Microsoft Office. It is mainly used to display information with many advanced graphics such as moving charts, graphs, and videos.

Like Canva, you can upload your presentation online and share it with others. The program is standard for school and business presentations, and its dominance in the world of slideshows since the 90s has made it the gold standard for presentations.

Compared to other tools, PowerPoint is an easier presentation tool because of its easy-to-use interface and extended functionalities with other programs.

Unlike Canva, PowerPoint is not free. The online version is free, but the desktop application requires a subscription. The online PowerPoint also comes as a Chrome extension.

If you’re asking about Canva vs. PowerPoint for strict ease of use, Canva will be the best option. You can log in using an email, Google, or Facebook so that you can save your projects for future editing.

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Canva features

Templates: Thousands of templates to get started. These include presentation, video, social media, and marketing templates.

Free photos, videos, icons, charts, illustrations, and audio files: You can search for content in their library and insert it into your projects. The premium content has a pro sign, but you can use the pro items individually by paying a small one-time fee.

Backgrounds: Find hundreds of backgrounds and add one with one click.

Animated elements: Find many animated elements to add to your designs.

Animate elements: You can also animate objects in a visual. You can animate particular objects or the whole design.

Text styles: The app offers pre-made text styles.

Text effects: Text effects apply different text effects. A few are echo, glitch, neon, and shadow.

Seasonal templates: Templates for events, holidays, birthdays, and weddings. The powerful search makes it easier to find templates.

Export options: Depending on the visual, you have multiple export options. Some include PTT, JPG, PNG, PDF, and MP4.

Styles and color palettes: Canva has many pre-made color palettes and text fonts that can be applied to your designs with one click.

Sharing: Share and invite others to collaborate on a project.

Notes: Add notes to specific pages.

Create charts: Create 16 different types of charts. The app offers to add data, but you can import the data from Google Sheets.

Integrations: Connect hundreds of apps, including Google Photos, Slack, Google Maps, GIPHY, and YouTube. Canva itself is a third-party app for some apps, including Dropbox.

Microsoft PowerPoint features

Templates: There are many stock templates to choose from, and there are thousands of templates that users have created that can be downloaded and imported into PowerPoint.

PowerPoint designer: A feature that uses AI to generate design ideas. The feature can be used to purchase a professional design created by seasoned graphic artists.

Cinematic motion presentation: PowerPoint allows cinematic motion within its slides to make eye-catching presentations. There are also stock animations, transitions, and layouts in your presentation. This feature is like creating a video in Canva.

OneDrive: The tool features the ability to upload your slides to Microsoft OneDrive, a cloud storage application to view and download presentations anywhere (an option already implemented in Canva).

Sharing: Like Canva, it also allows multiple users to collaborate on the same slideshow.

Add notes: Like the former, add notes to specific pages.

Export: PowerPoint allows you to export your slideshow to animated GIF, MP4, PDF, WMV, and many other formats.

Integrations: Like Canva, integrate many apps, including Microsoft Exchange, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Microsoft Excel.

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Canva vs PowerPoint
Canva vs. PowerPoint Pricing

As mentioned, Canva is free to use but with certain limitations. Those limitations are removed in the Pro plan. Pro comes with more stock photos, videos, audio files, templates, and graphics. New photos and videos are added regularly.

The Pro version also includes custom brand kits to add your logos and fonts. So if your company has a specific type of style that is synonymous with your brand, you can add those to each design and bring your style to life.

You can save custom templates to use and store all of your content on 100 GB of cloud storage. There is also a feature that allows you to schedule social media content to 8 different platforms, which can be really powerful for a social media marketing strategy.

Canva Pro costs $12.99 per month or $119.99 per year for five people and allows up to 5 people to edit the same slideshows and other content together.

You’ll probably spend more overtime on Canva than PowerPoint, which is a $99.99 per year or $159.99 flat fee if you just have one computer using it.

Which one is better?

In the Canva vs. PowerPoint debate, which one is for you? It depends on usage. If you want to create presentations with free elements, photos, and stuff, go with Canva.

Suppose you have the content and want to create presentations, you should consider using PowerPoint. Overall, it offers more features than Canva, but you must have the shapes, photos, and graphics to create presentations.

Whichever one you choose, either will be a great tool to create a beautiful slideshow to impress everyone that views it.

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So, this is the end of the Canva vs. PowerPoint battle. The article covered the main topics and compared the two where necessary. I hope it helped you understand the usage of both. Please let me know if you found anything missing in the comments.


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