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Best Trello Template in Each Category

Best Trello Template in Each Category

Trello is used by millions of people worldwide. It is one of the reasons that CEOs, managers, authors, and artists have created templates for people to use.

Today, in this post, I will share some of the best templates to help you begin your project in the most effortless way possible.

The article covers the best template from each category to see the best Trello template for your industry.

Productivity: Getting Things Done

34K copies

GTD is a personal productivity methodology, and the template executes that method. Kelvin Baggs created this template, which is all you need to get things done.

It has projects, agendas, next actions, reference material, and calendar lists. Each list has different cards to help you create that dream board for your upcoming projects. The template supports power-ups, and you can invite others to collaborate.

Business: OKRs


43K copies

A template created by Kevan Lee (VP of Marketing at Buffer) named OKRs is a perfect example for businesses and companies. The template contains the below lists:

  • Objectives
  • Done projects
  • Ideas and inspiration
  • Yearly quarters

In each list, we see different cards that contain attachments, labels, descriptions, images, and more. The template gives businesses the power to manage and learn to use Trello simultaneously.

Marketing: Social Media Marketing Board

Social Media Marketing Board

46K copies

A nice-looking template, Social Media Marketing Board, is designed for social media, but you can tweak options to suit your style. You get resources, ideas, and to-do lists, and each list has an image card on the top to make it look clean.

The template comes with example checklists, images, labels, tasks with due dates, and descriptions. Although it won’t make marketing easy, it will make the process you follow easy to understand.

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Education: Remote Class Template

Remote Class Template
Remote Class Template

40K copies

With current settings, remote studying has become the new normal. The Remote Class Template created by professor Kelly Theisen is one to the rescue. The template is simple yet powerful to help students manage their studies.

It has resources, weekly assignments, labs, projects, and exam lists, and under each list, we have multiple cards that contain tasks, descriptions, checklists, and more.

The template is designed for a particular subject, but you can modify it to add more subjects.

Design: Design Sprint

Design Sprint

22K copies

The Trello Design Team created this template to help designers continue their journey. It’s a one-stop solution because, along with lists, it contains pre-made tasks that can help almost every designer.

You don’t get to see the power of Trello in this template, but the way the template is designed, most designers won’t need to modify it to begin working.

Engineering: Kanban Template

Kanban Template

641K copies

Another one of the best Trello templates is Kanban Template, created by the Trello team. The template comes with backlog, design, to-do, doing, and testing lists. The first card in each list is an image to give it a unique look.

The template does not come with advanced Trello features just like the above, but you can modify it to make it your own.

Product management: 5 Product Management Buckets

5 Product Management Buckets Template

18K copies

5 Product Management Buckets is an excellent example of the workflow of a product. It contains five lists, each representing one bucket.

This template is great because it has many example cards that can help you design the perfect board for yourself or your team.

You can see images, checklists, tasks, labels, assigned members, and more. The template has over 16 thousand copies as of writing this article.

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Project management: Project Management

Project Management

1.1M copies (most copied)

It is the most popular template from the most popular category. It has lists project managers want and offers cards that will take your process to the next level. The lists that you find in the template are:

  • Project Resources
  • Questions for Next Meeting
  • To Do
  • Pending
  • Blocked
  • Done

The template is designed for teams, but individuals can benefit as much.

Remote work: Work From Home Daily Planner

Work From Home Daily Planner Template
Work From Home Daily Planner

81K copies

Here is a daily planner for those who work from home. The planner has eight lists: 5 for each day of the week and 3 for tasks.

Each list has a background image for better viewing, and you get to experience labels, checklists, descriptions, scheduled tasks, assigned members, and more in this template.

Although the template is designed for individuals, teams can benefit by adjusting it accordingly.

Team management: Team Organization Central

Team Organization Central

21K copies

The Team Organization Central template is one of the best right now. The first list is a general one where you see the labels, team information, managers, and more.

The rest of the lists show projects, schedules, FAQs, upcoming projects, and finished projects.

Like other templates, it contains example cards that can give you some insightful ideas to manage your team. The management team at Trello created the template, and it has over 19 thousand copies.

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Sales: A CRM & Sales Pipeline by Crmble

A CRM & Sales Pipeline by Crmble

30.3K copies

The template is basic, but the only template for salespeople need to manage their sales data. The template was created by the team at Crmble, and it has over 26 thousand copies.

Along with example lists and cards, the template shows the power of Crmble. It also has GIFs in most cards to make you smile.

Support: Customer Success Management

Customer Success Management Template
Customer Success Management

9K copies

The support category is not that common, but still, some templates are excellent. One of those is Customer Success Management, which creates a process flow for a better customer experience.

The first list is the generic one that contains labels, frequently used documents, and review cards. The rest of the lists are:

  • Agenda Items
  • Projects/Initiatives
  • Feature Requests
  • Third-Party / Integrations
  • Bugs
  • Completed

Like other Trello templates, you can automate some tasks and invite others to work together.

Personal: Daily Tasks Planner

Daily Tasks Planner

60K copies

Like me, millions of individuals use Trello for personal use. From groceries to travel, you find over 50 templates to get that motivation.

Daily Task Planner is a template that offers only three lists, but how it is designed, people can plan and track many types of tasks.

The only concern is that you will need to duplicate the template every week, but Trello free has a limit of ten boards per account. One workaround is that you reset the same board every week.

HR & operations: Recruiting Pipeline

Recruiting Pipeline
Recruiting Pipeline

10K copies

The last one on the list is Recruiting Pipeline. It’s a template that recruiters can use to simplify their hiring process. It offers a few lists and many cards, so you don’t need to brainstorm card ideas.

You can expect to learn to use the member-assigned feature, tasks with due dates, attachments, and checklists in this template.


Having a suitable template will save time and help you stay on track. I hope you found the best template for your needs.

If you think that a different template should be on this list, please send me a message or leave a comment below.