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Here are All Google One Benefits

Here are All Google One Benefits

Google One, along with the storage, provides many benefits, and depending on your plan, you get to enjoy rewards. What are all Google One benefits? This article covers every Google One plan.

Free subscription

Google One free Plan Benefits
Google One Free Plan Benefits

Many believe that Google One is only for subscribers, but users with 15 GB of storage can access Google One. Also, the app brings a few perks for free users.

Storage data

Google One shows your total storage data and which Google services are taking up your storage.


Google One makes it easier to back up your device’s data. On the app’s home screen, you find a backup option to back up apps, photos, videos, SMS, call history, and device settings.

Clean up

Another benefit of Google One’s free plan is that you can clean up your Google account storage.

The option shows you emails with attachments, big files in Google Drive, photos and videos taking up storage, etc.

With a few clicks, you can free up your storage without installing a third-party app or going to each service individually.

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100 GB plan

The first premium Google One subscription is the 100 GB plan, costing $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year. Along with the 100 GB and free subscription features, you get the below Google One benefits.

Google experts

If you need help with storage, email, drive, or anything else Google-related, you can contact Google experts.

Depending on your region, you can phone them, chat, or email them. In some locations, all three options are available.

Storage sharing

You can share this 100 GB with up to 5 members, so if you have a family member who wants additional storage, you can add them to the plan.

Google Photos premium options

Google One Options in Google Photos
Google One Options in Google Photos

You have most likely heard of Google Photos. The app lets you edit photos. Some of the editing options in Google Photos are premium. Those have a tiny “1” icon on the top.

Those premium editing features are available for 100 GB Google One subscribers.

200 GB plan

The 200 GB plan does not offer many additional Google One benefits. The plan costs $2.99 monthly or $29.99 yearly.

Google Store

Google One Discount in Google Store
Google One Discount in Google Store

You get 100 GB of extra storage and a 3% discount in the Google Store.

Google Store is a place to shop for all Google tech products. When you shop using the same email, the discount is automatically applied.

Hotel discounts

Hotel Discounts in Google One
Hotel Discounts in Google One

Google One lets you book hotel rooms at discounted prices. The discount can be up to 40%. However, we have been seeing fewer and fewer participating hotels every month.

If you don’t see any hotels, either no hotels are available, or they don’t offer Google One discount.

2 TB plan

The 2 TB plan sets itself apart from the 200 GB plan. It is most likely because it is the final individual plan costing $9.99 or $99.9 per year. Here are the Google One 2 TB plan benefits.

Google Store

In this package, you get the same Google experts, five users, and member benefits, but it comes with a 10% discount in the Google Store.

The discount is for pretty much everything in the store.

So, if you plan on shopping over $1,000, you can get the Google One 2 TB plan for free. How? Subscribe to the yearly plan and shop in the Google Store.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a suite for businesses having their domain. Google Workspace costs $6 per user. Now, this plan does not give you all Google Workspace features.

You can host up to 24-hour video calls on Google Meet. The regular limit is one hour.

Secondly, the plan lets you live stream Meet calls to YouTube. This is helpful for podcasts, interviews, public meetings, etc.

However, you must have at least 50 subscribers to stream live on YouTube.

Thirdly, with this plan, you can cancel the noise in your calls. Noise will be eliminated, such as a car passing by or your keyboard clicking.

Lastly, you can record those Meet calls to share on other platforms.

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VPN by Google One

VPN by Google One
VPN by Google One

The VPN is still new and may not be available in every region, but Google One has a VPN option that encrypts your phone’s internet, not just Google apps.


There are multiple benefits to using Google One. Some of those are Google One discounts and Google One hotels.

Whether you have 15 GB storage or 2 TB, there is something in Google One for everyone. If you have never tried it before, you should enjoy the Google One benefits.