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Notion AI is the End of ChatGPT – Notion AI Review

Notion AI is the End of ChatGPT – Notion AI Review

It’s only been a few weeks since Notion released its AI, and it’s already making the buzz. I have been using Notion for a long time, and I have been using Notion AI for a couple of weeks.

I think it’s better than ChatGPT because of the reason given in this Notion AI review.

A great combination

Notion AI Quick Prompts
Notion AI Quick Prompts

Notion is a productivity app that most people use for brainstorming, wiki, tasks, and documenting ideas, and most people use AI to get help documenting and brainstorming ideas.

Because of this combination, Notion AI is a fantastic addition to Notion. Suppose I’m writing a script for my upcoming video; I can ask AI to generate title ideas within a fraction of a second.

I don’t have to go to a different website and type and then paste ideas back to Notion or any other app. Also, Notion has many quick prompts that help you get things done quicker.

You can highlight a text and ask it to summarize with two clicks. To do the same in ChatGPT, we would write down the command first and then paste the text.

Remembering chats

ChatGPT has a chat-based style to return and continue the conversation, but the tool is limited.

It does not remember the whole history. Currently, the limit is past 3000 words. The original FAQ page has since been removed.

This is where Notion wins because Notion AI works according to your current note.

You can write as much as you like, do your other jobs, and come back later, and the AI will know everything about the page, even if it has thousands of words.

It even displayed the page’s name when I tried asking something it did not know the answer to, i.e., something happened recently.

As accurate as ChatGPT

Notion AI vs ChatGPT Summarizing Text
Notion AI vs. ChatGPT Summarizing Text

I have done a few tests, and I see Notion generating responses as good as ChatGPT. Sometimes, even better.

I told both to summarize a text, and Notion did a better job. I also tried it to translate stuff into other languages, and it was just as good as ChatGPT.

There were some locations where ChatGPT beat Notion, but with proper commands, you can get the outcome you like.

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Faster generating time

While testing for the Notion AI review, I realized that Notion AI is so much faster at generating text.

I’m sure this is because OpenAI has slowed ChatGPT down so paid users can get faster results, but from simple prompts to something big, Notion was always faster.

While making the comparison video, I saw a difference of 20-30 seconds on each command. It may not seem like a lot, but when you rely on AI, it will drink up your time.

Cheaper than ChatGPT

Notion AI Pricing
Notion AI Pricing

As you know, ChatGPT Plus has been released. It costs $20. Notion AI costs $10 per month. $8 if you already have a Notion premium plan.

Sure, ChatGPT is free, but the free version is slow and only available when the demand is low. If you are serious about AI, you won’t use the free version.

Notion AI costs half, and you can get this add-on without subscribing to any premium Notion plan.

More private

I found some text in the Notion AI FAQ section that says that Notion does not train AI from your prompts. They only teach the model when you provide feedback or tell them to.

ChatGPT clearly says that they may review your questions and answers given by the AI to improve systems.

It’s not a significant problem, but if you are a privacy-centric person, Notion AI will suit you better.


Those features are already better in Notion, which clearly says how improved Notion AI is. The tool is free, so you can check it out.

That said, it’s time to finish this Notion AI review. Thanks for reading. Please let me know what you think of Notion AI, and take care.