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ChatGPT vs. Grammarly

ChatGPT vs. Grammarly

ChatGPT has over 100 million users using it for different purposes. It can produce content, give you facts, and brainstorm ideas. However, it can be used as a grammar assistant.

The already popular player in this industry is Grammarly. It’s been here for a long time. In this ChatGPT vs. Grammarly article, we will discuss the two and find the best one for you.


Both are used for different purposes, but there is an overlap as ChatGPT can do some of what Grammarly does.

However, using Grammarly is easier than ChatGPT as it can work on websites, mobile, and even PC.


To see the difference in ChatGPT vs. Grammarly comparison, I did two tests.

Test 1

ChatGPT vs Grammarly Test
ChatGPT vs Grammarly Test 1

In the first tests, I told both programs to fix the grammar mistakes. I’m using the free version of Grammarly, as ChatGPT is free. The above image shows the example text used in this test.


ChatGPT and Grammarly Fixing Grammar
ChatGPT and Grammarly Fixing Grammar (click to open in a new tab)

It’s fascinating to see that ChatGPT did a better job. Grammarly suggested two mistakes. The other two were improvements, not fixes. ChatGPT fixed three errors and improved the text a little bit.

Winner: ChatGPT

Test 2

ChatGPT and Grammarly Test 2
ChatGPT and Grammarly Test 2

In the second test, I tried another text. Grammarly free is limited, so we can’t ask it to do much. For example, ChatGPT can shorten the text, change the tone, and translate it.

Grammarly Premium has some features, but the free one is only your writing assistant. I made several mistakes this time to see how many those tools could capture.


ChatGPT and Grammarly Fixing Grammar 2
ChatGPT vs. Grammarly Fixing Grammar 2

This time, Grammarly did a better job. It fixed ten mistakes, whereas ChatGPT fixed nine. Grammarly missed the word “nest,” but I’m not surprised because it tends to miss those words.

Winner: Grammarly

Issues with ChatGPT

The problem with ChatGPT is that whatever you want to do, you must copy it from the source and paste it into the chat box. Then copy the given answer and paste it back.

Grammarly is convenient as it can be installed on your browser, PC, and mobile, helping whenever needed.

Another issue is that ChatGPT just fixes issues. It doesn’t tell what issues were in the first place. This makes learning things difficult.

Grammarly suggests a fix so that you can see and learn. You can ignore its fixes if you like your version.

Furthermore, OpenAI has clearly said that your questions and answers given by AI may be reviewed. So, if you are working on something sensitive, ChatGPT is not the platform to choose.

Lastly, the free version of ChatGPT is not available all the time. It’s only available when the demand is low.

For someone living in Australia, it is okay because we are awake when the world sleeps, but someone living in the US, Europe, India, etc., won’t be able to enjoy it for free all the time.

ChatGPT vs. Grammarly: Pricing

ChatGPT and Grammarly Pricing
ChatGPT and Grammarly Pricing

ChatGPT is free, but as mentioned, it’s available when the demand is low. The free version is also slow. While testing it against Notion AI, I saw a difference of 20 to 30 seconds.

ChatGPT Plus costs $20 monthly, giving you faster speed, all-time access, and early access to new features.

Grammarly Premium costs $30 if you pay them month-to-month. You can save money by going quarterly or annually. The quarter plan will cost $60 ($20 per month), and the annual will cost $144 ($12 per month).


So, ChatGPT or Grammarly? Both are used for different purposes. I suggest using Grammarly for writing documents and blog articles.

Also, when something important like an assignment, email, or project is due, Grammarly is the best option.

ChatGPT is not as advanced but can fix some common punctuation mistakes that Grammarly free skips. For the best results, use ChatGPT first to fix errors and correct the text in Grammarly.

ChatGPT vs. Grammarly: Links